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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Stable WCI
4 Mar, 2021

I have to point out that with this crypto fund - Stable WCI, I'll always try to protect our gains. Sometimes it's hard, but we have to - crypto as a whole is very volatile. The plan is to take gains as many times as possible - it's always nice to have $USDT to buy when everything drops. But of course, we don't want to be left behind. I believe this bullrun is still in an early phase 🔥📈🚀

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So we are slowly building stablecoins position. This is going to be my main goal for next couple of months. I understand that you (investors) don't have experience when to take profits. Actually this is the hardest part beside investing fresh money when everyone is fearful 😅. This is why I manage this fund and I'll try to do my best. Of course, if you think that exposure to crypto is too little, just invest fresh fiat.

Again. We are having a nice position. Thanks to $LUNA we are up almost 60% in the last three months, when other coins are down (like $BTC -35%, $ETH -22%, $ADA - 36%, $SOL -17%, $XRP -34%, $LINK - 17%). Just trying to show you some perspective.

This fantastic $LUNA tokenomics (burning $LUNA when minting $UST) is telling me not to sell right now. I believe that big things are coming for $LUNA and $ATOM. $BTC just needs to behave. Sadly this is not in my hands right now 😅

Good luck to all! 🤞🏻

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Stable WCI
10h ago

$BTC showing some signs of life again and our strategy with $HBAR $LUNA and $ATOM is doing great. I'm taking first round of profits - 0,75% out and adding to $USDT. $RUNE time will come, I'm sure.


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Stable WCI
19 Jan, 2022

There is no $usdt left, we are again full in. Don't get scared if we drop more - this really looks like whales manipulation to grab more before take off. 

With my fund you own crypto with strong fundamentals and this is the thing that matters in a long run. 

Hopefully I`ll be able to start take some profits soon. GL 🤞

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Stable WCI
19 Jan, 2022

As many times before this $BTC pump was retraced again. I'm buying $ATOM during this dip. Leaving 0.5% $USDT.

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Stable WCI
18 Jan, 2022

I have to add to $RUNE here. Still holding 1% $USDT.

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Stable WCI
18 Jan, 2022

Here we go, dropping again. Truly frustrating ... trying to convince us we won't go higher anymore.

We still have 1,5% in stables. Not using it right now, will try to build another position, if we start climbing up again. I used it yesterday, mostly to buy $RUNE - we are already in green with this trade. This one is really undervalued in my opinion.


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True, my bad, just looked at 14th somehow. Thanks! Edited it now @Capacsali

There was no trading at NY yesterday...

Stable WCI
17 Jan, 2022

Buying some $HBAR, already added to $RUNE few hours ago.

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Stable WCI
17 Jan, 2022

$LUNA dropping, glad I have take out some profits, but overall this looks like normal price movement. Today (for now) there were 340,856 $LUNA coins burned ... So nothing has changed 😉

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Stable WCI
16 Jan, 2022

Waiting for a new week with nice 3,5% $USDT reserve. Market looks nice, but we have to know it's very strongly correlated with stock market.

Anyway $ATOM waiting under ATH resistance, I also expect some big news next week regarding $LUNA ... also If $RUNE drops more I'll add to it.

GL 🤞🏻

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thanks for the update ser, appreciated!