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invest with care


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invest with care Strategy Performance

invest with care Strategy Performance

Jun 10, 2024
Jun 17, 2024
invest with care
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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

I focus on risk management first. If and when we enter in a clear uptrend, I intend to trade it aggressively. I focus on protecting profits and realizing gains.


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invest with care
13 Sep, 2022

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I am managing "invest with care" crypto strategy with a focus on risk management first. When things go well, I intend to trade / invest for aggressive gains. Protecting gains is always paramount, however.

This is an improvement and change in my mindset and approach, as I intend to protect my and our capital well during difficult markets, and all market environments. This will enable "invest with care" both to benefit once the bull market returns and to win in the long run.

I hope I can serve you well.

I have my own capital invested in the crypto strategy.

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invest with care
2 Jul, 2023

BTC Dominance is on the rise and has broken out of a trading range in the beginning of June. This means in general, that BTC should be a better investment than most altcoins currently. BTC itself is consolidating and forming what may end up being a bull flag just underneath the previous high of 2023. In case this high gets cleared, BTC might quickly gain percentages, next stop might be a CME gap fill around 35000$. Why would I invest now ? Primarily because 1) the main US markets show very bullish behavior short term and 2) there is a clearly defined risk to reward setup with the possibility of setting stops nearby. And 3) the BTC chart looks healthy short term. In the bigger picture, a recession still looks likely. However, it looks likely to get delayed a bit longer (as e.g. see the yield curve, which has not reverted yet). So I will take the opportunity for a trade here, while constantly monitoring carefully the risk-management side of things.

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invest with care
21 May, 2023

Interesting times for the markets in general and the crypto-markets IMO. The fundamental models I use point to a very bullish fundamental backdrop for Gold (= trades strong in times of perceived market risks) and a very bearish fundamental picture for the S&P500 currently. Do these fundamentals always play out ? No, and if they play out it sometimes takes time. However, they give good clues about probabilities for trading directions. The million $ question here is: Can BTC and the crypto market decouple from the S&P500 in a probable general risk-off environment and possibly a recession ? I think the odds are low. So I see a bearish intermediate term outcome likely for crypto-markets. However, price is king (e.g. charts rule). I will keep an open mind.

In the meantime, I am focusing on protecting capital until we get a clearer bullish picture. And I am eying a possible gold trade. All the best to all of you.

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invest with care
12 Mar, 2023

Dear Investors, a quick update: Due to the banking crisis in the US (Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank) and USDC's reserves being partially exposed to these banks, I have shifted the "invest with care" funds into other stablecoins. It certainly is not an ideal situation, since USDT hasn't got the best proof of USD reserves, either. However, the solution is the best at this moment. Take care, best

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invest with care
9 Nov, 2022

I am shocked and proud to see that "invest with care" is No 1 in performance in the past 6 months, No 3 past 3 months, No 7 past 1 month as of today. My goodness, and all of that with just some simple and solid risk management. Sad to think what so many folks are doing and loosing.

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