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The goal of the strategy is to always position us into projects with best technology and best fundamentals. We do not follow hype, we follow fundamentals!

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27 Aug, 2020

I consider myself a "diversified sniper", which means 1 asset will hold most of the time 40% to 90% portfolio strength, and few small caps will present 0.1% to 5% portfolio strength. I invest based on long term fundamentals not based on short term TA (technical analysis). For my portfolio structure expect extreme volatility.
Thanks for anyone who believes in me, let's go to the moon together 🚀🤟✅

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moontime Baby 🤘🏻🤓

23 Jun, 2022

$DYDX one of the biggest DeFi protocols on $ETH has decided the way forward is standalone blockchain aka so called appchain.

Their reasons   "we’re excited about the unique combination of decentralization, scalability, and customizability that Cosmos offers"


Even though the bear market hit us hard we can see more and more projects slowly moving to the internet of blockchains $ATOM

There are rumors going on big part of $SOL projects might come over to $ATOM due to technical issues their ecosystem is experiancing.

What we've seen so far is this bear market exposed weaknesses. The bad protocols failed, the good ones are still functioining and adoption keeps on happening.

There's no doubt interoperability is the next big narrative and $ATOM is the leading network with the best tech. Last year there were just few chains built on top of Cosmos. Today we have over 48 connected chains to Cosmos Hub. I believe this trend will keep accelerating, snowball effect is comming.

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18 May, 2022


Bellow i have attached the last report from top institutional fund A16z & leading crypto exchange Coinbase.

As you can see according to analysis of A16z fund, they compare current adoption numbers of crypto to internet in 1995.

Again let me say it: WE ARE STILL EARLY!!!

The graph in 2nd half of the picture is the official data from Coinbase. The graph represents Institutional vs Retail trading volume ratio for Coinbase.

Coinbase is by volume 2nd biggest exchange and according to their last report they have in custody 259B$.

As you can see in last 2 quarters retail investors have vanished, while institutional activity did pick up.

This leads us to my hypothesis which i wrote about several weeks ago. Gamblers aka short term investors are leaving the industry, while smart money is accumulating.

With all the numbers i've represented remember nobody knows where short term prices are headed. My goal as a crypto strategy manager is just to position us into best fundamentaly and low risk profile projects. Your job as a follower is not to get shaken out from the volatility in these markets. HODLing is harder than most people think.

With all that said today i still believe that this decade belongs to WEB3 and this will be the fastest growing industry in all aspects. In terms of users and capital creation.

$ATOM remains our favourite project with most strong fundamentals. Remember $DOT has aproximately 40% more devs, while it's market cap is more than 3x bigger. But in terms of Ecosystem size $ATOM has the 2nd biggest ecosystem.

It's just a matter of time till $ATOM will be a top 5 crypto.

Happy stacking & thanks for your trust in these crazy bloody times. Hopefully my research and analysis gives you a clearer picture.

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18 May, 2022


This post is an extended version of last post. And it will be continued to 3rd post aswell.

As you can see here i've attached data for WEB3 developers growth from year 2016 to 2021. Year 2021 had the biggest increase of WEB3 developers since beggining of tracking this data. This means Devs are building out new decentralised apps so next cycle of adoption can begin.

In second part of the picture you can see WEB3 developers vs Developers at select companies. WEB3 is still relatively small.

If you check 3rd part of the bellow attached picture there is a comparison of WEB3 devs vs Devs by specific country.


We've got crazy growths of new devs in crypto which are building out foundations for next adoption cycle.


So remember the last post where i showed you Ecosystem sizes by count of Developers & their growth and now reconsider this data i've presented you here. We are still very early.

The path will be volatile, but foundations for new financial system and services are beeing built out.

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18 May, 2022


Crypto markets have been in a downtrend for past 1 year, but May has been super bloody due to black swan event where a protocol big as 80B$ has collapsed.

