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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
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Stable WCI
30 Nov, 2022

What to say. I monitor crypto daily. Still holding large amount of $BTC. I do think we should see $BTC rally and gaining its dominance before going into another (even small) altseason.

Zksync with L2 should go mainnet in no more than 2 months. This could be the catalyst for the next run.

$LINK is doing great. The reason is staking launch in December.

FUD last few weeks was really something else. Bad news don't have such a big impact on $BTC anymore. We'll see what will happen to the stock market. If it'll go down, $BTC could follow.

Good luck to all.

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Stable WCI
29 Oct, 2022

Here we go, a nice $BTC rebound. Does this mean we already found the bottom? Well, in my opinion it's impossible to say. We could see a rally that would convince us, that we are no longer in a bear market ...

You should be buying when nobody talks about crypto. I don't see any deposits anymore, which is sad, but of course I can understand you. I really hope you guys won't be buying in when we do 20-30% gains ... it could be a trap.

Some teams are building despite being in a bear market. I was talking about $mute few weeks ago. I'm sorry but I cannot put it in our fund as it is too small for now and iconomi platform does not offer it. But has made already 150% gains. Again, in the future, I'll be focusing on zk-rollups, especially those projects built on zksync.

For now still holding most of our funds in $BTC as I see it the safest option. Afterwards I'll focus on alts ... $RUNE $LINK $ATOM and hopefully $trac when @ICONOMI adds it.

Good luck to everyone and have a nice weekend 😉

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Stable WCI
13 Oct, 2022

$BTC showing its strength. Keeping it at 70%. Now is time to hold $BTC . We won't see an altseason if we don't get $BTC rally before. In my opinion we need strong $BTC.

Today we'll get CPI numbers. So it should be volatile.


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Stable WCI
2 Oct, 2022

Last few days we have seen stock market dropping hard. Since 19th of September SP500 dropped 8%. On the other hand, $BTC actually didn't lose any value. Of course it's hard to say, if this is so called decoupling, but it looks good. Exchange reserves are dropping and are actually at all time low 👀

Hard to say if the worst is behind us, but we should be buying when things look bad. It looks like good accumulating phase. Crypto twitter looks dead, exchange volume is really low, some coins are down 95% although they are building. Many people were hyped when those coins were at ATH, but they are too afraid to buy now.

I'll try to accumulate $LINK over this period. Also waiting for $SYS to become available on iconomi. SYS is buliding on zksync. They should deliver mainnet in a month, so this will be a big thing. #zkrollup narrative will change $ETH. I'm eying a project (well, actually heavily invested) that builds on zksync. MUTE - It's low cap coin, so not yet available on Iconomi. Maybe one day it'll be :)

Good luck to all. Bear market will end eventually. Just position yourself wisely. I'll do my best.

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Stable WCI
21 Sep, 2022

FOMC meeting in a couple of hours. 75bps is expected, 100bps would mean we are going lower. We'll see. $BTC pumping into the meeting is not something I would like to see. Let's wait and see.

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Stable WCI
12 Sep, 2022

As expected $BTC is showing strength. I believe $BTC should do well compared to alts. We'll see. There are many good news regarding $BTC.

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Stable WCI
10 Sep, 2022

People got angry by the recent move, while $BTC pumped over 10%. Still believe that at this level $BTC is a must have.

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Stable WCI
11 Aug, 2022

$BTC showing some strength, but this is still not the move I anticipate.

News are bullish, the last one is that BlackRock launched private trust offering direct bitcoin exposure. You have to understand that they have $10 trillion under management. So this one is big.

I hear more and more people talking about $BTC being dead, slow, with no actual purpose. The same was in 2017, 2019 ... Last few weeks it actually underperformed, and it surprised me. But sitting at 40% dominance, I believe his time will come soon. And when it starts, it goes fast.

So I'm sticking with it. But of course, if you want to take some more risk right now, you can also check my other strategy.

I hold there in my opinion most promising alts.

Good luck 🤞🏻

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Stable WCI
10 Aug, 2022

CPI for July lower than previous one - 8,5% (expected was 8,7%). Market is of course reacting bullish on this news. I guess sky is clear til the next FED meeting 

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Stable WCI
30 Jul, 2022

$BTC going again and also gaining dominance. Let's hope this is time for $BTC.

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