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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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A Crypto Strategy with a clear focus: Investing in the top-tier projects, moderately managed, with low fees and without the need to constantly re-balance.

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We are witnessing very complex markets - and at times, the market dynamics are quite astonishing. The volatility is beyond what a human trader could possibly trade and/or anticipate in Crypto. In addition to that, the rising fear of significant inflation rates puts more pressure on risky assets. As a result, regulators seem to focus more and more on Crypto markets. That's why I will not try to trade this market, in line with the philosophy of our low fee strategy.

I believe that quality coins with top fundamental tokenomics will eventually prevail and bring sustainable growth in 2022. So will hodl and focus on $LUNA, which is highly undervalued (from the Top 5 chains, it has the lowest Mcap/TVL ratio - see DefiLlama's chart in the picture below), along with other coins and projects like $ROSE and $ATOM.

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What a week - happy to start the weekend with $LUNA and $ATOM really making the difference in our strategy.

Needless to say, $LUNA is outperforming all other major quality coins by far. I cannot see a scenario where there will be any significant dip by EOY that would allow buying at lower prices. Therefore, I am glad that we invested early and are now profiting from this.

The second-highest share in our strategy is $ATOM, the top 24h performer for all cryptos traded on Iconomi. Too long undervalued, now bouncing back nicely.

As I write this, our strategy has achieved roughly 37% gain in the last week - not bad, considering also the low fees.

Do not forget to take profits on the way up!

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The flash crash that happened yesterday was mainly induced by panic selling. And no chance to react in time, as the rebalance is usually too slow.

I still remain quite confident that over the long-term horizon, a stable and sustainable crypto strategy will pay off. Not chasing the market, so I sat the crash out.

As a matter of fact, I bought the dip with $LUNA yesterday and already saw a decent profit of more than 10% - Terra has unrivaled tokenomics and a deflationary mechanism unmatched in crypto.

Lowering now to 60% again, and redistributing a small amount to $CRO and $CRV. Especially $CRO could become the preferred on-ramp for normies into crypto.

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Taking some profit - really pleased with the development of quality coins like $ROSE, $ONE, $FET, that usually go unnoticed due to meme coins and NFT coins, but which have great potential and in which I invested early enough. Especially $ROSE seems to have lots of potential, as it is partnering with Meta/Facebook.

Buying $LUNA and bringing it to 60% share in the structure - it is really undervalued at the moment, not reflecting its true upside potential due to many projects upcoming and the important notion that UST may become the one true decentralized stablecoin.

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I sense a lot of fear and uncertainty at the moment - especially since many market players and TA analysts tend to see a similar pattern which we had roughly the same time of the year in late 2017. Many see a high risk, and $BTC dominance seems too strong. They FOMO in and out, spending a lot on fees.

My view is that you simply cannot perfectly time markets. This hardly worked in stock markets, and will not really work in crypto. All you can do is either place a short-term bet on coins, hope for instant parabolic gains, and exit in time. Or, you can select your investment in crypto, based on sound research/alpha, the scope of the projects and the quality of tokenomics and the team behind it. Don't underestimate a good and solid team behind a coin!

And this is exactly what I am doing - and why I strongly believe in $LUNA and its ecosystem (and in its CEO). This may not yield me maximum performance, but it will probably be a good trade-off between risk, market timing, and yield.

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It is my pleasure to present my own Crypto Strategy available to the public. Stable & Sustainable Crypto.

So what is different?

My top investment is and will be $LUNA as I believe in its tokenomics and its upside long-term potential together with $UST.

Around $LUNA, I will invest in promising cryptos and projects as appropriate add-ons to the strategy.I have high esteem e.g. of $ATOM, but also on uprising small-cap coins like $FTM, $FETor $ROSE.

A small share on $BTC and $ETH will complement the strategy.

Will not rush into meme coins or other sh*t coins.

Why stable: I will not try to have perfect market timing, and will not panic into unnecessary rebalancing. Trying to keep stable hands.

Why sustainable: Because you as an investor should enjoy your profits, rather than worry about fees. Therefore, fees are extremely low and thus sustainable for you.

My investment horizon is long-term, and I will manage rather moderately. Not rushing into FOMO, avoiding FUD.

I am personally invested in my strategy with currently 5k. Looking to expand this.

It would be an honor if you follow my strategy. Let's rise together in this crazy crypto world!

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@FreedomWave Thanks for your support - appreciate the feedback!

Well spoken, you have my support!