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Volatility is the price you pay for performance. In order to outperform in the long term, it is necessary to underperform in the short term.

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14 May, 2021

This fund is focused on mostly passive value-investing in high-potential, high-adoption, real-world use projects. That means we only take very few, strategically placed trades designed for long-term compounding.

You should only join this strategy if you can answer with yes the following points:

✅ I understand that crypto is volatile and there can be 90% drops.

✅ I understand that in order to out-perform in the long term, it is necessary to underperform in the short term.

✅ I understand that only I'm personally responsible to take profits. Nobody can do that for me.

✅ I understand that the way this fund operates is fully based on statistics that work in the long term and which I can check out here.

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13 Jun, 2022

So this is what Dollar Cost Averaging looks like in the macro. You don't have to worry about entering at the exact bottom. I particularly prefer a DCA strategy where buy-ins happen when there is a temporal dump, for instance when the strongest dump of the week happens, I'd pick it as my DCA entry of the week.

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13 Jun, 2022

In times like this it is good to zoom out. Total crypto market cap is now approaching the march 2020 lows. So what is happening now is not the end of crypto. It simply is the life cycle of the market. Remember that the biggest opportunities present themselves in the bear market. Don't try too hard to time the bottom. Most strategies who try to time and constantly trade the bottom will likely end up spending more on fees thorough the bear market than would gain by those trades, as our data analysis showed time and time again. Best thing to do is just DCA through these times and slowly build up positions.

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13 Jun, 2022

While $BTC is approaching the average bear market bottom, I see you guys just keep practicing DCA. You guys rock!

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19 May, 2022

Someone did amazing detective work on where the 90k BTC of the Terra foundation went

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Always love a good rabbit hole in the morning. Cheers!

13 May, 2022

Terra $luna post mortem

The death of this project shows that nothing is "too big to fail" even in crypto. Looking back, this is what I learned.

I will trust more in my gut feeling about projects. I didn't like the toxic groupthink of the luna community and the leader Do and have expressed this many times on Twitter. They shot me down each time. The reason I turned a blind eye to it was that I really believe a decentralized Stable Coin is crucial for DeFi. This is the reason I didn't sell our $luna allocation which was 1/4 of the portfolio. It still hurts a lot but this is exactly what diversification is for, to not be knocked out of the game.

Charismatic leaders are most often a red 🚩 What I want to see is a strong, independent community, where there is no messiah or superstar. There should be no messiahs in crypto, as they defy decentralization by definition. They have too much power and they are able to corrupt a community.

Let's keep DCAing this bear market

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13 May, 2022

$LUNA went to zero first and $UST is following now.

It is hard to comprehend just how devastating this is for so many people

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hopefully he can have enough humility to admit defeat

And Do Kwon is still silent

11 May, 2022

I see people still executing DCA on this bloody day, true crypto veterans. You will be rewarded 🕰️

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10 May, 2022

This gives a little perspective to what happened to $UST

This chart demands respect for $DAI and $MIM as those are algo stablecoins that did hold their peg impressively well

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10 May, 2022

Wow, $UST depegged to 60 cents on Binance. What can we learn from this as investors?

What happened to $LUNA is exactly the reason why we don't overexpose to a single coin anymore, especially not going into a bear market. Notice what the top losing strategies right now all have in common. They all made the mistake to go all-in t$LUNA na. It seemed perfectly fine and rational until the unthinkable happened.

Our strategy was exposed by 30% to luna at this time. If $LUNA went to zero this would hurt of course but #Principles would still easily outperform in the long term. with the rest of the holdings.

The takeaway here is, don't be so exposed to a single holding that it would make you panic sell, or lose most of your holdings.

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