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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
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Kick Start
18 May, 2022

As it is now known $LUNA ecosystem will be forked, and with that old token is dead and will be replaced.

It is a shame that as we invest on this platform, we arent actual owners of the token and anykind of airdops from terra ecosystem wont give us nothing.

I am sorry for your losses, we are all on the same page, so we will now go on from where we are now, without this project.

Crypto is riski and that is what we knew before we went in.

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this guy is definition of someone without integrity

4 months without change in strategy and even more months since last update from the strategist. How do we know the guy is still

alive? 🤔

is this ever gonna be managed again?

Kick Start
4 Mar, 2022

Taking full safe position today. $BTC is being squeezed between moving averages that has shown in history for a dramatic move, and with the world situation we could break to the down side with quite high potential.

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he is really bad amateur😅

this guy doesnt give a flying f*ck about destroying people their lives. he has 0 ethics …. karma will bite him hard … what an absolutely horrendous way tot treat people who trusted you

what on earth is happening? what do we do now?

Kick Start
2 Mar, 2022

$BTC volume dropping. Also there could be bad news from negotiations of Russia and Ukraine. We will take cover by moving half of profits to stable coins. In case we will see some moon shots we will still be able to take a ride. In case of drops we will be able to accumulate more crypto in our portfolio.

Take care!

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Kick Start
23 Jan, 2022

Some projects reached interesting levels so I will move in a little.

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Dear for now I am seeing a positive bul flag on the $BTC chart. If we don't manage to break out further then we will have to consider stablecoins to some degree.

stable coins now because it ll go down now … hold the huge profit for

a while.

like pretty soon it ll go down again (like it is doing now)

Kick Start
21 Jan, 2022

People, what do you think about this picture?

Post image
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And sorry I haven't made your 5$ investment in 15$ 

@Mir_On_Off I will meet you in hell probably  bring some vodka

@Mir_On_Off it seems that the only loser here is you 😂

Kick Start
21 Jan, 2022

Now we are almost there -7k to go :D

Post image
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Kick Start
9 Jan, 2022

Is it possible for $BTC to reach his 30k levels?

Post image
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ofcourse, the ponzi is coming down. As long as other projects are so attached to BTC we can not move in.

Well good that we are in stable coins, this now is like a free fall 😳

@Thimbo what makes you think so?

Kick Start
7 Jan, 2022

I think that dump party could continue, so I am leaving the market for now.

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As (almost) always... you were right 👏🏻 Congrats for that wise movement

I am more afraid of the possible downside than missing few percents of upswing.

Kick Start
9 Dec, 2021

Hello dear followers,

As you see $SAND will make some company to our $MATIC as we see some volume coming in in metaverse again.

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thanks for the update. much appreciated. even such (maybe for you irrelevant) info reassures me (and probably other followers as well).

Dear, currently no changes to the structure are planned. As you can see we are in some kind of consolidation regarding BTC and we continue to bounce from 45500 level. Also supply squeeze is coming in. In case of some greater movements in traditional markets we will have to step aside for a while, till then no changes to the structure planned.

Can you let us know a bit of your plan for the coming weeks? You were quite around the last period so this silent is a “loud”. Which I do nog necessarely like as an investor. 😅

Kick Start
7 Dec, 2021

I am waiting for $MATIC METAVERSE news....

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thanks for the good choice. Dont only want to be the bringer of bad news … hope I can have my 25% loss back in a month #crossfingers

and hope you learn from

the past weeks 🚀

@[email protected]_orgare teaming up to launch a decentralized Layer 2-to-Layer 2 cross-chain

where is your price target ?