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ELEVATE MISTRAL Strategy Performance

ELEVATE MISTRAL Strategy Performance

Apr 16, 2024
Apr 23, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

On the Adriatic, maestral is a pleasant, coastal, daily thermal wind that blows from the sea to the mainland because the mainland is heated faster than the sea during the day. Mistral wind is known for its mix of pleasantness and powerful intensity.

Our strategy mirrors this phenomenon, aligning with the seasonal narrative shifts in the crypto realm, often coinciding with significant market movements, while still offering diversification and pleasant exposure to quality crypto assets.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-85.10 %
+9.08 %
+2.63 %



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16 Mar, 2024


We have added $ATOM, $GMX $EGLD

$ATOM is in multi year huge buying zone. It is also one of the least correlated altcoins with $BTC. The chart we attached is shows it. Also Cosmo ecosystem has been blooming while $ATOM was stagnating. This will be changed in following weeks. You have to look $ATOM against $BTC, this is how you know when it's overvalued or undervalued.

$GMX is the hidden project we were accumulating. It's the #1 Derivatives DEX with massive revenues. I've posted in past weeks we are at all time highs with leverage. Once deleveraging event will be unfolding the protocol will massively profit from it.

$GMX is a 500M$ project, while other DEX's are valued in billions of $. Massive repricing will occur in following weeks/months.

$EGLD is one of the leading sharded L1's out there, side by side with $NEAR. It's been stagnating and underperforming in past months. But it's TVL has seen massive surge in past weeks. Because $ETH is congested, everything is happening now on L2's, which add friction to UX. Sharded blockchain or appchains are the only real scalable solution for crypto in my view. It will have a good runup. It will follow $NEAR's path I think.

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10 Mar, 2024

I'm expecting this week crypto metldown 🔻

Way too much leverage in the space ☢️

Correction before next leg up I think.

Rules are set on ICONOMI so just waiting on the sidelines ✅

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9 Mar, 2024

Portfolio update: I will remain in a hedge position for the foreseeable future.

Most altcoins are now in very overvalued teritory. RSI indicator on $BTC, $ETH , $NEAR, etc... is in super overbought territory 👀

Things can go higher. But I ask myself how much room for growth do we have from current positions?

I'm overall bullish on crypto but we need a healthy correction. Untill I see one I will remain in hedge position.

Open interest is at ALL TIME HIGHS 😮❗

Funding rates are crazy in record highs, which means sooner than later deleveraging event will occur. I've attached data that prooves what I'm saying.


I'm also investigating and observing 1 very interesting project. It will soon be bigger part of portfolio structure. Investment thesis will be posted after our position is completely built out.

If you want to find out more in near future feel free to follow and copy me 😉

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8 Mar, 2024

$NEAR is the only crypto project that's been invited to NVIDIA's conference on 20th march 🚀 🔥🔥🔥

NVIDIA is now the best performing stock in last 5 years 🔥

It's 3rd biggest company in the world. It's growth came from AI frenzy.

It's a leading horse of AI trend and $NEAR might be the only crypto project they're looking to partner with?

Is $NEAR the hidden dark horse in crypto? I think so ✅😉

We're still very under radar.

Many people still sleeping on it 😉

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6 Mar, 2024

Why $NEAR is still cheap after massive surge? 👇

I'm not looking $NEAR in terms of US$ but in $BTC

We've made massive run in terms of FIAT

But we're still cheap relative in terms of $BTC

I'm aiming atleast 0.00015 Sats per 1 NEAR

At current $BTC price this is 10,09$ 😉🔥🔥🔥

There's massive announcements from NEAR Protocol incoming:

  • Data Availibility
  • Chain Abstraction
  • NVIDIA partnership? 🤔

Remember Illia is the founder of $NEAR and he's also one of the writers that lead to CHATGPT

Near Protocol has been an AI project since their early beginings from 2018. Many VC's still sleeping on it because they sold it during 90%+ correction and FTX and Alameda liquidation.

All these VC's and crypto tourist will buy it near ALL TIME HIGHS.

I've been here for the tech since begining and these small price swings are irrelevant.

Focus is on fundamentals and problem solving and this is finnaly kicking in. Market is anticipating something massive from NVIDIA conference 🔥😉

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