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Nostradamus Adoption Prophecy


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Nostradamus Adoption Prophecy Strategy Performance

Nostradamus Adoption Prophecy Strategy Performance

Jun 5, 2024
Jun 12, 2024
Nostradamus Adoption Prophecy
Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

This is a long term hodl strategy. No frequent trades. Early discovery of the projects and protocols which I expect will drive adoption and are inevitable.


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A very interesting and funny read is this one:

Written in March 2020 it will actually reveal a part of's history most people don't even remember. Most of all however it will outline, and give its CEO Kris Marszalek some solid credibility and leave no doubts whether is able to show over and over again that he thinks ahead and has the capacity to steer the CDC ship and think big. CRO will recover in a way unseen before. CDC has 80 Million users, most sitting on partly big bags of loss. End users. New users. The paper hand users. The users that made Shiba Inu soar. The moment those 80 Million users will wake up at an instance and all be ready to enter the market due to a unparalleled service CDC provides and they have signed up for is clearly written into the future. Just stocked up on more CRO in this strategy. Enjoy the future.

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Post 2 from: The future knows why...Atom has been in this strategy since inception because:

1. Billy Rennekamp (Cosmos hub lead) has not been called legendary yet for saying on 09.09.2021 already: COSMOS IS INEVITABLE!

2. If you agree the crypto space at it's currently state is a big fragmented confusing clusterfuck, the future knows the importance of ONE app (cosmos) on your ledger to control an entire....mhm...well... Cosmos of chains. Not some time in the future. Try it now! Even the narrative is lean, lines up and is sexy as star wars.

3. Do you know Binance? Do you know Do you know Luna? Do you know Kukoin? Then the future has told you a long time ago Cosmos is to big to fail!!!!! History has shown not always the best tech wins the game. But what if the best tech is used by the biggest players in the marked?

Cosmos is inevitable for a multitude of reasons. Good on you Billy!

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This is the first post of a series called:

The future knows why!

CRO has been, and will be, in this strategy since inception, as it's CEO has been hated for his abrupt changes within

He is one of the wisest crypto leaders out there. He saw the delisting of securities on exchanges happen in 2017 three months before it happened. And changed course of action!

He predicted the exact length of the crypto winter to be 2 years.

Recently he said: there might be a little snow, but there will be no winter. 

Kris Marszelek needs style advise in regards to fashion. He needs to be thought how to speak clearly, but if you actually listen to what he has to say you know the future!

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Thank you for your clairvoyance!

Just did a rebalance and up-ed the game for CRO exposure even more. This strategy should be known for being exposed to CRO before anyone else smelled blood and added it to their strategy. It is no secret that we have seen some blood in the streets in the last year... but well. The reason I am even more bullish then ever is the MDWL initiative which I discovered. MDWL stands for: [moˈnako] Dolphin Whale League. A really old whale club that has gone public in February and is targeting twitter to reignite the 70 Million user base with the #KawKaw hashtag. The CROw's call. I believe it!

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Kawkaw? What's that? 😀