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Dec 3, 2023
Dec 10, 2023

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Divine Crypto Fund members have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency market since early 2017. The fund maintains a medium-risk approach and typically holds up to 10 assets, primarily selecting from the top 100 coins by market capitalization. Regular rebalancing and the application of technical analysis are integral to our investment strategy. Our overarching objective is to optimize returns while simultaneously prudently managing risk and safeguarding gains when the need arises.


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Divine Investing
10 Nov, 2023

We feel that our exposure in L1's is big enough already so we've removed $ETH and have added a small position in $FET for AI exposure and $ROSE due to its smaller market cap. The overall plan is staying the same, keeping 10% in $USDC for now and ready to increase the position further, expecting a retrace as mentioned in one of the previous posts.

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Divine Investing
1 Nov, 2023

Taking some profits across the board, allocating 10% into $USDC in case we see a drop. The current plan is to take additional 10-20% on 40-42k level on $BTC and then another 10-20% at 46-48k. If a drop happens we will be putting the capital back in.

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Divine Investing
30 Oct, 2023

Taking some $INJ profits since it's up 15% since the last rebalance. Increasing $MINA back to 10% holding after the pullback the chart is starting to look good again.

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Divine Investing
27 Oct, 2023

We're back with a new update after a hiatus. We've been active in the cryptocurrency space since early 2017, experiencing two bull markets and currently entering a third and have learned a lot on our journey.

Our strategy was initiated during the peak of the last bull market (May 2021) when risk-reward ratios were unfavorable. Our primary focus has been on capital preservation, a mission we believe we've accomplished successfully.

While we admittedly missed out on Bitcoin's early-year surge as did many other strategies, we remained active and seized opportunities in the recent rise of alternative cryptocurrencies over the past week or two. As a result, we've positioned ourselves favorably, ranking within the top 6 for all timeframes up to 6 months and in the top 15% of all strategies on Iconomi for the 1-year horizon, despite the earlier mentioned omission at the start of the year.

Looking forward, our strategy will maintain a moderate risk profile, occasionally incorporating $ETH or $BTC for stability during uncertain times. We'll also be diligent in safeguarding gains during suddem market movements (by incorporating $USDC into the portfolio for shorter periods) to counteract potential short-term pullbacks.

Our current bets for this bull market include $ARB, $OP, $INJ and $MINA, all of which are part of our existing portfolio. Notably, the latter two have ranked among the top 5 performers within the top 100 coins by market capitalization over the past two weeks. We've also demonstrated strategic acumen by rebalancing when $INJ surged by 50% and $MINA by 90% in just 24 hours, locking in profits and reallocating them into other assets in the portfolio, which has proven to be a successful move, backed by our performance numbers.

Furthermore, we are monitoring $RUNE and $LINK as potential additions to our portfolio in the future.

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Divine Investing
22 Feb, 2022

We've been on the more bearish side for a while now and with good reason. Looking at other strategies we're doing pretty well, we're in the top 25% on weekly, monthly and 3 month time frames, because we're playing it less risky.

The latest rebalance reflects this even further. The stock market is looking shaky, inflation is hitting crazy levels and we have uncertainty with the Ukraine situation. Cryptocurrencies are still risk-on assets and we expect people to leave more risky assets and put their money into safer ones if a true financial crisis hits us.

For the reasons above we're reducing our $BTC and $ETH positions further, increasing $USDT position and adding $PAXG.

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