The first thing i am mostly focusing on is the size of 5 biggest ecosystem by developer count. As you can see the biggest ecosystem in crypto is $ETH, 2nd is Polkadot, 3rd is $ATOM, 4th is $SOL & 5th is $BTC.

Size and interest of devs into a specific ecosystem is a good metric where you can see where next cycle will play out. Developers first need to build out WEB3 apps, UI's so retail users can start using them. Technology always moves in cycles.

Our main holding is $ATOM, the 3rd biggest ecosystem by developer count.

Also if we index the developer growth from starting point where first github commit took place, we can see $ATOM is 4h fastest growing ecosystem. Surely it's not growing with rapid speed as $SOL or $DOT, but it has a consistent growth over last few years, with no signs of stopping.

Why i think Cosmos is not growing with insane growth like Polkadot and Solana is because Cosmos devs do not care about marketing. They've taken an approach where they want to build out best foundations for future Devs & DeFi Apps.

In terms of ecosystem size $ATOM is the 2nd biggest ecosystem, right after $ETH. This approves our hypothesis that Devs follow the best tech and they build out DeFI, NFT, GameFI, services on top of it.

My thesis for multichain world & $ATOM is unchanged. Prices may be low, but i see this as an opportunity to stack undervalued assets.

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12 May, 2022


$LUNA has had 1 week ago 45B$ Market cap & it's stable coin $UST has had also nearly 30B$ market cap. Today $LUNA's market cap is just 50M$. One of the biggest and most unexpected crashes in crypto. While INVESTMOX Capital didn't hold any $LUNA or $UST, due to the sheer size of the project and it's connections to several other DeFi projects, this has had an impact on whole industry.

$LUNA has owned nearly 50.000 Bitcoin's. In past days they've liquidated it due to trying to save the protocol. This is the reason we've experianced sudden black swan event and huge downward price pressures.

Stress tests on multiple fronts on our industry this week.

Having seen march 2020 crash, aswell as 2018/19 bear, I can say this has similar vibes.

In panick events like these fundamentals don't matter for short term sighted investor. Prices may be lower, but others crisis and emotional decisions can be yours opportunity.

The bull case for fundamentally sound projects got a lot stronger today.

While $LUNA was built on top of $ATOM, Cosmos consensus mechanism kept on working, even while Luna blockchain had thousands of transactions going through it due to panick. This prooves the point that even under huge load $ATOM 's consensus mechanism works like swiss wristwatch.

After moves like this, the market becomes a vessel for value-seeking rather than speculation-seeking.

Stress tests on multiple fronts on our industry this week

As brutal as things feel now, they will get better

Remember "Someone's panick, is someone's opportunity" 

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10 May, 2022


Like i've said many times crypto markets are not easy. And since crypto markets are mostly retail driven there are huge fluctuations in human emotions.

I personaly think this is capitulation event, where short term investors are going to exit crypto and forget about it until everybody else will start talking about it.

I think this offers a great opportunity to buy the fear. Winners are made in bear markets, not in bull markets. 

INVESTMOX Capital strategies holdings are always selected after long research period. We still believe crypto will be the fastest growing industry of this decade. Short term chop is just here to shake out gamblers from true technology believers. I still believe $ATOM will be the fastest horse in following months. Why? 

Why we aren't rebalancing the strategy right now?

In our view Cosmos aka $ATOM is technologicly the most accomplished project, with zero marketing. They're focused on beeing the best L0 network connecting all private and decentralised networks.

Our investment thesis has always been this:

"If it solves a huge problem, people are adopting it, it's just a matter of time until it becomes realy valuable".

In past 2 months what did we see? Grayscale the biggest institutional platform for crypto just listed $ATOM. Switzerland SIX exchange, which is 2nd biggest exchange for equities in Europe has just listed $ATOM to give access to institutions. Ignite has been selected, among hundreds of candidates, as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” for 2022.

WEF Announcement:

So as you can see prices are low. Asset managing firms have opened the doors to institutions. You can choose and sell at huge discounts massively undervalued project $ATOM to institutions or either buy another stack with black friday discounts. The choice is yours 

Although i don't think panick and emotional moves are smart investment choices.

