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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023
MO ON Strategy


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We primarily utilise technical analysis to assess individual cryptocurrencies with the aim of outperforming bitcoin and other asset classes.

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MO ON Strategy
29 Jan, 2023

Appears Btc breaking out upwards. Hopefully a continuation of the upwards move. Some decent gains to be had on Mana, Avax and Ftm if so.

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MO ON Strategy
27 Jan, 2023

Bitcoin looks tired here so stepping out until things look clearer. Occasionally you get a pump that defies the technicals but hard to predict. I'd say probability of down is higher than an unexpected pump up.

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MO ON Strategy
14 Jan, 2023

Cautiously optimistic with this move that the bottom has been confirmed. Will still have some big crypto cutbacks as these big moves up are not sustainable - May see the first on when Btc hits around 21.5k. None-the-less the long term trend technically is looking positive from here. 

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it’s a fair point but difficult as momentum is building on all coins and there is a risk over trading. fantom looks like it’s got some legs in it still

Would it be smart to take profits at this point? A pull back is probably around the corner?

MO ON Strategy
3 Jan, 2023

Been a pretty relentless bear run here and the FTX collapse certainly caught me out. However, the technical indicators seem to be in agreement the bottom is in/ very close. There's still a lot of fear in the market (which is to be expected at a bottom) but if we look past this and focus on the technicals I think we might see some gains providing there's no more unexpected news.

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thanks - long term technicals look good

MO ON Strategy
3 Nov, 2022

Hopefully a sustained alt rally off some btc stability here

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MO ON Strategy
27 Sep, 2022

This is one of the toughest areas to trade in my opinion. Large moves up and down can wipe out a portfolio quickly with fomo and panic selling. Technically there are some signs we are due a move up here with Btc but the geopolitical climate, world recession and energy crisis are just a few of the things playing into Macrofactors. Very complex backdrop here. Will trust the technical indicators and see how we go. As all fiat currencies face huge devaluations I believe  there has to be a steady flow of hodlers coming into Btc at excellent value 

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i was just checking my investments in various strategies. Out of all strategies I copy, this has by far the best performance. It is not difficult to be a hero in bull times, 🐻 shows whom you should trust with your money.

MO ON Strategy
6 Aug, 2022

We're moonin x

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MO ON Strategy
20 Jul, 2022

Looks like a move for btc to 26k region at least. Let's ride this for a while in the altcoins that will hopefully outperform considerably.

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Fantastic performance on weekly yearly and over the last several years. Nice work

MO ON Strategy
23 Jun, 2022

Current momentum looks up with Btc- maybe to 23.5k region then I'd expect another leg down. I'd hope alts can rally off a small Btc pump.

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MO ON Strategy
5 Apr, 2022

Hopefully an imminent Luna move here

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Great work! Out of diff strategies I copy, you made the best moves in this horrific times!

Shame the Luna move didn't play out... But at least you came out and took a solid defence.

2 percent up on an absolute blood bath of a day. Nice work..