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Shariah Index


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Shariah Index Strategy Performance

Shariah Index Strategy Performance

Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

The Halal Crypto Index provides exposure to the most prominent Shariah-compliant projects. Invest in the growth of ethical crypto without compromising your faith or taking excess risk.

Our index methodology utilises financial ratio thresholds, qualitative business activity screens, and governance standards overseen by our Crypto Ummah.

Only cryptocurrencies aligned with Shariah are included. No meme coins and no Stablecoins. The criteria are transparent and rigorously applied.


Annualised Return
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-22.02 %
+13.26 %
+2.81 %



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Shariah Index
8 Jul, 2024

The crypto market experienced significant downward momentum in June 2024, with the following notable trends:

  • Total market cap declined by 11.4% over the month
  • Bitcoin surpassed the $63,000 mark on July 1, 2024, showing some recovery despite overall market trends
  • Cryptocurrency investment products faced $30 million in outflows for the third consecutive week.
  • Ethereum experienced its largest outflow since August 2022, totaling $61 million. This made it the worst-performing asset in terms of net flows year-to-date.
  • The NFT market saw a sharp decline, with a 45% drop in sales volumes and a 60% reduction in the average sale price of NFTs from Q1 to Q2 2024.
  • Solana-powered NFTs bucked the overall NFT trend, surpassing $5 billion in total sales.
  • Some altcoins showed positive movement, with Cardano’s ADA token increasing by 4%.
  • Regional differences were observed, with notable outflows from Germany and Hong Kong.

These statistics indicate a generally bearish trend in the crypto market over the past month, with some exceptions in specific cryptocurrencies and NFT sectors. The market continues to show volatility and mixed signals across different assets and regions.

Meanwhile our halal index remains relatively strong, with a decline of 13% over the past month, compared to Bitcoin’s decline of 17% over the same period.

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How is your index Halal? Please explain

Shariah Index
20 Mar, 2024

We launched our Halal Crypto Index on the first day of Ramadan, which is a great blessing. However, it happened to coincide with the recent market peak, and Bitcoin has dropped 14.09% since then, while our Index has only gone down by 6.75%. 

A week after the launch, Bitcoin is now 5.33% down, and our index is holding strong at just 2.25% down, alhamdullilah. 

Despite a very shaky first week, our Halal Index has shown strong resilience by outperforming Bitcoin during the downturn and the recovery, so our results so far are very promising.

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