HODL-ing is harder than most people anticipate. Can you handle your emotions?

Let me know bellow 

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Be smart, dont marry only one coin, its very risky. You saw it recently 🤒. Why you think cosmos is superior than polkadot? What will make it the winner?

Hodling takes a rare breed, some would say almost retarded :p


In case you missed it, the EU commission wrote a chapter on DeFi in it's "Financial stability & integration review 2022 

QUOTE: "Chapter 3 discusses decentralised finance (DeFi), which is an emerging form of autonomous financial intermediation in a decentralised digital environment, powered by open source software. DeFi seems to replicate key features of the traditional financial system through innovative solutions adapted for the blockchain environment. Lending applications currently represent the widest use in DeFi, followed by decentralised exchanges. While still very small compared to the size of the traditional financial sector, DeFi is growing rapidly, and the chapter aims to provide an overview of the relevant issues that need to be closely monitored.

Compared to the traditional financial system, DeFi could potentially increase the security, efficiency, transparency, accessibility, openness and interoperability of financial services. As a result, DeFi could provide substantial opportunities to foster cross-border financial integration, which is an important policy objective of the EU. It could also enhance financial stability via risk sharing, which is rooted in its decentralised governance and liquidity provision. While its contribution to the financing of real economic activity is so far minimal, it is already proving to be useful in the virtual economy"

Official link to the EU report:

Key takes: As you can see even institutional organs see DeFi as important future piece of finance and decentralised interoperability playing key role in future development of financial markets. INVESTMOX Capital is here to position us for the future and we still see $ATOM as the biggest and most revolutionary technology in crypto. It's also the 2nd biggest ecosystem just after $ETH and value flowing through IBC protocol is over 1B$ in past year. While prices may be down, this offers an opportunity for newcomers to buy at cheaper prices. The longer the market stays irrational the bigger the move to rationality will be. I'm not afraid 1 single bit, i've never ever been more bullish on $ATOM than i am today!

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TIP: When you want to cry, it's time to buy 😉

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15 Apr, 2022


$BTC is leading the markets for past few months

I believe it will continue to do so, with exception of few quality projects.Since major alts will follow kings path i believe it's worth sharing this with my followers.

We've experianced major correction in most altcoins. Most of them are down -50% to -80% since their all time highs few months ago. While our strategy managed to outperform market, we're still slightly down. 

Most of retail money is gone. Institutions are acumulating at this range. Remember institutions do not have access to low cap coins. They have access to Bitcoin & Ethereum and few other major Layer 1 projects. First they have to buy BTC or ETH and with delay money flow starts going to other high cap projects.

If you check my attached picture you can clearly see institutions are accumulating Bitcoin. 

30k $BTC flowed out from Coinbase today 

Next bull run always starts with $BTC making first moves, then quality high cap projects follow.

I do not know where the bottom is, as i do not know where the top is. But i do know to spot irrational market behaviour. It's my goal to show this to my followers, so you can use irrational market behvaiour to your advantage.

Simply said "This are the best ranges for you to reconsider Dollar Cost Average in method (DCA)" if you have a medium to long term plan. I know most of you feel confident buying when everything is green but investing has reverse psychology. You buy when everything is red and you sell when everything is green.

If you do not know what DCA method is this will be a simple explainer for you:

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Average in method in investing worldIt means if Person A wants to invest 1000€ he should not do it in one take.You should spread your 1000€ investment into few micro investments. I usualy like to suggest setting up few parameters. You continue DCA when markets are red, you can even increase micro investment. When everything is green, you stop DCA method and wait for another correction.

Best way is to DCA not on a daily basis. I suggest weekly or biweekly basis. 

DCA calculation:

1st week 50€

2nd week 50€

3rd week (if markets nukes down you can duplicate net DCA investment) 100€

4th week (there's growth in market) you stop DCA

5th week (market drops heavily again) 50€



You simply continue DCA method until your net investment of 1000€ is reached.

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