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Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022
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INVESTMOX CAPITAL Low Fees Top Fundamentals strategy is focused on fundamentaly strong digital assets with proven track record and real world problem solutions.

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🔥BREAKING: U.N. Calls On Fed, Other Central Banks to Halt Interest Rate Increases 🔥

The Fed has increased rates five times this year, but the rapid rises are coming amid growing unease about the haste with which borrowing costs are being raised.

Source: https://tinyurl.com/vp5s8vzz

This is probably the most important news lately. Why?

Because Central Banks control interest rates and this leads to how easy it is to get money or hard. Right now we were for several months in tightening policy due to extreme inflation period.

But due to their extreme interest rate hikes, global economies are shifting to recession. If the FED pauses this policy "Risk assets" will lead the markets.

Another important news to reconsider 👇

🔥BlackRock CEO: Ukraine War Could Speed Digital Currency Adoption 🔥

Larry Fink quote: "A global digital payment system, thoughtfully designed, can enhance the settlement of international transactions while reducing the risk of money laundering and corruption,” he wrote. “Digital currencies can also help bring down costs of cross-border payments, for example when expatriate workers send earnings back to their families"

This is exactly what we've always said regarding crypto. Crypto solves so many problems, if you jump deep into the rabbit hole.

I've attached also data for 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index Top 20.

Source: https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/2022-global-crypto-adoption-index/

As you can see emerging markets are mostly leading the adoption curve. This is why crypto is helpfull. Ukraine is #3. It helps unbanked become banked. NO KYC, NO LIMITS, NO CENSORSHIP.

And now that the CEO of largest Asset manager in the world has the same opinion as we do, I think we're properly prepared for next bull run 😉

NOTE: Black Rock is #1 asset manager in world with 9,5 Trillion $ in AUM.

We believe October will be renamed to UPTOBER 🚀

Act accordingly 😉

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A post dedicated to Maker DAO:

I've kept hearing in last months that crypto is speculative, there's no revenue generating businesses. I'll tell you what, all these people are clueless and did zero research.

In DeFi space we have just very few protocols that actualy generate more reveneue than they incentivise with inflated token incentives.

$MKR is one of these DeFi bluechips. I am aware that bear cycle hurt it due to panick and liquidity crisis but i'm positive that Maker DAO will be leading next wave of DAO adoption and will prove skeptics that decentralised finance has come so far that we now have revenue generating protocols.

This is just the start of DeFi revolution.

Not to mention in past weeks i posted Maker DAO's lending system has entered TradFi and Business bank in USA is using it😉

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As FIAT Currencies start to tumble investors are showing sign of interest in decentralised money $BTC 👀

Strong Dollar has had impact on many emerging market economies, developed markets aswell as on "Risk Assets". A shift in DXY will be a shift of capital back to Risk Assets. Bitcoin Dominance is also near all time lows.

Next wave of adoption in crypto will first go when $BTC hits mainstream again. We believe this will happen when price breaks out from the downtrend.

Investors seem to be aware of devaluing FIAT Currencies. Volumes in EUR & GBP for $BTC proves the hypothesis.

My asumption is in October Bitcoin will make a huge move.

DXY (Dollar Currency Index) also seems to be toping out and is primed for correction. This is not proven yet, it's just my prediction. If this does indeed happen Bitcoin and other weaker FIAT currencies will receive a relief rally.

Currently there's alot of data i want to point out but ICONOMI post system allows me to post just 1 picture. Hopefully the data attached is enough for you tou to see why i am taking the steps we are taking and why we are staying mostly in $BTC.

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$BTC is finally waking up, why?

My guess is institutions are secretly buying it. We have record volumes at multi month levels on most liquid exchange Binance. Check picture attached.


I posted in previous weeks/months that wallstreet giants are entering crypto. They love these prices, so should you!

Today i've noticed leading banks and Central Banks are having an event on future of digital finance, asset tokenisation and crypto. They are talking alot about technology underpining cryptocurrencies.

Then can laugh at us, they can hate us, but they can not kil idea of decentralised money!

Source: https://www.banque-france.fr/en/webform/conference-opportunities-and-challenges-tokenisation-finance-which-role-central-banks-27-september#_blank

This crypto winter is a chance for newcomers to enter crypto cheaply.

I am super bullish as ever! 🚀

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Fun fact:

Yesterday we managed to sell $ATOM near the top of of Bitcoin ratio, around 0.00076 ✅

Bitcoin was at that time 19100$

Did we buy the bottom of $BTC ?

I don't know, but I rather buy king of crypto at -80% discount rate than FOMO in near new highs 😉

I think our portfolio is properly diversified to bloom in next bull run ✅🚀

Remember investing in alternative investment class like crypto is a marathoon and a true rollercoaster.

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Increasing our $RUNE position, massive development is happening behind the scenes. The team keeps delivering, prices are staying low. Just what we want.

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$ATOM has underperformed lately against $BTC

We managed to sell it near the top and did few trades in past weeks.

Now it's time to stack up this bluechip

Expecting huge volatility with start of this week 📈📉

🔥Cosmoverse conference is starting and announcement of ATOM 2.0 will happen, new roadmap release incoming and more info on Interchain Security 🚀

We're also super bullish on $RUNE 🔥🚀

Focus is still on interoperability & DeFi + $BTC

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S&P 500 making new multi month lows 👀

$BTC  is still holding for now ✅

Our strategy is beating both 😉

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S&P500 vs $BTC after todays FED FOMC Meeting and announcement of Fed increases interest rates by 75 basis points in aggressive bid to fight inflation

S&P 500 droped aproximately -2% after the news while Bitcoin is holding strong. For now.

Will be interesting to see results in following days. Crypto might decouple from stocks, maybe not.. We shall see.

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🔥BREAKING: NASDAQ to launch institutional $BTC and crypto custody services 🔥

Source: https://www.theblock.co/post/171095/nasdaq-is-preparing-to-launch-an-institutional-crypto-custody-service

This is huge! Not just huge, it's massive!🔥

Every week we get a news about wall street giants entering crypto while most of average Joe's have been selling their positions.

Don't be like most people and don't sell your crypto cheap to institutions is our advice.

All puzzles are comming together. Leverage levels are at all time low for $BTC, price is at multi month low and wall street giants have opened the gates.

The only negative thing regarding crypto markets is still bad macro outlook.

Use the DCA (Dollar Cost Average in) method today at these prices is our advice.

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