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high reward
29 Nov, 2021

This post is pinned! Scroll down for the most recent post.

A recap: Strategy for High Reward portfolio.

The primary goal is always quite simple: Outperforming Bitcoin and a buy and hold strategy. Aka making lots of gains and securing them.

The plan to achieve this is as follows: For the most part being fully invested for one bull cycle at a time. This includes the goal of scaling out of crypto (and 100% into stablecoins / possibly PAXG) around the end of one major cycle. As another cycle bottoms months or years later, targeting scaling in again (investing again in BTC and altcoins).

The selection of altcoins has the objective of investing in projects and coins with potential big upside (aka multibagger), both fundamentally and according to the charts.

Let's go :)

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high reward
7 Dec, 2021

Interesting action. Is the bottom in? There is no confirmation as of now. I am rebalancing the portfolio to be prepared for the next moves.

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high reward
18 Nov, 2021

@BTC - possible that we are near the end of the current correction in BTC - strong support at the 57 / 56 k area. Bitcoin miners are bottoming, technicals have reset. Let's see

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high reward
9 Nov, 2021

Good action from @LRC, our biggest position. Bullish chart and fundamentals, plus bullish catalysts in the coming weeks.

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high reward
8 Nov, 2021

A good day for High Reward Crypto Strategy. Top gainer was @LRC. As we prepare for @BTC blastoff (= bullrun to 92 000 $ next intermediary chart target) IMHO we should see more gains for quality altcoins.

Good times to be invested in cryptocurrencies IMO.

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high reward
2 Nov, 2021

@BTC and @ETH with bullish breakouts and monthly charts looking amazing as well as on-chain data we are at a very strong point here.

High Reward Crypto Strategy is starting to perform and show what it is capable of with a selection of quality projects that have the potential to multibag. These cryptocurrencies do traditionally well in the most bullish phase of the market which I believe we are about to enter now.

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high reward
1 Nov, 2021

@LRC big gains for High Reward Crypto Strategy today. This is just the beginning of the next bullrun it looks like.

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high reward
29 Oct, 2021

@BTC and cryptomarkets are looking good. On track for bullish weeks and months IMHO.

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high reward
26 Oct, 2021

Last weeks gainers @CRV @NEAR @RUNE @ONE pushed the high reward portfolio upwards. We are starting to see some of what I believe lies in front of us (bull mode of quality altcoins) in the coming weeks and months.

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high reward
20 Oct, 2021

high reward portfolio underperformed during the correction in the last few months, I did not manage the portfolio as well as could have been.

The focus of this portfolio are altcoins with the highest potential. They generally do much better then BTC in the middle and later part of the BTC bull run. Thus, I expect that within the coming 6 months, there is a great likelyhood of outperformance and very good results for high reward crypto strategy.

Thank you to all the investors, hang in there I would suggest - I am doing the same with a substantial amount of money I invested in high reward. I am wildly bullish for the coming months.

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