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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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GRAZZP is pro-actively managed based on TA and years of experience to protect hard earned gains, every moment in time.

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24 Jan, 2022

Changed the portfolio to the strongest juiciest looking ALTS at this moment of time; $MKR, $LUNA, $SNX, $ATOM, $KNC and $DYDX.

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24 Jan, 2022

Ok guys!

The $BTC CME Gap at 32,5K is almost completely filled (see red arrow) and all other indicators scream bottom.

I would love to see $BTC front run us all (while waiting for a 100% fill of the gap). Lets get this V-shape recovery!

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22 Jan, 2022

It has been a while till my last update and some followers are asking me what's next, so here we go.


Macro (1week timeframe)


The 10th of nov '21 was the top of the bull trend (orange leg 1)

After that, the market went bearish. A normal retrace to a 0.618 fib level, would take us back to 44,4K. (top of golden box).

As we obviously know now, we are going deeper. Question is, where is the bottom.

Lets look at some strong indicators;

Bollinger Band; We've reached the lowest line of the band (blue line). Indicating bottom is near.

FSVZO; See both red arrows. The first red arrow downwards, points a clear reversal signal on the 21st of June '21). The second red arrows does not show a clear serveral signal yet. Indicating bottom is not in yet.

CME GAP; almost all CME gap's from the past are getting filled. There is one that's not filled yet at 32,5K.

Heatmaps; another way of looking at it is to find huge BTC buy order within the orderbooks, called Heatmaps. Those are on 34K and 29K.


According to Elliot Wave rules (and i'm a strong believer of those), BTC breaks all structures if it goes below 29K.

According to my other indicators, the probability that BTC goes beyond 29K is low.

What I expect is the following.

We will see in the following week (or perhaps even this weekend) a nasty spike down toward the 30 - 32K range and hopefully after that, a strong V shape recovery that signals the start of a new bullish uptrend towards 75K (orange leg 3).

This is also the reason why i'm not selling now.

If anything, i'm buying.

I'm only talking about BTC, because if BTC goes down, all alts go down. If BTC goes up, most alts usually go up.

Of course in hindsight, this all seems very simple. Once you're in the middle, it hard to see where you exactly stand.

Please be aware that this is not financial advice, it's just my personal view on the market.

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 "Of course in hindsight, this all seems very simple. Once you're in the middle, it hard to see where you exactly stand."

22 Jan, 2022


Meso (1day and 4H timeframe)


According to Elliot Wave the end of blue leg C should be around the green box.

Current price action is below the green box (which is still ok, as long as it does not pass the 29K level).

The CME GAP is at 32,5K just a bit below the green box

The FSVZO indicator marks its first trend reversal signal on the 1D and 2 marks on the 4H. (see red arrow)


Also on a lower timeframe it looks like BTC is finding a bottom.

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22 Jan, 2022


What does this mean for GRAZZP.

I believe the bottom is close and most sellers already sold.

The past shows that strongest ALTS (vs BTC) during downtrend, will go up the strongest. Therefore I've added $MKR, $OCEAN, $REQ, $QSP and $KNC

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7 Jan, 2022

Good Morning! So $BTC went a bit lower and entered the green box, the lows (red cross) have nevertheless not been taken out. Also the indicator (red arrow) shows there is still a bit of room to the down side (no reversal signal yet).

Therefore the likelyhood to do 1 more wick down to +- 39K is high, and hopefully after that, up!

The sentiment on Twitter is getting bearish and in the past that usually is the signal that bottom is in. Let's see what happens today!!

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6 Jan, 2022

Morning! $BTC finally made a correction towards the goldenbox, I expect it to go a bit deeper towards the greenbox and perhaps swipe the lows at 39K.

A new indicator I started using recently (InSilico) conforms this (see red arrow). There is a bit more room to the downside.

Lets hope that's the bottom is (alsmost) in and that we start a strong bullish run of the blue leg 3, that could go up to 110K.

Fingers crossed!

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3 Jan, 2022

$BTC filled the CME gap, but i think it has one more leg down to come. in the meanwhile $FTM did great, therefore but is showing bearish divergence in the 5th leg, means correction is due. Removed $FTM and added $BTC.

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25 Dec, 2021

Thank you so much for following GRAZZP.

Merry xmas and enjoy the Holidays! 

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23 Dec, 2021

Evening! Looks like we get some sort of ALTCOIN Christmas Rally 

I've added $COTI, $YFI, $AVAX and $RUNE, because they are looking extremely nice and haven't popped, yet 

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