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Mar 15, 2023
Mar 22, 2023
To Mars and Beyond


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This medium-risk strategy is focussed on the structural growth of some of the top-50 level coins.

Systematic profit taking when risks increase.

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Mar 15, 2023, 4:29:46 PM
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For anyone wondering: We are still monitoring the market every day and we would like to give an update on our thoughts. A bearmarket like the one we are in now is rough but nothing new. No-one likes to see their investment loose x% time over time again. However these are the times to slowly build up your portfolio to make the “huge crypto profits” everyone speaks of when we are in a mania-phase like last year. 

So where do we stand risk-wise. Compared to a year ago the risk is relative low to invest in $BTC . However this doesn’t mean we can’t drop another 30/40/50% before going up. Normally a year after the $BTC top, the price is at its lowest, so that means we could expect another leg down in the next few months. The world is in a tricky spot as well and people are scared to see what will happen next. A $BTC mania-phase is unlikely now, but just in case $BTC pumps we are 25% exposed to $ETH and 75% in cash. If we do keep a leg down we believe this is one of the final legs down and we will greatly improve our Crypto positions. We believe in another bullrun, and when that happens we want to be prepared.

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Sideways with some upside! The last few months have been a good accumulation zone. Buying every week or month would've got you a nice average buy in. Caution remains in the market, we will stay with most of the portfolio in stables until we see a clear breakout either way!

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Last saturday we decided to decrease the risk and exposure to the cryptomarket, moving a total of 75% to $USDC and 25% to $ETH .  

This proved to be a fortunate move, since $BTC dipped over 20% in the past days and remains looking quite risky. Altcoins consequently took an even harder beating, some dropping over 40%. 

We still believe the risk is high, however if $BTC keeps coming down rapidly in the next days this might open up opportunities to slowly start buying back into the market. 

Looking at the macro scale of the market, we think the next months will be tough but history tells us these are the times to steadily increase our portfolio by dca’ing in the coins that will survive the bearmarket.

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The last few months have been a rough ride. (Luna RIP, fortunately we were out just in time) All markets have been de-risking and crypto has not been an exception. We don't think we are out of the woods yet, but a relief bounce should be coming soon. When this happens we will be allocating more into stables. With this we will have ammo to buy the final capitulation. If this was the dip then we will have plenty left and can even add more when everything has turned bullish again.

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Monthly update:

With $BTC falling, alts took a beating. Although it may look scary, it gave us a chance to increase some of our positions:

We increased our $LUNA position from 1% till 3%. Slowly but steady we will work towards the target goal of 10% $LUNA

We sold some $DOT back in November at around $45. With $DOT bottoming out around $16 we are now back at our target of 10% $DOT

The 1/6 of our $AVAX we sold at $128 was bought back at $65. 

The Mars strategy now has a minimum of 11% in $USDC.

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Weekly update:

When $BTC is struggling, alts normally take a beating. $LINK is sucking up some of the losses, but we might move a higher percentage into $BTC and $ETH until $BTC shows some strenght again.

“Strenght” means $BTC fighting to get above $50k again instead of trying not to fall below $40k.

So far we haven’t touched our $USDC reserve yet. Risk is still just a bit to high to buy back the coins we took profit from, however if we dip further this week we probably will start investing to “buy the dip”.

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Happy new year to everyone! We wish everybody the best for 2022 and loads of new all time highs  2021 was the year of L1's and NFT's. We have most of the L1's in our portfolio and there has been rumours that this year will be L2'22. $MATIC has been doing great already last year and if it can keep attracting projects to move over, L222 will be very promising for $MATIC.

With $BTC struggling a bit around $46k there is a lot of fear in the market. Normally these are the times to accumulate: “Buy the fear, Sell the greed”. 

We have around 20% of our portfolio in $USDC ready to buy a potential further dip.

$LINK is known as the bear market beast. It has been doing well this week while the rest is not moving much so we took some $LINK profits to increase our $ADA and $VET stack.

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Weekly Update:

Great Christmas week and weekend pump for the whole market got most of our blue chip coins going up more than 20%. With the big winner $AAVE up more than 50%. It feels like defi is coming back again as $AAVE $UNI $LINK are all up more than 20%.

$DOT got their first batch of parachains launched on December the 18th and the next 5 are open for auction right now. Also gaining back a lot of the ground it lost in the last few weeks.

$MATIC is an absolute beast and is already putting in new all time highs. We can only imagine what will happen to the price of $MATIC if $BTC keeps his end of the year rally going 

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Weekly update:

$MATIC, $LUNA and $AVAX don't really seem to care that $BTC is in a downtrend at the moment. They're all holding very strong these weeks and even are trending towards new all time highs. During the rebalance this week we took some gains of these 3 top performers in to the ones lagging behind. The rest will hopefully follow them soon so we can all go past the moon to mars ;)

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Weekly Update:

Not much going on this week, sideways trading most of the time. The weekly close was above $50k which was a good close. Monday and Tuesday where quite brutal with a drop below the 50 week moving average. After the FED meeting on Wednesday everything recovered a little bit. Let's see if the 0% interest rate can get us going up again.

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