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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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FA/TA for diversified exposure to 10-20 cryptos w/ regular rebalancing. Apply same principles as for my personal portfolio where I grew over 200x in 55 months.

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News Feed

3 Aug, 2022

A long way to go, but we are up near +50% this month.

Let's hope it continues on the same path over the next months, so that we can recover and reach new all-time high later.

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21 Oct, 2021

Great to see Iconomi is now FCA registered!

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25 Aug, 2021

The market is taking breathing, let's see where it bounces.

Hopefully, we smash another leg on the upside asap 👀

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5 Aug, 2021

Well, that looks like a decent day thanks to $TVK. Progress is being made.

(News = USDT pair listing at Binance + LP reward program) 

Reduced exposure quite a bit. We will keep an eye on the volatility and movements going forward.

I can't wait to see the market pick up,

as we are well-positioned to enjoy it big time 🤑

Let's try to smash a new all-time high (hopefully with some multiple factors on it) by year-end 💪

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26 Jul, 2021

With a +72.26% for the month, we are evolving at a cool speed towards our recovery. And definitely outperforming the market by far...

The job is not done yet though, as we still got a -35% on the "all-time" counter. This means that we need another 54% growth to come back there.

But with most coins being /3 or more in USD value, our score should be tasty by the time market fully recover.

Looking forward to scoring a 10x (and beyond) on our equity in the long run 

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10 Jul, 2021

There is some volatility, but things have been quite boring over the last 9 weeks in the crypto world 💤

Nevertheless, as the coins keep going back and forth in their current range, we rebalance the portfolio and grab some profit here and there.

The best one for us, over the last few days, has been $TVK. We leveraged its volatility with accurate timing and grabbed cool percentage points along the way 😎

We are still -46% globally, so there is a long way to go... but we are progressing nicely in comparison to the global altcoin market.

Enjoy your weekend 👍

Hang tight! The long-term goal remains the same:

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24 Jun, 2021

The marketcap of altcoins dropped by 60%. Some of them, like $TVK went full crazy retracing -95% from their all-time high 

Obviously a challenging period, but we are in line with the market (even outperforming it). Let's see if the bottom is in, or yet to come.

There is a lot of upside room, so when things catch back and with accurate rebalancing along the way, we should do great 

The best opportunities often lie in the most painful period.

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20 May, 2021

We had one massive flash crash yesterday (quite similar to what happened in march 2020, with liquidation's cascades). Though times, but it's where the best opportunities arise. Down -21% for the month, keep in mind even bitcoin is down -37% (-54%) at peak, and some altcoins did /3-/7... we will do fine on the bounce and smash new all-time highs asap 🤞🔥

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13 May, 2021

Quick notice: after sending my other brokers and personal track record, I'm now officially a "verified crypto strategy" at Iconomi 🤞(you can see the badge on the profile).

Hey guys, hope you are doing fine regardless of the current crypto crash. Currently about flat for the month, but you know things move quickly in those markets - let's focus on doing a new all-time high on the next upside 🤟

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6 May, 2021

I already mentioned that on the 5 April, but please note that the minimum copy fees of 1% annually (which is required for a strategy to go public) have been applied as of today 👀

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