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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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“epoché vanguards gnosis“

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Patience pays ⏳

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The copy fees will be adjusted on 20th July 2022:

Yearly fee will be increased for 5.75%, BUT the performance fee will be reduced for 10.75% !

I think this is fair.

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Never thought LUNA would ever crash so fast and sudden.

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Waiting for a pullback like Patience on a monument ⏳

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@PlusOperatin he still made decent amount since the begging of this fund.. so if you have better approach please elaborate and make yours, let the action speak not only some empty words..

So from what I've observed, your approach is basically guessing bottom of shitcoins. And not know how funds flow from BTC to major alts before small caps. That's why you give back all the gains to the market.

A piece I think suits your situation is this:

Date? 22th January. Besides only truly strong coin rn is GMT - but who wants to bet on it after such explosive growth? Besides it’s not available for strategies

Please don't tell me y'all are short instead of long?

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THORchain is also pumping hard. Also Luna related news, lol.

A good pick, but which coin will pump first? LUNA or MIR?

What do you think about Mirror Protocol? It's on Luna blockchain.

I expected more from alts, but all we got is piss poor performance. Apparently $BTC will outperform all and everything. I have adjusted the strategy accordingly.

Just for the record: 🎯 is 56k - we’ll see how close we get to it.

P.S. Alts will probably outperform BTC AFTER we correct this move and start a new leg up. All eyez on Bitcorn.

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Just an observation, in times of market uncertainty bigger altcoins recover more, for example on 21 december 2021 many bigger coins like FTM, Aave, etc. bounced around 100% within a week. Personally I made a mistake of not monitoring them, instead I was chasing many smaller shitcoins that look like about to breakout and ended up going nowhere until BTC goes down and drag all these shitcoins down again.

Also I think people use Luna (and maybe Atom) as a hedge against BTC when BTC performs badly, as Luna decoupling from BTC more than other coins (Luna started to bounce on 14 december 2021, a week before FTM, at almost 100% up too). :) 😅

Time to rock’n’roll.

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PlusOperatin, you’ll see that often only select few coins perform as good or better than BTC. Sometimes there are more like such and sometimes there are just a few shitcoin pumps and that’s it.

From what I've observed, in bad market condition big coins recovery more/first then small coins. Luna had epic run.

I’m glad you plan to invest for a long time because given everything that is going on, we won’t be making many trades as every bounce gets sold. My stop losses are mostly circumstantial.

Good reaction off the lows. Now we wait for a retest and see if it'll be positive or negative.


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Market conditions are absolute shit. Until $BTC properly bottoms, we can’t do anything. I have a few picks prepared and I’m monitoring them. Luckily these “bear market” bounces can be very profitable, we just have to sit on our hands.

Meanwhile, please don’t fall in love with any coin you own.

We will win.

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Yeah, better do nothing when there is no good trade. We go down like almost 30% and I'm a bit worried, but I trust you.

Just an observation: The bounce got sold and the weekend starts tomorrow - I expect another leg down and then we either rise on Sunday before the stock market opens or on Monday.

Alts are holding well in comparison to BTC though.

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I remember when bottoms took very little time to form. Now it takes multiple days and usually only during stock market hours. When stock market’s closed, the PA is just pure scam - no bounces. Not fun!