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LongTerm Fundamentals


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LongTerm Fundamentals Strategy Performance

LongTerm Fundamentals Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

My Iconomi strategy focuses on growth in the long-term horizon—as long a horizon as appropriate within the bounds of the cryptocurrency realm :)


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Hi Everyone!

Spot Ethereum ETF approval likelihood estimates have skyrocketed to 75%, up from 25%, following signs of a shift in stance by the SEC. This potential approval is driven by a recent Senate vote overturning SEC's SAB 121, signaling a new alliance between Wall Street, crypto, and the US government. Key players like VanEck, ArkInvest, Grayscale, and Fidelity are in the race for spot Ethereum ETFs, with important SEC deadlines approaching.

We are monitoring regulatory developments closely, as these could impact market sentiment and investment opportunities. Currently, our portfolio is aligned--like REALLY aligned--with how we have been reading the market.


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$PENDLE $STRK added. removing $AAVE $CRV $SNX . rebalancing rest.

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Hi everyone! I want to share some recent adjustments to our cryptocurrency portfolio strategy.

Removals and Reductions:

FRAX ($FXS) : After a thorough reassessment, we have decided to part ways with Frax. While it has shown promise, we believe our resources could be better allocated elsewhere for optimal returns.

Monero ($XMR) : Due to evolving regulatory landscapes and concerns, we have chosen to reduce our exposure to Monero. This decision aligns with our risk management strategy in the face of changing market dynamics.

Convex ($CVX) : Our assessment has led us to reduce our position in CVX. This decision is based on a reevaluation of its performance compared to other assets in our portfolio.

Additions and Increased Exposure:

Optimism ($OP ): We are excited to announce the addition of Optimism to our portfolio. With its focus on scalability solutions for Ethereum, Optimism aligns with our outlook on the future of blockchain technology.

Arbitrum ($AR ): Recognizing the growing importance of layer 2 scaling solutions, we have added Arbitrum to our portfolio. This move aims to capitalize on the efficiency and reduced transaction costs that layer 2 solutions offer.

Aave ($AAVE ): Aave has consistently demonstrated innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. We have increased our exposure to Aave to capitalize on its evolving role in the DeFi ecosystem.

Reasoning and Outlook:

Market Trends: Our decisions are informed by a deep analysis of current market trends. The evolving landscape necessitates agility, and we believe these adjustments position us strategically for future opportunities.

Risk Management: The reduction in exposure to certain assets reflects our commitment to prudent risk management. Diversification remains a cornerstone of our strategy to mitigate potential downsides.

Evolving Ecosystem: The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is dynamic. Our additions align with our anticipation of the continued evolution of layer 2 solutions and the growing prominence of projects contributing to DeFi.

What's Next:

We will continue to monitor market developments and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape.

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As we look ahead, our strategy at this time maintains a strong conviction $ETH and a number of projects on the Ethereum network. One of the key reasons we have high confidence in Ethereum is its strong network effects and the strong ecosystem around the currency, with many users and institutions invested in its success. We expect this trend to continue and for Ethereum to continue to play a prominent role in the cryptocurrency space.

In addition, we are excited about the potential of Rocketpool ($RPL). Rocket Pool is a decentralized network for staking ETH, providing users with a way to earn rewards for holding and staking their ETH without having to set up their own infrastructure. This approach enhances the decentralization aspect of the blockchain ecosystem, which is a core value for many cryptocurrency investors. We believe that decentralization is a key factor in the long-term success of blockchain technology, and we see RPL as--perhaps even the most--an important project in advancing this goal. By allowing users to participate in staking without relying on centralized infrastructure, RPL helps to promote a more decentralized and resilient ecosystem. We are very eagerly awaiting the integration of RPL onto the Iconomi platform.

Our strategy is to closely monitor the current economic outlook and the crypto space and make adjustments to our portfolio as needed. It goes without saying that we will not make hasty decisions that go against our long-term outlook. We believe that by staying committed to our long-term goals and adapting to changing conditions, we can continue to position ourselves for success.

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Rebalancing @LongTerm portfolio to bring asset allocation in line with our medium to long term goals. Our $SNX play had a SCORCHING hot run -- offloading a bit of $SNX, +$CRV and -$LINK .

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