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May 6, 2022
May 13, 2022
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This strategy is managed by someone with 6+ years in the crypto space and uses BTC as a core base to assess market conviction and long term sentiment.

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Flow Capital
20 Apr, 2022

Welcome to Flow Capital! 

This is an actively managed crypto strategy focusing mainly on the top 25 coins by market cap. The manager of this strategy has around 7 years experience in crypto and uses a combination of technical analysis, on-chain data and fundamental underpinnings to review the portfolio on a daily basis 

As market strength increases and conviction becomes stronger, capital will flow to smaller cap coins in order to take advantage of inflated gains. As the cycle comes to a close we will be looking to secure profits and move back to our usual higher cap holdings 

BTC is used as a base by which market strength and conviction are measured. The BTC cycles are, therefore, used to assess our risk appetite at any given point in time 


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Flow Capital
10 May, 2022

The last few days will go down in history as one of the largest sell offs in crypto and a very big test for $LUNA and the whole Terra ecosystem.

We were very exposed (40%) and as a result Flow Capital has taken a massive hit as $LUNA looses 80%+ of its market cap.

We honestly did not see this coming and during these time, in hindsight, should have taken more risk off the table.

We believe this will be a local bottom for $BTC and we will see a heavy bounce from here. We are not worried about the general portfolio but as $LUNA is concerned, it may be a rocky few months.

We are still waiting on an announcement from the team, but it looks like a heavy coordinated attack on the network. Still, it worked and absolutely shocked the second largest DeFi ecosystem to no extent.

Every now and then the wrong calls are made, it is about making sure that all future decisions are made without chasing losses and made with solid data.

We will not be selling at this point as it is almost pointless, we expect $BTC to bounce and bring the market with it. As for Terra, we will be waiting on announcements and making a call after this point but will definitely be reducing our holdings as it is now a high risk asset.

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Flow Capital
9 May, 2022

Crypto Crashes:

The markets have absolutely tanked and we are honestly now in dangerous territories.

$LUNA has seen significant FUD over the last few days and has been dropping like crazy. Do Kwon, the CEO, has been active on Twitter, explaining how they will ensure $UST keeps its peg. I am very happy with the response and have moved more into $LUNA during this dip.

We do not sell at lows, I will be waiting for a bounce and the NDX markets to open in order to make a decision on whether to de-risk more.

Stay strong 

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Flow Capital
8 May, 2022

Update: $LUNA crashes after fear of $UST depegging....It didn't happen but we did buy some cheap coins 

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Flow Capital
6 May, 2022


We are seeing extreme fear across the market and short term holders are selling like crazy.

But demand for $BTC at these levels is high, we are seeing an increase in % of $BTC held for over a year to almost 65%, we are still in a long term uptrend and balance on exchanges continues to decline. 

The market may look bleak but people are looking at the wrong data….

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Flow Capital
6 May, 2022


LFG has accumulated another 1.5b in $BTC!

We can see that smart money is accumulating at these levels. I am personally picking up some more $ETH at these levels as it is low low low.

We are down but have made plays to significantly reduce losses by moving into stronger coins

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Flow Capital
6 May, 2022


$BTC has come back to touch $35k like we spoke about. Nothing to worry about here, just a waiting game...

Those pulling out now will regret it in the near future, sometimes we have to take some losses to make the real gains! 

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Flow Capital
5 May, 2022


The S&P 500 opens down and pulls crypto with it. 

We are so much correlation at the moment it hurts. People not watching this will make mistakes. 

We are making no trades until we come back up to 4480 on the S&P 500 - still very likely as we are in a channel:

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Flow Capital
5 May, 2022


$BTC has now made a higher high and lower low on the 4H

We are in a short term uptrend even though we are seeing levels of extreme fear. 

There is a lot of leverage in this market which could cause us to make an unpredictable move, most likely to the upside

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Flow Capital
4 May, 2022


Where will price go next?

It is very possible we head lower, however, $BTC now has 1.47 x its market cap opened in futures. 

This is huge huge volumes and most of these will be shorts shouting to move lower. What usually happens during these times? Let’s take a look at last July.

We can see levels of extreme fear and high leverage, just like we have now, drive price higher. This is because the idea of downside drives out all the sellers and people open up huge short positions to make a quick buck only to get liquidated as smart money takes advantage of herd mentality 

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