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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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Stable WCI
21h ago

Interesting price action yesterday just before monthly candle close. Pumping above previous high - someone didn't want to close it below? Still holding $BTC as it seems safest. Bear becoming cocky, but they have their reasons. But greed works both ways.

GL 😊

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Stable WCI
23 Jun, 2022

My goal will be to add to $BTC position, for sure not going under 50% $BTC for now. It looks like a bottom to me, people were screaming for 14k, 12k, 6k and so on. The same happens at the top, just opposite. If we are at the bottom I believe $BTC should be our main holding.

This luna fiasco really affected this fund. But we could be back in no time. I would really like that @ICONOMI adds $sys, for which I think could be really big in the next run.

If you still believe in crypto now is time to add funds. But slowly. Don't rush into anything.

Have a nice day.

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Yes, I think next run will be about zk-rollups.

Good stuff, let’s keep at it for the long run.

Stable WCI
11 Jun, 2022

$BTC exchange reserves are reaching all time low again, bitfinex longs are reaching ATH after ATH. $BTC is holding strong if we take into consideration yesterdays Nasdaq and sp500 drop. So I went stronger into $BTC.

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Stable WCI
10 Jun, 2022

This bitfinex $BTC longs chart is so crazy. As you can see longs went parabolic since two months ago. Previous ATH was on 22 of July. Back then $BTC price was actually the same as today's. 30k. In the next 50 days $BTC made 80% gain and longs dropped for 30%. Of course this is just observation. But this $BTC longs could be an indicator something is brewing, even if we get another leg down. It will be interesting to see how high these longs could go.


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Stable WCI
8 Jun, 2022

Selling some $ATOM here and adding to $BTC , $ETH and $NEAR.

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Stable WCI
7 Jun, 2022

Just crazy price movement. Up and down and up again. I won't trade it, of course.

Nobody know what will happen next, this is crypto. 👀

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Stable WCI
31 May, 2022

$BTC showing some strength again. It's impossible to say if we've hit the bottom already, but monthly candle looks good right now. We'll see how it'll close. Old $LUNA is gone, they airdropped new $luna tokens to us, holders. I hope Iconomi manages to distribute it to us. We should get 1:1 ratio. New $luna is now worth 9.36$. We'll see how things progress in the future.

I know it's hard to take an advise from me right now, but this could be the time to slowly scale in. 100$ now is like investing 500$ few weeks ago. And I still plan to add few tokens. Just waiting for the right moment.


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Stable WCI
22 May, 2022

I'm still here, watching markets. It really looks like $BTC will print another red weekly candle. 8th in a row. Of course, this doesn't mean it can't print another one next week. But we should see some relief soon.

Only in $RUNE and $ATOM for now, but in the next few weeks I'm going to add few other assests. I'm waiting for $SYS to be added on Iconomi - I believe it could be big and discount right now is fantastic.


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Stable WCI
13 May, 2022

What happened here is beyond my scariest dreams. I had to digest this first. $LUNA is gone and I'm sorry it finished this way. I couldn't imagine this could happen. 

Lesson learned. I should not be exposed to the one coin that much ... Although I sold many $LUNA over 70$. I'll be doing my best to bring Stable WCI back. I hope you are still with me. 

We are seeing a nice rebound but overall it looks we are not out of the woods yet. My advice is to not go all in, but build your possition slowly. 

I wish you all the best 🙂

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You should have done better. You have written that you will always try to protect investors capital in your second post. All you did was just leave it to go to zero. I lost a lot sticking and believing in you. Now we have to rebuild... Ill try to go on my own since I dont know who to trust anymore .

Stable WCI
10 May, 2022

It's painful to watch this $LUNA price action. This was really once in a lifetime situation. It's hard to predict anything ...if I have learned from my experience I know now is not time to do any trade. So I'll leave our position as it is. This next few days could be extremely volatile. 

I wish you all the best 🙂

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LUNA is dumping, but UST is holding around $0.91, it's important we are not seeing it's depeg again... but let's see what will happen overnight.