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Oct 12, 2021
Oct 19, 2021
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Above average returns, below average fees.

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This strategy focuses on asset growth as much as it does capital preservation. The main goal is to out perform $BTC, done through exposure to carefully vetted mid cap cryptos that have potential for exponential growth. Due to the volatility of the crypto markets the portfolio is regularly rebalanced and a small percentage of gains are often shifted to USD, this allows us to be able to DCA at will.

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I will be increasing the size of our position in ETH by 30% each month.
As follows

March - 5.2%
April - 6.76%
May - 8.78% / 4.39% BTC
June - 11.42% / 5.71% BTC
July - 14.85% / 7.42% BTC
August - 19.30% / 9.65% BTC
September - 25.09% / 12.54% BTC
October - 32.62% / 16.31% BTC

This will slowly derisk our portfolio as the market becomes more parabolic.

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Taking profits on alt coin positions, moving it all into Bitcoin and Ethereum for now, believe we see a surge past previous ATH on both coins. Alt coins will decay in value in comparison over next few weeks. Ideally we should be able to ride the wave on the majors and buy up cheaper alt coins before the start of next alt season.

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$REN up over 100% in just a few days, incredible. Get ready for liftoff 

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Our patience is being rewarded here, there are many on this site who like to jump around, in and out of coins trying to catch the next pump. Those of you who have been with us for a while now know that isnt us. I find good projects and hold on for dear life. If I see other assets in our portfolio out perform, ill cycle profits around. It has been a long time coming and over the last two days we are finally witnessing a breakout in many of our core holdings. I will occasionally redistribute those profits to other coins in our portfolio that are lagging behind, that being said, the party is just getting started and we are here to stay! Buckle up and enjoy the ride ladies and gentlemen.

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A reason our portfolio took a bigger hit and longer to recover than some other strategies on iconomi over last few months

$RUNE was exploited back in July and 9500 ETH was stolen by attackers. In a DeFi ecosystem the TVL and price of a project is reflected in the users trust of that project. As users began exiting thorchain en masse, the price rapidly declined. Falling all the way from a peak of $23 down to a low of $2.9

Currently $RUNE has been on the road to recovery, making up an impressive 300% gain since its lows in July now sitting just below $10. Other coins however have gone on to make new all time highs and our bag has lagged behind as a result. In a bull market people tend to forget things like this very quickly.

In the coming months I will be closely watching $RUNE, if I feel like it has overcome the negative bias surrounding it I will retain our holdings in RUNE, if not I will be swapping it out for another decentralised exchange coin. Like $SUSHI

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$REN starting to breakout, up 50% in last few days, glad we have held it as part out of our portfolio for so long now, our patience is beginning to pay off here

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Rebalance, no change in structure.

Have added some very promising defi projects to the basket over last few days, really believe in the future of $AVAX long term, it is here to stay in our portfolio.

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Just wanted to say thank you to all our new followers and to all of our followers who have chosen to stick with Blockchain Strategy! I have noticed a lot of you are starting to buy more, great timing, the market is just starting to recover and this is a safe spot to be accumulating crypto currency before the next cycle begins.

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Rebalance and a major structure change

Bitcoin and Luna replaced, bitcoin dominance is teetering near yearly lows and within a range that generally signals new life being breathed into alts, I am expecting bitcoin to lag the next few weeks as alt coins out perform. We made some good money on Luna so far but I have replaced it with a much smaller project that has some very serious backing from Sam Bankman-fried

Sam has a cult-like following of investors/traders and at this point anything he touches turns to gold. I've looked over both projects and they are equally as amazing/promising. At this point we are getting in very early on both of these projects and would not be shocked if we see returns over 1000% this year. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today and enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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