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21h ago


first of sorry i was absent during this red moments.

What happened few days ago is a clear sign that we can not take anything for granted.

I am back with $LUNA $ADA and $ETH with the forcus on riding this $LUNA trend we have right now.

Thank you all for showing support through this difficult short period but i think we are back on the right track now.

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24 Nov, 2021

Nothing really big to report today. I made a small correction because i feel that $LUNA and $ADA cannot go much deeper. Ofcourse i can be wrong but i decided to take the $ROSE profit at to gain a position on others.

Thank you for the support and lets keep this trend!

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As i said in the past i respect everyones opinion and i will most certaly take it into consideration. But i also believe that eToro in cryptoverse is smaller as BitStamp. Also one point why i did this because there are some really good news about ADA circling around.Yes we could go on hunt for the "spikes" of $MANA or $SAND but to me it looks it a bigger chance of a correction then just grow grow grow. I just do not feel comfortable putting that much on stake at this moment. Thank you for all of your opinions

Bitstamo listed Ada today! Bitatamp in crupto is bigger than Etoro. I like his thinking ang his strategy!

Etoro delisted $ada … luna 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

23 Nov, 2021

Good evening.

Sometimes patience pays off. Today was a good day for all of us. I am not changing much for over night. Stop loss is set so that it can not surprise us during the night.

Thank you for the patience and for support and even as we know there will be some ways down i hope and will do the best i can to keep us on the way up.

Still feel free to comment and even put sugestions on future moves. I am ot the type of know it all. I learned on my line of job that sometimes empowering others can bring fantastic results.

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22 Nov, 2021

So as expected today we suffered some loss but at least for 1 day i am keeping it intact. No need to panic.

Stoploss is set so we are not goin to just sink.

Hopefully we get a bounce back sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your trust and lets keep moving forward

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21 Nov, 2021

Making a daily brief abit earlier today.

Another good day with so far. Not goin to change much overnight. Stoploss is set so there is, in case of an over night dip, some security.

Overall we are still going strong

Thank you all for the support

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Congrats & thank you for the work you do.

20 Nov, 2021

So a short brief of the day. We started as we finished yesterday but it ended up fairly decent.

We will stock the profit into $USDT and divide the other half.

Thank you for trusting me and lets keep moving up.

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19 Nov, 2021

It was a bad day today. Got caught in series of irrational moves.

Have to move on and fix it in the near future.

Thank you all for support

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I appreciate your honesty. There are good and bad days, I’m sure good days will prevail. We stand with you :-)

19 Nov, 2021


I know it started bad today. I now jumped on $SHIB bandwagon. Stoploss is set just in case. But im hoping to see abit of a rise.

Still feel free to comment.

Thank you for your trust

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18 Nov, 2021

Will try to do daily briefs:

so today i jumped abit fast to a bandwagon. Back to my original plan.

I still trust in $CRO and $LUNA even though they are kind of flat. Beeing carefull with $SAND because i think it is kind of overrated.

I feel we are on the way up

P.s.: If u have an opinion please share it. I strongly believe that empowering can bring good results.

Edit: stoploss rule is set so we can have a good night sleep =)

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Thank you. I feel its a learning curve as anything in life. I will do my very best to keep up the trend. Thank you again for the support

You are doing a very good job. Thank you!

18 Nov, 2021

Just a small correction to get the beast we can out of $ROSE

Edit: stepping off... goin to try to level the curve first. Time to buy some $LUNA dip and slowly to increas it

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