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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Maximum $PAXG  71%

remove $LSK  and add $ETC  1.3%

We stick to our strategy. We increase all assets by 0.2% every week. For these purposes, we have 74% gold in stock. The next increase is 0.2% next week, approximately Monday - Wednesday.

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19 Nov, 2021

First Post :-P

I just made another of my regular rebalancings according to the actual market situation.

I increased the positions in solid assets like $SOL $DOT $ADA and $ATOM aswell as in the promising assets $AVAX $LUNA $FTM and $MATIC

Therefore I kicket out the bad performing assets $NEO $EOS $LSK $DASH $KNC $SNX and $KAVA

Happy earnings

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14 Jul, 2021

Great to finally see some significant recovery $REP. Lowered our positions $REP and sold it for some $LSK 

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24 May, 2021

Sold 2% of $OMG and added 2% of $LSK

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2 Apr, 2021

Sold both $LSK and $STEEM which both have been very bullish lately. Added 5% $ETH 🚀📈🔥

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25 Mar, 2021

Cashing out $LSK and $STEEM which have performed great lately. Added $OMG and flowing some of our assets into $REP which are both near all time low prices (in BTC). Buy low, sell high🚀📈🤟

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Trading with a beginner:

By now I live with the computer in hand even on the weekend :-) I wanted to insert $OCEAN but the guru suggests me to insert $LSK

14 Feb, 2021

Increased our positions in DEFI projects to buy the dip and take some profits from $REP, $LSK and $STEEM📈✅🚀

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12 Feb, 2021

Taking some $ATOM profits by increasing our position in $LINK.✅ Taking some $BAT profits by increasing our positions in $LSK and $STEEM✅🚀🔥

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