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Mar 20, 2023
Mar 27, 2023
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Dec 20, 2022, 2:28:02 PM
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Lots of new followers today due to our long term holding of Viberate pumping over 1000% since introduction to our strategy!! Currently ICONOMI are not supporting VIB so I would prefer to decrease our exposure but it's either keep our position or go 0% exposure so for now I'm actively monitoring the situation for our exit 

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Rebalance today. We're being held up by gains in $CRO. This is a coin I strongly believe in. The platform is growing so fast, sponsoring and advertising is amazing and when you apply for one of their debit cards you're pushed towards buying $CRO and holding for 180 days. This is great for the price of the coin. Of course nothing in cryptocurrency is a certain but I feel quite strongly about this one.

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Currently sitting in the top 3% of all strategies on Iconomi for both 1 month return (10th place) and Days Outperforming Bitcoin. Considering how strong Bitcoin has been performing recently this is very encouraging.

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Around 7% profit since rebalance yesterday and over 220% 3 month return! It's a crazy time in cryptocurrency at the moment and its great to be one of the leading strategies on this platform for performance. I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the ride!

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Huge correction in the last 24 hours. Important to put into perspective we are at the same point we were about 6 days ago in terms of return. Swings in crypto are always bigger than conventional investments, but luckily that works for upside as well as downside. Focussing on making the most of the next upside, as we have done recently.

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$FTM and $SOL both performing great. Placing us in the top 5% of all strategies in 7d, 1m AND 3m returns!

Constantly calculating our next move and I'm going to rebalance today. Small market cap have had their run, now we are moving out of the early stages of the bull run we will be focusing on mainly, but not solely, mid to large market cap.

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Our two biggest holdings $SOL and $FTM doing great since rebalance 2 days ago. Putting us once again near the top of the 24 hour return table. Outperforming over 90% of strategies once again.

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Currently ranked 15th out of all crypto strategies for 1 month returns, also with 100% 'days outperforming bitcoin'. This shows that although most people are making good returns in the current market, we are still outperforming ~95% of the rest and maximising profits given the current market health which is the main goal.

Added $AVAX yesterday, a bit later than optimal but still 28% return in 18 hours.

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Welcome to our few new followers over the last few days. I wanted to point out that normally we would hold a few less positions than we are at the moment. The reason for so many positions is during the start of a bull run there are historically great returns on a small handful of alt coins. This is why we gambled on $REQ which is up over 370% since we added this to the structure only 3 days ago. I'm keeping an eye out for other low market cap opportunities and taking small amounts of profit from $REQ as we go.

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Wow! @REQ up over 120% since rebalance yesterday! Amazing that we managed to get in just in time.

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