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The goal of the strategy is to always position us into projects with best technology and best fundamentals. We do not follow hype, we follow fundamentals!

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27 Aug, 2020

I consider myself a "diversified sniper", which means 1 asset will hold most of the time 40% to 90% portfolio strength, and few small caps will present 0.1% to 5% portfolio strength. I invest based on long term fundamentals not based on short term TA (technical analysis). For my portfolio structure expect extreme volatility.
Thanks for anyone who believes in me, let's go to the moon together 🚀🤟✅

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Breaking: Google has partnered with companies, including Coinbase Global and BitPay, to store cryptoassets in digital cards, while still having users pay in traditional currencies,

This is massive for crypto adoption.

Since Hedera Hashgraph is partnered with Google too, i'm expecting market sentiment will shift to this L1 gem too.

News link click here

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13 Jan, 2022

Bitcoin Dominance & RSI Divergence

If we break the trendline (highlighted with dark colour), i think huge move for $BTC is imminent

Is Bitcoin season just around the corner?  Time will show, i know what my bet is right now 

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12 Jan, 2022

USA Inflation for December in 2021 was over 7,1%+

Meanwhile most of retailers decided it's good to sell $BTC because in 2022 FED might increase a little bit interest rates. This event is estimated that decision making for change of interest rates will happen someday in March. Most retailers have no clue that change of interest rates doesnt' affect markets instantly but effects are vissible over mid or long term periods of time.

Meanwhile Supply of Bitcoin on exchanges is at the lowest point 

Google trends is in the lowest point in 4 years

Bearish social activity in several monthly high

I see this as a perfect combination for king of crypto to wake up and surprise everyone.

As i usualy like to say: Markets are not always rational, but the longer the market stays irrational the bigger the move to rationality.

Simply, I am trying to say that Bitcoin is still oversold, panick happened, average Joe's got burned now interesting times lie ahead of us 

Selling the best store of value when you have record high inflation events in strongest economies in the world, is just not a smart move. Stick to the plan, HODL 

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12 Jan, 2022

Just an update on $MKR

Maker DAO by the numbers for 2021

Maker DAO is the only Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that generates nearly 100M$ in revenue in fully decentralised, trustless way.

It's growth is astonishing.

In 2020 it's annual protcol revenue was 3,7M$ +

In 2021 it's annual protocol revenue was 98M$+

Basicly revenue increased +1581% but Maker DAO market cap increased for only +301%.

I am just speechless how crazy undervalued this gem is.

It's P/E ratio is one of the lowest in crypto space. It has highest TVL in smart contracts.

In stock market investors would be selling kidneys to buy sucha undervalued gem. Also burning of MKR tokens is not included in valuation.

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12 Jan, 2022

Staying mostly in $BTC

USA report for monthly inflation drops this week

Estimates are there's a new monthly inflation record

If that holds true, i expect the king of crypto to wake up.

Onchain data looks sexy for $BTC

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Recently we have made bigger portfolio adjustements and added some unfamiliar assets. I just want to say we are preparing for next narrative changes in crypto. We believe the leading trend narratives for 2022 will be: multichain, DeFi 2.0, L2, DAO's & metaverse.

One of our bigger bets is now also $MKR , the most profitable DAO & DeFi protocol, earning more than 400K$ per day. It's also a deflationary asset.

Bellow you can see Maker DAO "Protocols earnings and price deviation"

Don't know how long market can ignore this, my bet is not for long. Last time this happened, $MKR price exploded after certain period of time.

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Currently mostly in $BTC due to 3 reasons:

Bitcoin Hash Rate hit a new ALL TIME HIGH with NEW YEARS EVE --> Price usualy follows hash rate with delay

Bitcoin Exhange deposits at 3 month low,

Bitcoin Fear and greed Index was yesterday "Extreme Fear"

Social activity is realy low --> Usualy a sign of retailers doing emotional moves and smart money buying --> We bough the New Years dip to 46K$ 

Bitcoin Dominance just hit all time low 

If we're wrong and we have a flash crash (highly doubt it but plausible), then BTC will most likely drop much less than altcoins and we'll be buying our favourite altcoins with Bitcoin stack.

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31 Dec, 2021

I wish everyone happy new years and may year 2022 bring you success & health.

Year 2021 was a banger for me.

To be fair before we went from 2020 into 2021 my wish was to make atleast +100% ROI in the year, now look at us we're at +430% in last 365 days. Second wish was to have atleast 30K$ AUM. All my wishes were overpassed in a good way. Looking forward to 2022 

Thank you to all who supported us through this year. We're going into new year fully motivated to come out even stronger in next year and hopefully new dreams will come true 

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20 Dec, 2021

I have recently been absent with the post due to nothing much to say. As i say ussualy "The market can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent" --> This is often true if you are playing with derivatives, here on ICONOMI we just have "spot possitions", so not an issue for us to be a HODLer.

My point is i'm not getting shaken out of irrational market behaviour.

I will point out few fundamentals of $ATOM that can not be ignored:

Cosmos has 2nd biggest ecosystem in Crypto, right behind $ETH , no other ecosystem is even close to beeing as big as $ATOM & $ETH are. Vitalik Buterin usually doesn't like shilling other projects or chains, but in it's recent post for Ethereum 2.0 Vision - End Game he mentions he wants Ethereum to become Cosmos. COSMOS IBC transactions are in ALL TIME HIGH in November --> Exponential growth over past few months

Conclusion: Our biggest holding is 2nd biggest ecosystem, IBC transactions at ATH, one of the most respected techy and crypto personalities is shilling Cosmos... for me this is the easiest HODL in crypto right now. Over the last 2 weeks i've just been buying more of it. Discounts like these wont last long. I know that past month performance has not been the best, but zoom out. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Thanks for everyone who still believes in me. Bellow i have posted for you few visualisations so you can see adoption of Cosmos. Happy stacking 

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