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The goal of the strategy is to always position us into projects with best technology and best fundamentals. We do not follow hype, we follow fundamentals!

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I consider myself a "diversified sniper", which means 1 asset will hold most of the time 40% to 90% portfolio strength, and few small caps will present 0.1% to 5% portfolio strength. I invest based on long term fundamentals not based on short term TA (technical analysis). For my portfolio structure expect extreme volatility.
Thanks for anyone who believes in me, let's go to the moon together 🚀🤟✅

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Currently Crypto markets seem very uncertain but even in uncertain times there is a long term opportunity to position yourself properly for the future.

We are still staying mostly in conservative position but we are slowly diversifying into undervalued #DeFi protocols which are usefull, have consistent userbase and have actual cashflow.

$YFI is by all possible metrics the most undervalued DeFi protocol in the market. We simply can't ignore this opportunity. Sure in uncertain times market can be irrational but we believe that this irrationality will later build in huge momentum to rational valuation which in our oppinion is UP!

Here i have posted some onchain data which shows generated cashflow and P/E ratio of the $YFI protocol. Yearn has the lowest P/E ratio on the market right now and one of the biggest daily cash flows.

We remain bullish on the DEFI space! Onchain data is giving us a hint and we aren't overlooking it 

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Damn made a minor mistake to move back in to the market too early... Macro uncertainity is still here. US SEC is making huge regulatory pressure for crypto.

Will wait probably a week or two to see if we can find a good entry point.

Not willing to take a risk, right now. There's still a chance Bitcoin drops to mid 30K$ levels and if that will be the case I am looking forward to go on altcoin shopping spree 🤑

Nobody ever got hurt taking some profits and waiting on sidelines 🙃 Lets stick to the plan ✅

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UPDATE: Warning S&P 500 VIX has had a breakout to the upside 

Hong kong stocks crashing

Chinese stocks crashing

Europeans stocks had the biggest drop in several months

S&P500 dropped bellow 50EMA after several months for first time 

$Bitcoin crashing

Altcoins crashing




$ATOM i got my eyes on you, looking forward to potencial black friday sale 

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This is how i feel about the market right now. Shortly said: "very uncertain"

Recently i have spotted WHO has huge concerns regarding pandemic and China forcing lockdowns again. Some developed and highly vaccinated countries are doing the same. Bad business practicess...

And last to mention... Korea is forcing super tight rules where many altcoins will have to stop beeing traded and many exchanges are going to stop operating. Korea is the 3rd biggest market in crypto.

Link to news

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Another update regarding our current conservative aproach towards markets:

Bellow i have posted a chart from S&P500 VIX, This is basicly an indicator of volatility in the S&P 500 index.

The markets have went for way to long "up only mode" and with no corrections. Everyone feels like they're smart.

Sure this is stock related index. It's not directly corelated to crypto, but it's macro stance on crypto markets can not be ignored.

S&P 500 is near ATH's, while economies are still not doing too good. I wouldn't be surprised if something ugly happens.

NOTE: We still remain supper bullish on crypto assets but we simply have to consider risk managment. We have recently received many new followers and it's my job to try to predict the "ugly moves". I simply feel way to uncertain to take a stance. Fundamentals do not matter in black swan liquidation events. If we're wrong, we'll try to build up a new strategy and prepare for new moves.

Thanks to all who follow this strategy this truly means alot to me. It's like my dream is becoming true. 

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Your last move was incredible. Lets see how it pans out! Good luck!

Hope you are wrong... But agree about the risk management very much.

I have decided to make a hedge position in case of a black swan event.

I think S&P 500 is showing red flags. 

Covid 19 infections in the world keep reaching new highs

Potencial conflict escalations due to Afghanistan

Countries enforcing bad business practices due to COVID 19

If stocks tumble, riskier assets will have even bigger correction. Fundamentals don't matter in those times. This might not be the case, but after decent amount of $gainz$ i think it doesn't hurt to prepare for the worst. Hey we can still buy lower or prepare for new strategy.

Bellow you can see in the picture S&P 500 is in dangerous levels in terms of MACD and Volume indicator.

Let's watch and see  Still a little bit exposed to Crypto, with addition of $PAXG (asset backed gold) & few stable coins.

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Good luck, seriously doubt stuff like this can be predicted... Why not put a very close stop loss?

"Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves wealth. If you diversify with no money, you are simply preserving nothing." --> I have said this sentence many times in the past and this is how our investment methodology works.

We have recently been mostly exposed to $ATOM and have made many successful moves. Therefore we have decided finaly to do minor diversification into other assets we truly believe in, to preserve our holdings.

Our strategy thesis is that we only expose us against digital assets which have real world implications and use cases and we will always work like this. We ignore hype, if a project solves real world problems we'll be exposed to it.

Now run it up back turbo! 

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Most people have still no clue how bullish $ATOM is:

Gravity Bridge incoming to $ETH

$LUNA connecting to Cosmos IBC

$Bitcoin connecting to IBC

Cosmos Proposal #56 is extremely bullish, goes live this month(

Interchain staking --> probably the biggest bullish catalyst Cosmos will experiance (Comming Q4)

The future is multiverse not single chain! I am a multi chain maximalist. And $ATOM is here to capture multi chain activity. The real INTERNET OF BLOCKCHAINS. no promises, the technology is live and running!

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Looking at the market right now be like.. 

$ATOM is still very very undervalued, although happy to stack some more of it in the last correction

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