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Mar 20, 2023
Mar 27, 2023
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Ape Capital: Capture alt strength in bull markets. Capture BTC/ETH strength in bear markets. Protect the downside with stops always. Bitcoin Live member.

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Ape Capital
5 Feb, 2022

Hello Iconomi Investors,

I have been with Iconomi since I got into Crypto in 2017. After trading successfully albeit blindly (bull markets have a habit of letting noobs win), I soon realized I was not able to keep up with all the developments in crypto. I wanted a way to buy indexes of the market instead. Crypto Strategies were, and still are, the best product out there and I invest with several strategists here. Fast forward to today and I am now ready to apply what I’ve learned more publicly and invite copy traders. Note: My strategy was a demo account until 1 month ago.

Macro Strategy: Crypto is very volatile. Take advantage of the upside, but always limit the downside by using trailing stops and benchmarked bitcoin stops.

In Bull: Invest agnostically  in vetted (research below) high performing altcoins, rotating frequently, with an eye to making multiples on a pure bitcoin or ethereum holding.

In Bear: Sit in USDT and invest mainly in bitcoin and ethereum on significant dips with close stops and benchmark targets

In Uncertainty: Apply classical charting principles of 3:1 up to downside before taking trades (with close stops) and largely stay in USDT.

Micro Strategy: Volatility leads to stop runs. That said when crypto tanks it does so with little warning. Close stops protect more than they lose in a bear, and wide keep gains running in a bull.

In Bear: Trailing stops of 3%; Active algorithmic bitcoin benchmarks to buy/sell into

In Bull: Trailing stops of 6-8%; Algorithmic rebalances based on percentage gained


Bitcoin Live member:

Twitter Advisor List:

Complete fascination with this space and subsequent CryptoTwitter addiction

Welcome to the strategy.



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Ape Capital
20 Mar, 2023

As hoped btc is outperforming eth. As it approaches the .06 level and beyond we will swap in a dca approach to a 50/50 btc/eth holding. First 5% swapped.

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Ape Capital
19 Sep, 2022

Ok folks we're getting close to the pointy end of the stick now. We will increase our btc/usd to 80/20 at 14700 and to 100% allocated at 12120. Then we wait. Prices could (and probably will) still fall farther for a time, but at these prices and at this point in the cycle. We must slurp.

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Ape Capital
7 Sep, 2022

Adjusting allocation to 50% btc 50% usdc here. Waiting for 14k, but not being greedy. The bear has a long time to go still, but the bottom is likely near. Time to start slurping that diperino post ethereum merge dump is the medium term thinking. Will update as we progress

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Ape Capital
18 Jun, 2022

There is a lot of deleveraging and liquidation hunting happening. Prices could continue to drop precipitously. We have averaged in 30% btc on the drop, we will allocate to 50% if we break 15k. While beyond that is unclear, our next logical level would be 12k to allocate to 80%.

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Ape Capital
11 May, 2022

This market is in complete capitulation mode. But btc is finally coming into the buy range 15-27k where we will accumulate slowly

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Ape Capital
24 Apr, 2022

The market continues to deteriorate with rally's being faded quickly. Also global macro conditions are very bad with huge headwinds for risk on investments. We will move and stay in gold for the foreseeable future as we see how this plays out. I expect chop but with a downward trajectory through the rest of the year (for all assets, crypto or otherwise). The bear has us now. Protecting capital is the name of the game.

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Ape Capital
9 Apr, 2022

Crypto is macro bearish at the moment. Only eth with the merge and btc with the institutional buy have promising enough narratives to be worth a play. However the market continues to disappoint so we are playing safe holding gold alongside these two as a stability play. We will cycle fully back to gold as the month progresses to prepare for a 6-9 month protracted bear market before the bull comes back in force. Or so it seems currently (longer time frames are hard to be this clear on so big chunks of salt added). 

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Ape Capital
23 Mar, 2022

Bitcoin showing strength and cycle getting long in the tooth. Still at a pivot but going in here. Stop at 34k

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Ape Capital
23 Mar, 2022

We are in the timing band to buy back in. So why haven't we? Basically current price action is leading to a 50/50 up or down. Since down is harder to recover from than up is profitable - In aggregate position. We stay out and wait for capitulation or bull confirmation. 46k btc is where strength starts showing. But goblin town calls stronger than Valhalla  to me

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