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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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As gold runs into resistance, we sold our $PAXG today at a profit and reallocated the proceeds to $USDT.

We think cryptorally's will be short-lived and stay defensive.

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There's an easier way to get exposure to Gold. $PAXG with XAU DCA Strategy (GOLD)

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With continued crypto contagion we are still seeing steady flows into this strategy. $PAXG

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One year on, let's check in how XAU DCA Strategy Gold ($PAXG ) did against TOTAL3 (proxy for all crypto excluding $BTC and $ETH ). 

With all the increases in rates, gold is only down ~5% however TOTAL3 is down ~68% 

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It’s a good idea, but this strategy was setup to allow copiers to allocate to gold on ICONOMI 100% - no trading, for DCA type strategies. If users want to trade, they can sell and buy as required. This strategy will never rebalance its 100% gold holding.


you should have a variable part of fund, maybe about 20% USD to buy and seel golden dips ;)

Hard not to notice this strategy - if you need to give your usual strategy manager a rest while you wait for $BTC to find its feet! Try XAU DCA strategy Gold - 100% allocation to $PAXG

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Here's a look at the peformance of gold in large currencies over the past 15 years - averaging between 5-11% annually across the board. $PAXG - courtesy of

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Nervous about #FOMC meeting - have a look at what the biggest players in the industry are up to - 400 tons of gold were scooped up by central banks in the third quarter, more than quadruple the amount a year earlier. That takes the total so far this year to the highest since 1967, when the dollar was still backed by the metal.

** image courtesy of the world gold council. 


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We took some profits in $INJ (a speculative bet, that gave us a 6% upside, easy trade) and some very small losses in our other alts, because we want to go very defensive in the FED meeting tomorrow.

Only 15% $BTC and the rest in $USDT and $PAXG .

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Today two investors left our Strategy. It's been a while since that happened, but it is very understandable now the markets seem to turn bullish and we are mainly in $USDT.

But we won't go all in on this bounce, unless clear technical signs confirm we are in a new bullish reversal for the long term. Yesterday Google (Alphabet) missed earnings estimates and was sold off after close. Microsoft sold off after earnings too. There is no good news and the bullish narrative is entirely based on the hopes of a FED pivot, but the FED will continue to hike for the forseeable future. Probably by 0.75 basispoints in november and december.

Facebook (META) reports earnings today and we don't expect them to be impressive. If those big stocks report disappointing earnings, they will drag down the markets with them. We could take the elevator down and we think it's wise to sell into this bear rally.

There is not a single reason to be optimistic about risk-on assets at this moment. But we keep watching the charts and will adapt our Strategy when necessary.

For now we stay 18% in $BTC and 10% in $PAXG . All our other funds are in $USDT. We won't jump back in and we'll wait at least for a pullback before we re-entry.

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Decided to rebalance entire portfolio and go full "HEDGE MODE". Why? 👇

Six reasons:

a) Chinese and Hong Kong stocks had a massacre yesterday, reaching multi year lows. Asian stocks plumeted from -10% to -30% in single day

b) Winter is comming with delay to Europe and energy crisis hasn't even started escalating

c) China - Taiwan tensions are escalating and USA wants Taiwan to start producing USA weapons there so they can defend themselves... seems like Russia - Ukraine scenario

d) Crypto had a short squeeze today and we've seen more than 500M$ of liquidations in just $BTC

e) Q3 earnings reports are comming in for USA corporations and already few of them are showing signs of revenue slowdown, announcement of employee layoffs

f) Continuation of interest rate hikes from CB. Destruction of liquidity and creation of new debt crisis

While I remain super bullish mid and long term for crypto, there are some scary macro things going on in the short term. This is also the reason we've built out a position in $PAXG, which is a fully audited gold asset backed coin. Beeing exposed to our strategy exposes you also to GOLD.

It's super hard to navigate these volatile times.

Technical analysis is giving us "buy signals", but macro analysis is giving us deep fears.

Due to uncertainity we've decided to protect the portfolio.

We'll continue to monitor market behaviour and act accordingly 

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