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Although everything is correlated in crypto some things are overlooked. Until they aren't, and the mimetic machine kicks in. From this view I take core positions in assets like $ZEC that may not be popular at the time but have interesting fundamentals. This creates an asymmetric risk reward profile within an asset class where there is no escaping the risk.

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Increased $XRP position right before the recent move up, which is putting us in the top 5 daily performers. I'm a bit more risk-averse currently regarding most alts.

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Seeing nice returns in $ATOM and previously $LUNA. Taking some profits here can't hurt, even if this run lasts into the end of the year. We now have a solid base of $PAXG and $USDT that is about 30% of the portfolio. Will be adjusted according to market outlook.

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To those that got in the market this year and are still around, a warm welcome to the most bipolar asset class on the planet, where fortunes are made and lost left and right.

What can you do? Don't get too hyped and don't get too depressed on short term moves, stand steady in this flowing river of money and take what you can. It is a river consisting of 90% bullshit but there is some gold to be found in this open sewer that is the digital goldrush. Do not look back too often, because you will never perfectly time this market, and don't get addicted to charts. There are very few actual trading geniuses out there, just people that chose to be in the right place at the right time. Best of luck.

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First rebalance in over 2 weeks, as we were sideways. Dropped $USDT as I think we may be turning around here on the daily charts. Will monitor closely for a continued bear.

As expressed before, I don't flip back and forth between bull and bear market outlooks multiple times a day, like some managers on this platform. Most active rebalancing strategies underperform in the long run, as you keep endlessly flipping back and forth in consolidation/slow bleed phases. My strategy is positioning for the longer term swings, mostly in alts that have an asymmetric risk/reward profile, without blindly 'hodling' for the sake of it.

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Market sentiment is dominated by fear, uncertainty and doubt currently as exchanges saw an ATH in BTC inflows yesterday. People looking for liquidity that is evaporating as the market sells off more. We are now moving into oversold territory on the 4HR timeframes. Even the 'china bans crypto' story that was prevalent in 2017 has returned. Elon is just self-reinforcing noise. Added some XRP.

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I added to $ZEC yesterday as it is looking great. XRP doing well, ATOM is looking like it wants to break out of the consolidation zone in the coming weeks.

If WAN stays behind I may decrease the position a bit to add to winners.

In the interest of full disclosure: I personally think we are entering the later stages of this cycle. Therefore I am slowly reducing my overall crypto exposure.

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