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Dec 3, 2023
Dec 10, 2023

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INVESTMOX CAPITAL Low Fees Top Fundamentals strategy is focused on fundamentaly strong digital assets with proven track record and real world problem solutions.


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Dec 9, 2023, 7:27:43 PM
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2022/23 OVERVIEW

I was in crypto also in 2018/19 but the 🐻 cycle of 22/23 was the toughest. We've seen so many projects make multi yearly lows, capitulations of biggest funds, exchanges, many companies closed etc....

Last bull cycle winners were exposed as biggest frauds. Even though we were never directly exposed to those projects, the size and effect they've had on entire crypto ecosystem caused a domino effect of liquidations.

Most projects dropped -95%+, even though fundamentals were still strong with them. This has impacted us alot aswell.

In end of 2022 & 2023 we were accumulating $RUNE heavily, But due to the hard nature of market we were shaken out of it's rally from 0,9$ --> 1,6$ . We sold all of our position at 1,6$, later $RUNE teleported to 7$+. Even though our cherry picking of quality & fundamentaly strong projects seems to work, the trading part was impacted by emotions. We learned a lesson here.

While I didn't post many updates, I was still heavily researching, learning behind the scenes. I was silently accumulating $NEAR & $ROSE and few smaller altcoins that are not listed on ICONOMI. Summer & autumn of 2023 was accumulation time for us. 💰

I know we'll be back stronger than ever, but the market teached us a lesson, which we'll try to use into our advantage in near future.

I'll continue to stick to fundamentaly strong projects that are focused on problem solving and real world solutions.

I've had many people make fun of my investing methodology in 2018/19 and guess what happened in 2020 to 2021.

I was confronted with same events in 2022/23.

I'll do my best to find new quality gems and bring us all back to new highs. The road will be bumpy. Expect the unexpected in 2024. Thanks for all followers that have continued to stick with us.

Analysis and prediction report for 2024 will be released before new year.

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I just wanted to say that the conditions in crypto in last 6 months are crazy.

In last few days the portfolio has been heavily impacted due to market panick because 2 US banks have failed.

Sillicon Valley bank is a bank that is a custodian of USDC and USDC has depegged from 1$ mark, this has caused for market panick.

After so hard bear cycle nobody wants to see another Terra Luna colapse.

After weekend US has announced it will save all depositors. USDC is back to it's 1$ mark.

I honestly don't know what to say. Crypto is volatile but the volatility we are experiancing in last few weeks is beyond reasonable.

Black swan events every few weeks...

Focus will be on fundamentals. We have decided we will ignore all price swings untill reasonable prices are hit.

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Reason for big shift in portfolio structure:

$ATOM was one of the best L1 performers of the bear cycle in 2022 & it was our main holding. Sure we felt the pain but we outperformed overall the market. Recently we dumped $ATOM . Reasoning is simple.

$ATOM belongs to the coins that have the least correlation to $BTC & other part of crypto,.

Most L1's got hit extremely hard in bear cycle --> most suffered more than 90% loses

We are hard believers in $ETH but it has few technical disantvantages that other L1 have solved. This was the reasoning for our $ATOM pick.

Since $BTC is on rampage lately, we can see that $ATOM is slowly underperforming it, while some altcoins are having crazy runs.

$NEAR was heavily impacted due to VC & Institutions like DCG have had big positions in it & they had to liquidate assets due to bankruptcy of their subsidiary Geneis. NEAR PROTOCOL is already live with sharding, has one of highest developer activity, very strong treasury and one of the biggest support from VC Firms. Seeing it down nearly 90% from ATH is a perfect point to enter.

$RUNE is extremely complicated to explain in 1 sentence so we will summarise it.

Thorchain is a crosschain DEX agregator. It works like a liquidity blackhole for entire crypto space. Offers self custory, directly from your hardware wallet, beeing able to swap to any chain, take a loan, earn yield etc... And best part it's part of $ATOM Ecosystem. Once liquidity and high volumes return to crypto so will $RUNE's price. Recently biggest & most trusted wallet providers have implemented or have announced they are implementing $RUNE in it's backend (TrustWallet, Ledger,...)

We'll say it in a simple way: YOU WILL USE $RUNE & YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITHOUT KNOWING YOU ARE USING IT. With THORCHAIN there is no more need to CEX's like Binance, Coinbase etc... 😉

$MKR Is the 2nd biggest protocol on Ethereum and biggest decentralised stable coin project

$DOT Is a crosschain L1 protocol that fullfils our multichain thesis.

We believe some of our picks will outperform $BTC heavily in following weeks. $ATOM has lately alot of drama in governance so we have exited it due to risk reward. We believe our picks are primed for a heavy run to the upside.

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RUNE is a beauty. Adoption by stealth being added to back end of apps to to facilitate native transactions across blockchains.

Good call on Atom. Some of the finest tech around but unfortunately the most toxic community/environment I’ve ever seen in crypto

Was doing research for past weeks.

Stressfull times, but I have finaly decided to make adjustements to the portfolio structure. While we remain pesimistic about macro picture we are very bullish on crosschain protocols, DeFi & undervalued L1 networks.

Research update will be posted shortly.

Main assets will be now:


Expect alot of volatility.

Risk / Reward ratio is favorable.

Fundamental & Technical analysis will be posted tomorow.

Stay tuned 🙃

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If there's no economic shock building why do we have biggest increases in employee layoffs?

Central Banks will break the economy with too high interest rates. They aint doing policy reasonably, like they didn't when they introduced helicopter money in 2020. They keep ignoring live data.

This data is only for Tech companies.

The mega corporations are doing biggest layoffs in years and most people think bull run is around corner?🔴

Corporations are announcing worst earnings reports in decades and retail thinks bull run is around corner?🔴

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