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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Stella Capital Digital Assets seeks to outperform BTC & ETH with less volatility by selecting a basket of digital asset sector potential future leaders.

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Dollar Cost Averaging & Iconomi - Keep it simple. The volatility of digital assets like $BTC & $ETH are perfect for simple investment ideas like Dollar Cost Averaging. Try investing a fixed amount each month (eg $1000 $USDC), just set & forget, & don't stress the ups or downs. This could be monthly or even weekly & even better if you can make it automatic.

With Iconomi you could allocate 50% of your Dollar Cost Averaging funds to the stable coin $USDC, with the other 50% allocated to your digital asset strategy portfolio. If you see that in a particular month your digital assets strategy portfolio is in the red by say -10%, use this correction to transfer half your reserve $USDC & buy more assets at lower prices. Repeat this process every month your digital assets strategy portfolio falls in value by -10%. This will significantly improve your average buy price and produce better returns over the long term. Using Dollar Cost Averaging makes volatility your friend.📈

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Buy Bears & not Bulls - Keep it simple. Let the market tell you when to buy. At the time of posting, with $BTC & $ETH down around -30% to -40% for the month, & most alts down even further, now might be an opportunity to buy some quality assets at cheaper prices. As an investor, I prefer topping up at times like this. My strategy is simple. I strive to always think as a medium to long term investor (3 to 5 years), I am always invested, I like buying quality assets when they are cheap & I use the principles of dollar cost averaging & time in the market to always win.📈

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Do not miss the Recovery - Keep it simple. In an attempt to miss the ride down most speculators miss the return ride back up – people need to ask themselves if they are investing or speculating, as the required skills, associated risks, costs and approaches are very different. The majority of people (including those professing to be professional investors) find it almost impossible to predict market moves. There are significant risks and costs associated with market timing even in conventional markets. Apart from the costs of trading in and out, there are the added risks that come from a lack of purpose or conviction. For instance, have I become a speculator when I started out as an investor? Have I fallen into the most significant risk associated with market timing, am I at risk of missing the best days in the market? Numerous studies tell us that by missing only a handful of the best days, as shown in the chart below, risk losing significant returns on investment. Consider the 613.2% return experienced by those investors holding $BTC for the period from 1 January 2014 to 4 July 2019. Compare this return to the 26.4% return achieved by a speculator attempting to time the market. Missing the 10 best days of $BTC market recovery, missed 95.7% of the ultimate returns on offer. Even worse, the return experienced by a speculator missing the 20 best days would have realized a -61.5% return on $BTC over the same period. These statistics show the substantial risks of being uninvested and what the $10,000 initial investment would have looked like in each scenario. What I like about $BTC is its volatility, every 6 months or so $BTC tells me when it is cheap to buy a little more, it enables me to form a high conviction view of $BTC relative value. [Due credit to the creators & contributors of the $BTC chart below.]

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Time in the Market - Keep it simple. The key to ultimate long term investment success is TIME IN THE MARKET, NOT MARKET TIMING. Volatility tends to chase speculators away, while investors stay. Use time to make volatility your friend and acquire more quality assets like $BTC, $ETH, $ADA etc at lower prices. At times like this I think of investing more & always with an investor's long term view. 📈

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Buy Quality - Keep it simple. Overnight it was announced that cryptocurrency firm NYDIG had teamed up with fintech giant Fidelity National Information Service to allow big banks in the US to offer $BTC in 2021. This is another step in the march towards mainstream digital asset adoption. Think like an investor & focus on quality assets like, $BTC, $ETH, $ADA etc, avoid thinking like a speculator.📈

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Buy the Dip - Keep it simple. The volatility of digital assets like $BTC & $ETH present regular opportunities to buy the dip. Let the market tell you when to buy and top up. For example, try maintaining the value of your portfolio by adding to it each time the value drops by 10%. Most investors buy high and sell low. Small regular top ups each time values fall makes volatility your friend.📈

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Dollar Cost Averaging - Keep it simple. The volatility of digital assets like $BTC & $ETH are perfect for simple investment ideas like Dollar Cost Averaging. Try investing small amounts each month & don't stress the ups or downs. Invest either a fixed $ amount (ie $1000.00) or a fixed unit amount (ie 0.25 $ETH) each month, just set & forget. Using Dollar Cost Averaging makes volatility your friend.📈

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