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Jun 25, 2022
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20 Jun, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

Small announcement from me, I will be writing blog posts for and will start soon.

This will mean that my future updates will be in Dutch and I will put referral links on Iconomi towards them. I will continue to DCA and keep you posted just through different means.

That being said I wont write a post this week, but hopefully next week one big one.

See you there!

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13 Jun, 2022

Hello Toplytic,


I want to start of todays post with the following quote from Michael Saylor;

If Bitcoin is not going to zero, its going to a million.

So market took a big hit, the reason behind this is Celsius e-mailed all followers that they have postponed withdrawals due to heavy market conditions. Lately there was a lot of speculation around Celsius, that they made some bad calls with their liquidity, seemingly they lost around 50.000 Ethereum coins, and that they can no longer pay out the people trying to sell their coins.

If we look at the on chain data we can see a slight increase in $ETH liquid supply, but its not reflecting the drop we are witnessing now.

This tells me that people are willing to sell for any price because of the fear of a market collapse.

When I look at $BTC I see the same picture, the only real difference is people are actually taking $BTC of exchanges, so there is a decrease in liquid supply. But the fact remains the same, people are willing to sell for any given price. This is why we see this massive selling pressure.

If we take all these factors into account we can see that $BTC is getting more scarce. After the drop is over and we are reaching the ''consolidation'' phase we can start thinking about a recovery and build up towards the next bull run near the next halving.

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13 Jun, 2022


So after DCAing yesterday we saw another big correction today.

The biggest loser of last week was Avalanche with -33% I could not find any significant reason for this drop, although Its my assumption it might have to do with the fud around Do Kwon, and they still hold a big portion of $AVAX.

Overal we are down 19.24% since our first buy in.

For me it really feels we are getting close to a bottom, but we might have to wait and see what will happen after September until we will go up.

This got to do with the intrest rate hikes in USA (next 2 meetings 0.5%) that's for the next 2 months, and then in September we know where we stand and what we might expect for the remainder of the year & 2023.

The plan for now stays the same, get as much assets that we can in preparation for the next bull run.

These projects did not change in any way shape or form, the sentiment is just really bad right now for investing overal. We will see better days and in times like these its wiser to hold & DCA if possible, then to panic sell and regret it later.

Stay safe out there and see you next update.

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12 Jun, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

Small change in structure, added the following;

5% $BNB

5% $ADA

Binance is actively improving there chain, and soon they will role out their layer one network, and i don't want to sleep on that.

$ADA is catching a lot of positive news lately, Grayscale moved their position in the Large fund up to 30%!

We will add a small portion ourselves so we also have some exposure and so that we can DCA into it.

I will also do my next purchase today, and will update you tomorrow.

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6 Jun, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

So Yesterday I did my second session of DCA into the Toplytic strategy, and I must say I think I might have caught a local bottom there.

The reason why I do it on Sunday or Monday early morning is because the weekend volume for crypto has been historically low.

This means that if people want to move the price it takes less effort/dollars to do so, and since we have been in a down trend the last couple of weeks (9 to be exact) these are the optimal times for me to DCA into this strategy.

Of course these buy ins are not guaranteed, but from my perspective many people are saying ''fake pump'' and yes the volume is low, but since we had 9 weeks of downside there comes a point to where the sellers are exhausted and the price will reflect this.

One of the reasons why $BTC got a average of +100% per year, is because when it moves up, it moves up FAST and that means that more times then not the price is actually moving sideways or in this case to the down side.

That being said we have been going down for quite a while, and no we are not out of the woods jet, there might still be some more downside coming, but the All-Time-High is also 120% away, and these are historically good times to buy, combine this with the Fear&Greed index hoovering around 10 to 15 points, its telling me we have either bottomed out, or are almost there.

Down below you can see the progress so far, we had a slightly bad week after Jamie Dimon started talking about inflation/higher intrest rates and war, but so far the price held strong.

I let the progress speak for itself, and see you next week!

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31 May, 2022


So you might think, what will I do in times like these?

I will start Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) in the upcoming years towards the next $BTC halving, more on the $BTC halving here;

You also might ask yourself what is Dollar-Cost-Averaging?

DCA is an investment strategy in which we investors divide up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility and price fluctuations.

Every week its my goal to invest 500€ into Toplytic, to buy $BTC and the layer 1's with great potential, this will add up around to around 52.000 EUR in the next 24 months or 104 weeks, the reason why I do this is because I believe in the product cryptocurrency.

Everybody can do this of course with their own amount of money that they have spare, or would like to invest into crypto slowly.

Every week I will share an update to where we are as shown in the image below.

If you want extra information you can ask in the comment section below, next week I explain it more in detail to when I will buy in and why.

Also the website is getting closed to being finished, so I will also share that soon!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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31 May, 2022


Whales/institutions not yet deployed all their firepower on the market !

"At the moment, I don't see any evidence of a real "buy the dip" by these participants."

Full article;

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31 May, 2022


$25B USD worth of stablecoins still on the sidelines located at exchanges.

Source: CryptoQuant

Big pump coming soon?

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24 May, 2022

Hello Toplytic,

Short update from me, there is not much going on price wise for crypto.

We sometimes move above 30.000$ Bitcoin shown in the image as the red line, and sometimes we move below it.

If you look at the volume profiles on the right, the yellow and blue candles you can see that there is a lot of volume here, seeing the recent downturn of the S&P I think $BTC is keeping quite strong here.

I think that we might see a move to the upside for crypto, but patience is needed.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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20 May, 2022

Good morning Toplytic,

Small change, we got some disclosure from $AVAX team, full twitter post;

For now it seems to be locked up for at least a year to go, I do want to be cautious so we will add 5% to get some exposure.

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