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Kick Start
20 Nov, 2021

Congratulations to all people that are with me for some time, even if you invested only 1000€ in the beginning, if you stayed with me, you have your freedom now! 

For all hate comments I would say: "I understand your frustration, it is hard sometimes to watch your value go down, but that is the life."

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all coins massively going up … this dude … invest in stable coins 🤦‍♂️

taking a risk is perfectly fine I would say :) though, a headsup in advance would have been nice, especially as this timing is a bit odd

he´s had periods before where he switched to stable. lasted about a week. he is more than likely talking a rest.

Kick Start
20 Nov, 2021

My biggest mistake in beginning of crypto work was jumping in and out of coins and structures too much aka panic selling aka selling red buying green.

Best way of investing is staying in the projects/structures and forget about the money for real.

It is not about timing the market it is about time in the market!

let me see some likes and comments on this!

I hope and wish you all make it in this market and reach your financial freedom ;)

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but you still jump in and out so what do you mean with this

@SwissWolf sometimes I do panic, for example when I am done with my work and I see toilet paper missing :D

Kick Start
18 Nov, 2021

One more thing dear copiers, don't be affraid if we now go dovn for additional 10%, just forget that you have money here and come back in 2 weeks :D

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@Razvan I understand, there is bigger chance of losing money when investing in bull market. If your plan is to invest bigger amount of money don't invest it in one push. In other words do not fomo in. Divide your planned investment and invest part of that every week or so, you will have then better resoults.

@Razvan no currently we don't have stop loss rules. Short term trend is $BTC to somewhere 50-53k. In meantime gaming could go still higher but also there is a lot of hype currently. I don't really get the last question but you simply sell your money from strategy, I don't see any problems there. If you are beginner maybe comment with some screenshot of the issue that you are having.

good to see you made your comeback

Kick Start
18 Nov, 2021

People do you let me to post something about $SHIB ??

I don't care if you do, but $SHIB is coming back  and it is coming back strong, whale accumulation was going on now for few days.

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Kick Start
18 Nov, 2021

Dear investors, I am happy to announce that we had 0% loss in th$BTC dip!!! We are now going to wait for ALT's golden pockets to buy back $SAND and $AVAX .

I am so proud on us, we now have all assets save to buy back in at the hopefully right moment :D Lets go!

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Yes I am looking after AVAX SOL DOT and some others

I am still waiting if the $SAND will drop to 3,5.

Very well played! :-)

Kick Start
17 Nov, 2021

People crazy $SAND profits incoming!!!!! Copy my strategi for great profits now, or add $SAND to your strategies!!!

Wish every one a great profitable night!

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just enable stop-loss rule so that you don't lose profits like you did with $SHIB

You made some good moves lately. Thank you & congrats!

Kick Start
16 Nov, 2021

I think $SAND and $MANA still have a nice way up to go this market cycle!

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Kick Start
4 Nov, 2021

Dear investors, I am moving our position to usd.

I am planning to wait for a bigger correction in one of the coins that I am monitoring, after I get confirmations from my team I will change my position and hopefully generate again one of my biggest spikes in the structure as I did in the past :).

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Kick Start
8 Oct, 2021

Lets see how following week goes I guess we are looking for another huge pump in $SHIB

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Kick Start
7 Oct, 2021

BUY $SHIB we have some discount 

Remember next week NFT launch and token burn.

Maybe allso @robinhoodapp listing :D

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shiba is going 

New Shiba ATH in the making