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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022
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Growing Capital
29 Oct, 2022

After a long time of waiting out the dip. possibilities are huge for another drop. fib time is at beginning of november and the liq is beneath 17.5k , so that is what i am waiting for. if we break it i'm dca for a run to 24k - 30k. for now just wait and see.

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Growing Capital
4 Aug, 2022

6 august is an interesting date. 96 days pivots are since 2020 close to a top or bottom. is see 21 - 20k before 25 - 26k and after that a huge selloff. i believe we see august green and september for new lows (17k and lower) so might buy in the next dip fro 20k ish ride to 25 - 26k exit and rebuy 17k ish

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Growing Capital
11 May, 2022

think the fund did a very good thing to sit everything out in usdt. We are investing soon. Buying opportunities are on the rise. Stay safe for now!

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Growing Capital
4 Dec, 2021

Sorry, didnt see this drop coming. was anticipating for a 60 - 61k level and then low 40's we need to check the markets again. can't sell here we lose too much. I am expecting a green week next week.

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still stuck in coins. we have to sit this one out. I want a bounce Alts will run then I exit

Growing Capital
28 Nov, 2021

exiting on the pump. this looks sooo scammy. controlled pump for a "bullish" weekly close.

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Growing Capital
28 Nov, 2021

So, i entered at the previous lows, but then market started dumping again. i am not sure if this is the bottom for btc. Might think it will be at around 46 - 44k Macro prespective. buit for now we should move up to make an B wave for ABC correction. i will exit everything at 56.6 or 61k. based on market behaviour.

Sorry guys. Can't always win. best thing is to protect the capital.

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Growing Capital
6 Nov, 2021

Just exit the markets, not because i am bearish, but want to re adjust and possible better entries are coming, so no need to take a 15% loss

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Growing Capital
30 Oct, 2021

The last adjustments for $ALTS Just updates the portfolio with some alts that have very good potential.

Not planning to change anything for the coming month, unless we see some disturbing things on #btc.

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Growing Capital
28 Aug, 2021

Bought Alts 2 days ago on the dip. closed everything this morning in good profits. Might have some choppy weekend. Don't let the market take away your profits!

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Growing Capital
21 Aug, 2021

Back in usdt afterb 2 days of alt gains. 10% in 2 days overall. Very nice profits. Now wait for a pullback and entrie again possible tomorrow or monday. Enjoy ur weekend!

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