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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Ascending Vector
23 Nov, 2021

Today is a special day for our fund. It reached 100% since its inception (9months ago) and therefore achieving it's target of 100% a year every year.

I have learned a lot as an investor and have learned from the iconomi community as well.

Now that the first 100% return has been achieved, going forward I hope to keep growing the fund, protect gains, and take profits when appropriate so they can be reinvested when market falls.

The fees will remain low at 1% annualy + 1% on performance for the foreseeable future, remaining one of the lowest fees on this platform.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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Ascending Vector
17 Nov, 2021

Positive last 24h. Going back in.

A lot of people are confident of a local bottom from here.

Let's try surfing this wave.

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Ascending Vector
16 Nov, 2021

We have been out of the market for 4 days now and as much as I am tempted to get back in, there are only a handfull of coins going up every day with the rest in the red.

It's safer to stay out for now until we see a more clear and consistent way up. Let's perserve our gains and wait for the next oportunity.

I might decide to buy 1 or 2 coins as a day trade if I fell they are undervalued/oversold (although this is always difficult in crypto). But I want to be almost sure I can make enough gains to be worth the risk.

Let's be patient for now.

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Ascending Vector
11 Nov, 2021

Clearly it was the right decision to stay in the market. Our fund recovered most of the losses from the flash crash.

With that said, that could have been just a warning of what’s to come. Is the bull market running out of gas? Rule to protect gains activated to move to 100% USD if -5% from here.

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Ascending Vector
10 Nov, 2021

Wow!! Went from a positive 4% to a negative 6% in 2 hours. Not sure what to make of this. Just a big whale?? A correction? A crash?

In the past I have regreted sailing through the storm rather than coming out of the markets and preserve capital. So this time round I'm watching it very carefully and rule activated to go 100% USD should the market drop even just 1% more from here.

Hope copiers understand.

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Ascending Vector
30 Oct, 2021

Taking some profits from Shiba and Frax Share and investing in new projects.

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Ascending Vector
12 Oct, 2021

Taking advantage of the market volatility to concentrate the fund in the best performing cypto. Stop loss rule activated to preserve capital.

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Ascending Vector
31 Mar, 2021

Ascending Vector Fund was the TOP PERFORMER on the Iconomi platform in the last 7days, with an increase of 50.06% at the time of writing.🔥🔥🔥

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Ascending Vector
29 Mar, 2021

Ascending Vector Fund has reached 50% return since it's inception (just 5 weeks ago) and is well on track to achieve its desired goal of 100% return this year.

Moreover, it is also performing ahead of BTC by 15% at the time of writing.🔥🔥🔥

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Ascending Vector
22 Mar, 2021

Welcome to the Ascending Vector Fund.

The prime objective of this fund is to perform above the Bitcoin (BTC) benchmark.

The desired aim is to obtain 100% return every year!

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