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Ape Capital


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Ape Capital Strategy Performance

Ape Capital Strategy Performance

May 18, 2024
May 25, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Ape Capital: Capture alt strength in bull markets. Capture BTC/ETH strength in bear markets. Bitcoin Live member.


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Ape Capital
5 Feb, 2022

Hello Iconomi Investors, I have been with Iconomi since I got into Crypto in 2017. After trading successfully albeit blindly (bull markets have a habit of letting noobs win), I soon realized I was not able to keep up with all the developments in crypto. I wanted a way to buy indexes of the market instead. Crypto Strategies were, and still are, the best product out there and I invest with several strategists here. Fast forward to today and I am now ready to apply what I’ve learned more publicly and invite copy traders. Macro Strategy: Crypto is very volatile. Take advantage of the upside, but limit the downside by using benchmarked bitcoin stops. In Bull: Invest agnostically in vetted (research below) high performing altcoins, rotating frequently, with an eye to making multiples on a pure bitcoin or ethereum holding. In Bear: Sit in USDT and invest mainly in bitcoin and ethereum on significant dips with close stops and benchmark targets In Uncertainty: Apply classical charting principles of 3:1 up to downside before taking trades (with close stops) and largely stay in USDT. Micro Strategy: Volatility leads to stop runs. That said when crypto tanks it does so with little warning. Close stops protect more than they lose in a bear, and wide keep gains running in a bull. That said these will be used sparingly in the bull as early positioning is volatile. Research: Bitcoin Live member: Twitter Advisor List: Complete fascination with this space and subsequent CryptoTwitter addiction Welcome to the strategy. Cheers, Cryptoechein

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Ape Capital
21 May, 2024

Phase 2

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Eth pumps here on approval more than everything. Or it dumps on disapproval, but everything except bitcoin dumps more - because if eth is a no, alts are even more remote (they are anyway but public perception is otherwise). Pretty asymmetric moment 🫡

Ape Capital
21 May, 2024

Eth etf looks likely for approval on Wednesday

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Ape Capital
20 May, 2024

Here’s a little bullish hopium for everyone.

This is the Total3 chart on the weekly timeframe. Crypto total market cap minus Bitcoin and ethereum.

The arrow on the right is where we are. The arrow on the left is what happened last time. Very similar chart structure and timing in the cycle. 🧐

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Ape Capital
17 May, 2024

Ok quick macro post cus we never talk about the zoom out. So where are we? In a nutshell crypto so far goes through 4 year cycles. Why? Because it’s a Veblen good as well as just normal business cycle things. So we are at year 1.5 from bottom. Cycles have peaked traditionally in year 3 with year 4 being a massive bear market. This one may end up topping early (very outside possibility we have topped) and is scheduled for the back end of the year and into potentially q2 or the whole of 2025. Where we are now is right in the middle of the bull by that standard. So what we are preparing for now is the real move. Basically everything up until now has just been 20-30% of the move. This is where the game really starts. May take until q3, but the time draws very close now. In this stage we move from repositioning around to holding and rebalancing. Maybe not quite yet. But it’s close and we’re prepping with that mindset. More on that when it happens 🫡

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