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Stable WCI


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Stable WCI Strategy Performance

Stable WCI Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

I'll try to focus on projects with strong fundamentals. But for now $btc remains the king.


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Stable WCI
13 Jul, 2024

I'm observing the market daily, and what we are seeing is classic post-$BTC halving period behaviour. There have been some bearish events in the last days/weeks. Notably, the German government was selling their seized $BTC, which was quite a large amount. The good news is that they are done and now hold zero. On the bullish side, ETF news is promising. Yesterday saw another great day regarding ETF inflows, with the largest amount in over a month.

Crypto is somewhat boring at the moment, which is the perfect time to be active. I noticed that @ICONOMI added the $ZK token, which launched around a month ago. Despite being the most fudded project ever, zk-rollup technology is superior. The price is hovering around the VC entry level, indicating it's undervalued. I'm adding it to our position and personally holding a large bag. I doubt they will be selling for just a 10% profit.

I think with a bit more positive $ETH narrative, we could see nice action on L2 projects too. $ETH is undervalued in my opinion. It's always like this – nobody pays attention to it, and then suddenly we get a flood of bullish news. The ETF is around the corner, and while we don't know its exact impact on $ETH's performance, one thing is clear: we don't need billions to enter the market to see positive price action. $ETH's market cap is much lower compared to $BTC's, and most of it is locked.

$BTC dominance has been trending up for close to two years now, which is the longest period in its history. I believe we could see a shift after the $ETH ETF launch.

Have a nice weekend and just don't get shaken out. 😊

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Stable WCI
25 Jun, 2024

Yesterday, we saw an intriguing price action in the crypto market. $BTC dropped all the way down to $58.5K but has since rebounded to above $61K. $ETH followed a similar pattern. This bounce back indicates a shakeout of weak hands. Remember, $BTC's halving is behind us, and historically, it takes some time to price that in. Based on previous halvings in 2016 and 2020, significant price movements typically start around five months later. We might still have around three more months of this sideways price action. Don’t get shaken out.

Yesterday's dip was also influenced by news that MTgox will start $BTC repayments in July, releasing 140k $BTC. This is a significant amount, but we don't know how much of it will be sold. However, this influx might bring fresh capital into the market. Considering the $ETH ETF launch in a few days, we could see an $ETH season, potentially leading to an altseason. I agree with DaanCrypto’s perspective in the linked tweet. While nobody knows for sure, and prices could drop further, I strongly believe we are still in a bull market, even if it feels bearish now. We'll see how things unfold. Plan accordingly.

Have a nice day! 😊

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Stable WCI
12 Jun, 2024

Fantastic run from $ROSE. We have to sell something and buy cheap $SEI 😊

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Stable WCI
4 Jun, 2024

Our third largest holding $ROSE is doing great! 👌🏻

Up 16% in the last 24 hours ☺️

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Stable WCI
2 Jun, 2024

Another week is coming to an end, and both $ETH and $LINK have finished their monthly close on a bullish note. I firmly believe that both cryptocurrencies have tremendous potential for future growth. I anticipate that $ETH will reach a new all-time high of $4.8K, while $LINK could surpass $52. In fact, I believe $LINK has the potential to exceed $100, which would position it as the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, still about $20 billion below $SOL. This strong belief in $LINK's potential is why it's our largest holding.

Note that $BTC is doing fine as well, consolidating below $70K. Just don't get shaken out. You can be sure there will be manipulation.

Have a nice Sunday 😉

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