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Jan 13, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
Metelkova Crypto Underground
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The Strategy of MCU is simply a mixed portfolio of undervalued and promising projects with high potential, those projects can bring high profits.WAGMI FRENS!LFG

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Happy new year

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to you too colleague 😂😂 “ follow The money … follow the $btc”

Its 🌕 and 🐸 Christmas

$UST on @binance 

Now there is literally no reason to subject your internet money to censorship risk

Happy holidays, everyone!

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1Year return +1246.95% WAGMI.

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It seems my prediction that i stated on (4th october 2021) to make a 1500% by the end of the year is happening as today we are on a 1Year ROI +1246.69%. LFG FRENS!!!!

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1 year ROI 975.69% climbing UP, and will soon hit the + 1000%. LFG Frens!!!

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thank you ser!

Best strategy return from my portofolio! 🙏

Congratz to our fellow Diversitas for kickin on the TOP rank#1 Strategy AUM and dethrone MennoP CARUS-AR . Wish all the best to Menno as he change the Strategy to long term holders. I am pretty shure that he will be ok soon with % gainz with CARUS-AR. Don’t you worry my frens as we will have a great times ahead.

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Great to see so many of us here :)

yea Slovenia…

On point there my friend! I knew you are from the same country as me :))

New strategy will be out soon. You all are invited to 4th strategy. I am not much active here with posting status updates but if you want you can follow my twitter acc where i post daily random crypto news

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or send dm on twitter @a3ista

i hope soon! If you want you can send me an email and i will sent you invite as this is the only way to get you into strategy atm.

When will new strategy go live?

Hello to all new and old copiers!

If we continue to rise in this BULL trend, my prediction is that we will go to +1500% by the end of year.

As the growth of the first fund indicators presenting.

Let’s enjoy and watch this fund grows.

Also NFT (2nd fund of NFTMetelkova) fund is doing well with “rising stars” like Axie and Flow.

DeFi is here to stay so our 3rd fund (DeFi Metelkova)is also active!

Some stats

1 year + 734%

3 months + 129%

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it seems it bouncing now :)

any news on Luna? will it bounce back soon? 😬

By CZ: Imagine burning half a billion dollars, wait, don’t imagine. It’s real. #BNB 😱🤑🚀🔥📈✅😎

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It seems that binance will be doin annual bnb burn🔥🔥🔥📈
Will be watching and rebalance to get ready. 👀🚀✅🤑

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