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Jan 13, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
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Multipass INVEST is focused on risk management and long term performance. Some portion of the strategy always allocated in BTC.

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Dec 24, 2021, 7:00:24 PM
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Multipass INVEST
22 Dec, 2021

Awesome 1Y ROI at +441% for #MultipassINVEST📈 primarily thanks to $LUNA, $CRV , $ATOM... 🎉

Future risk mitigation will be primarily done by diversification of assets and not by trading, so plan your investments accordingly.🙏🏻✌🏻 Keep it real!😎

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Multipass INVEST
12 Apr, 2021

After enabling couple of smart rules ✅ relative to price change of $BTC and $ETH in order to prevent drastic losses, Multipass INVEST📈 won't be jumping off the markets based on daily changes. Great feature on ICONOMI platform allows us to do so and therefore some volatility is expected and is currently quite normal in these asset types.🚀😎

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Multipass INVEST
6 Dec, 2021

Stop-loss rule for #MultipassINVEST📈 got triggered during weekend correction which in retrospect costed us the bounce back up results. Strategy will remain diversified with majority of holdings in $LUNA, $ATOM, $CRV, $SOL ,$UNI. However, Nightwatch stop-loss rule will be set at higher values (20-25% downfall) and other rules will be set to get out to $USDT only partially (40-60%) based on the price trends of our major holdings.

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Multipass INVEST
1 Dec, 2021

ATH for #MultipassINVEST📈 🙏🏻 to all investors!🎉

Great price bounce for 🚀 $LUNA, $CRV, $SOL ...

Based on your situation, times like these are an opportunity to take some profit and perhaps reinvest in times of correction😎

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Multipass INVEST
29 Nov, 2021

What a 🚀 week for #MultipassINVEST📈 $LUNA , $ATOM , $CRV 👌. Stoploss rule active just in case✅

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Multipass INVEST
10 Nov, 2021

ATH! #MultipassINVEST 📈 ! Stop-loss rules set a little bit tighter as correction is to come. $GRT $LINK added in the last couple of days.😎

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Multipass INVEST
3 Nov, 2021

 All green :) ATH for #MultipassINVEST

Congrats to all investors!


24h: +4.47%

7d: +5.67%

1M: +8.03%

3M: +141.55%

Rebalance with no change in structure. Taking profits from  $LUNA and buying some $ATOM.

To make higher gains we'd have to risk much more which I don't like... We'll stay on alert for new projects and protect gains. Don't forget to take some profit on the way up

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Multipass INVEST
17 Oct, 2021

Great☝️ quarterly result for #MultipassINVEST📈 We'll remain diversified and seek optimal gains:risk ratio. Largest assets🚀: $LUNA, $ATOM, $IRIS, $MINA. Automatic stop-loss rules active...😎

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Multipass INVEST
23 Sep, 2021

We’re looking at a great bounce these days and have sound assets in the strategy $LUNA 🚀, $ATOM... Feeling sorry for the guy who quit copying during the last correction. If anything it was and still is an opportunity to invest more. As a wiser person once wrote: “The crypto market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” I doubt that this was the last correction this year... #HODL

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Multipass INVEST
21 Sep, 2021

20% drop during current correction is acceptable given the fact that ALTs make 64%☝️ of the strategy assets. $LUNA + $ATOM make 50% and have both great potential to grow🚀. #HODL Automatic stop-loss rules active nevertheless...

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