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Mar 20, 2023
Mar 27, 2023
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Divine Investing
23 May, 2021

Hello crypto world! Time for Divine team to take over the crypto investing where we will be focusing on fundamentals, opportunity picks and proper risk management. We are not here to HODL, but to make some GAINS for all of us!

You are all welcome to join us on the interesting ride.

See you on the winning side! 🔥📈

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Divine Investing
22 Feb, 2022

We've been on the more bearish side for a while now and with good reason. Looking at other strategies we're doing pretty well, we're in the top 25% on weekly, monthly and 3 month time frames, because we're playing it less risky.

The latest rebalance reflects this even further. The stock market is looking shaky, inflation is hitting crazy levels and we have uncertainty with the Ukraine situation. Cryptocurrencies are still risk-on assets and we expect people to leave more risky assets and put their money into safer ones if a true financial crisis hits us.

For the reasons above we're reducing our $BTC and $ETH positions further, increasing $USDT position and adding $PAXG.

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Divine Investing
7 Feb, 2022

We see the $BTC pump more like a relief rally than anything else. BTC and $ETH have been performing the best since the last rebalance and we believe the trend will continue, if it won't we would still rather be on the safer side. Removing 25% of the portfolio to $USDT, if we go higher we will increase this position further.

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Divine Investing
4 Dec, 2021

Removing $DOT, $ONE & $FTM, they have been underperforming for quite a while now.

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Divine Investing
3 Dec, 2021

With $BTC wicking down to $51,500 we're moving the last 15% of $USDT back in. In our opinion this was a stop loss hunt for late longers.

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Divine Investing
3 Dec, 2021

Putting half of $USDT (15%) back in after this $BTC dip. We made some gains with $LUNA, $MATIC and $ATOM while Bitcoin was dropping. Will add the rest of Tether in slowly.

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Divine Investing
1 Dec, 2021

We've seen a lot of $BTC being sent to exchanges for a potential shakeout, but also a lot of $USDT to buy the dip. That's why we've decided to lower our exposure/risk and move 30% into $USDT to protect the gains.

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Divine Investing
30 Nov, 2021

Taking profits on $LUNA after a nice run, will add back more if it retraces.

Increasing $ETH holding, it looks very bullish, closing on an all time high on BTC/ETH pair.

Adding back $SOL and $AVAX among others, removing some of the other holdings.

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Divine Investing
26 Nov, 2021

We've had a call with the team after this huge sell off. There is a risk off sentiment across all markets due to COVID fears and lockdowns. It could all just be FUD to buy the dips, this drop wasn't predictable in our opinion.

On chain data still looks solid, exchange reserves are at multi year lows. At the same time we could be in a similar distribution pattern as we were in spring. If this is the case this is a good buying opportunity as the support around 51-53k$ is really strong on $BTC (as you can see on the attached chart). There is also a divergence forming on the 4H chart. If we lose this level we might enter into a bear market.

Many alts are looking good from TA perspective after these retraces. $ETH is a perfect example, outperforming BTC in the last month.

For these reasons we are choosing to stay with the current holdings.

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Divine Investing
12 Nov, 2021

Reducing risk and putting 1/3 into $USDT in case of a further drop during the weekend. Short-term looks very unclear, however long-term we're still bullish. In case of a consolidation we will be putting our money back in, just don't want to be overexposed in uncertain times. We'll also be buying if we dip further down.

We've had some nice gains during the last month, let's protect them 

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