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Divine Investing Strategy Performance

Divine Investing Strategy Performance

Feb 26, 2024
Mar 4, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Divine Crypto Fund members have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency market since early 2017. The fund maintains a medium-risk approach and typically holds up to 10 assets, primarily selecting from the top 100 coins by market capitalization. Regular rebalancing and the application of technical analysis are integral to our investment strategy. Our overarching objective is to optimize returns while simultaneously prudently managing risk and safeguarding gains when the need arises.

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Divine Investing
26 Feb, 2024

We have decided to remove $ARB due to a huge unlock coming up in March and also due to the fact it's been underperforming lately. We're increasing $OP slightly to offset the reduction in Arbitrum.

We are also increasing other assets, primarily buying up $INJ. It is looking very bullish from a technical standpoint and also we believe it is one of the gems of this bull run. We have bought into it around $6 and will most likely continue holding a large chunk of the portfolio in it for the majority of the bull market unless something unexpected happens.

ETFs continue with positive inflows, that's why $BTC does not stop printing green candles. Halving is basically around the corner at this point and it seems that supply shock is coming when taking into the account these two things.

Sooner or later the gains from Bitcoin will start flowing into alts, we believe we have not entered the true altcoin season at all yet, that is when we will see most gains. So far we have only had a few altcoins that have overperformed, but the altcoin market as a whole is still very far off the all time highs.

We are attaching a screenshot of Injective's chart, since we can only add one photo we will share TOTAL3 graph (marketcap of all coins excluding $BTC and $ETH).

Post image
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Great adjustment 📈

Divine Investing
10 Feb, 2024

There hasn't been much to say lately, we have been in consolidation for a while so there is no big moves to be made right now, just ride it out and wait for a breakout.

Things still look very bullish, the halving is happening in about two and a half months, which will decrease the $BTC mining rewards by half.

The BTC spot ETF has been a huge success in our opinion, the GBTC selling is slowing down, while other ETFs are constantly having huge positive inflows, which will most likely eventually lead to a supply shock, meaning that there will not be as much BTC on the market to buy, hence we predict the increase in price, which would consequently be positive for altcoins as well.

There is also still a lot of sidelined people who have not invested in crypto and were bearish when Bitcoin was below $25k, still waiting for a perfect retest which might not happen. Besides that the majority of retail investors have not paid attention to crypto for the last 2-3 years, because the coverage in the media has been sparse, such investors normally start investing at the highs of the cycles and get burnt. All of this just means we still expect huge gains to be made in the next ~12 months.

We are still sticking with our thesis that $ETH ETF is going to be accepted some time in the next 3-6 months, therefore some part of our altcoin holdings are in $OP and $ARB, while keeping $INJ as our largest holding. Lately $TIA has been performing very well, but there is a case to be made that it might be climbing into overvalued territory as its fully diluted value is nearing $21B already.

There is also a new Ethereum network upgrade called Dencun scheduled for 13th of March, which will reduce costs for L2 transactions, also bullish for $OP and $ARB specifically.

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Divine Investing
18 Jan, 2024

We are not planning on making any (major) rebalances in the near future, however we want to take the opportunity of a down day to repeat ourselves and let our copiers know that the downturns on the market are very common and can be seen as an opportunity to "buy things at a discount" rather than to panic. Be aware that this holds true in a bull market as opposed to a bear market.

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) is a very powerful method in such cases - if you have never heard of DCA or do not know it well we suggest googling the term and familiarizing yourself with it closely.

Never forget the first rule of investing: do not invest more than you can afford to lose. As with any investment there are risks involved when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Always do your own research when investing, this is not financial advice.

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@Shantini, thank you for reaching out. In response to your query, we want to assure you that our strategy remains focused on a long-term perspective. We do not plan on actively selling or trading during the uptrend to avoid potential retraces. Instead, we see downturns as opportunities to add fiat into crypto, particularly stablecoins. Our commitment is to a steady and strategic approach to investing. In the event of any significant market developments that could impact our outlook, rest assured that we will take prompt and appropriate action.

Kind regards 😊

Whats going on now,?☺️

Divine Investing
12 Jan, 2024

Time will tell, but as things stand right now it seems that the Bitcoin's ETF was mostly priced in as we have expected and wrote in our last post.

The thing that is beginning to be discussed is the potential $ETH ETF, that's why we're removing $RUNE, because it follows $BTC's narrative and was placed in the structure as a hedge in case BTC would make another move.

We're placing more into L2 ($OP and $ARB) once again, while keeping $INJ as our majority holding for the forseable future.

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Thanks, that sounds good, i can live with that🌹 keep up the good work and i will invest more when i can☺️ hugs frome norway

@Shantini, first of all thank you for trusting us with your hard earned money. We normally try to post updates about 2-3 times per month, just so you know how often you can expect them from us. We agree with you that strategists should inform their copiers of their thinking. Rest assured that regardless of us making a change or not, we are monitoring the markets daily.

Thanks for your update, have added a litte money to this strategy too day and more too come in a few days because i can see your activ and that know what your doing, thats importan too me to see since i trust you with my money☺️ its one of my criteria when i look for strategy to invest in is updates because i like to be inkluded in wats going on with my investment☺️ i have 12 strategy and i dont like when i cant see if they know what they know and doing, some strategys dont update and dont answer when people are are asking questions, and then i never know whats going on. Its not respectfull to not inklude or answeing people when we Put a lot of money in the hands of strangers☺️

So thanks for updating us, and keep up the good work☺️🌹

Hugs frome Norway☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

Divine Investing
27 Dec, 2023

Taking some profit from $INJ (up 20% since last rebalance) and $OP (up 90%) and adding more especially to $TIA, which has been moving sideways for about 2 weeks now and could go into price discovery once again.

Our outlook going into ETF, Q1/Q2 with $BTC halving expected at the end of April:

Most of the price movement on Bitcoin has already been priced in before the approval of the ETF, that's why we've seen it rally since the lows up to where we are today. We don't see a good risk/reward on BTC here for that reason (be aware that doesn't mean it won't go higher). However we see the potential risk to the upside on the market as a whole, meaning we would be risking more not being in the market at this point, because of very favorable macro conditions in the near future.

There might be a "sell-the-news" occuring once the ETF is actually approved, but it is way too hard to predict if it will happen or not, that's why we will be staying in the market with 100% of our portfolio. The catch is that if it doesn't happen we could see a major rally and miss out on gains. We recommend to our copiers that if you have any fiat left and you see a huge red day on the crypto markets to not panic and further increase your positions, we will be doing so with our personal portfolios (i.e. over -20% to -30% on BTC in a day or across several days).

Of course we will be constantly re-evaluating the conditions on the market, but as things stand right now we see 2024 as a bullish year.

Regarding Ethereum and altcoins:

BTC has vastly outperformed $ETH this year so we see a good risk/reward on ETH ecosystem and Layer 2 coins (such as $ARB and $OP) for that reason. There are also some talks of ETH ETF which would also be a tailwind for ETH's and altcoins' price going forward.

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