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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
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Even the most seasoned trader cannot time the bottom or the top. That's why it is a wise choice to dollar cost average in on the way down and out on the way up. 

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After a highly appreciated 14% rise from last week's low we are taking some profits and lowering risk.

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Welcome to the new followers of Quality Crypto Investments! And my gratitude for the loyalty of the "older" followers.

Even though my fund is currently the best performer of the week and the month, it is a very conservative strategy. My plan is simple, namely to buy a small percentage when the market is down and vice versa when the market is up.

I expect that following my strategy will give you some peace of mind, but most of all I hope you will take profits from it and use them well!

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It's for days like these that it's so important to have some fiat on the sideline. I am using 5 of my 25% to buy the dip in $LUNA with a stop loss at 22,5 USD.

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Automatic rebalance started to buy the dip on $AVAX. 

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Increasing $AVAX from 25% to 30%, because it went straight through resistance at 102 USD, which leads me to believe that it may go much higher. Of course there's also a chance that it will pull back to the former level of resistance to find its new support. In case that would happen, I expect it to bounce back up and therefore I have added the rule to automatically add 5% to our $AVAX position if the price enters this zone.

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To balance the risk we are 50% in $USDC. 

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In my opinion now would be a nice moment to go up again. 

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Taking the chance, back in we go. Especially $AVAX looks good despite the correction.

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Stepped out of the market with 80% to lower the risk for a moment.

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