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Jan 14, 2022
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High performance and actively managed strategy. Rebalances varies depending on market, technical analysis, media attention, patterns, blockchain metrics, etc.

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Very nice price action from BTC and the market seems to awaken. Let's hope it doesn't go back to sleep.

Two scenarios:

a) we continue and consolidate at around $42k - $43k. In this case reaching $46k is imminent

b) bull trap and we fall back below $42.5k, in this case we are likely to revisit local lows

Let's see...

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Google FOMO-ing into Crypto. Probably nothing.
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BTC still trading sideways with no clear direction. All well within the FIB levels, therefore any price action is just "noise" at the moment. Need to wait for a clear signal to properly read the market.

Life and investment is all about perspective, and buying the dip and HODL has ALWAYS paid off (if investing in high quality assets).

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Why I am bullish this Friday:

1) Switzerland: Testing of digital franc in joint operation with 5 banks ends ‘successfully’

2) FTX Launches $2 Billion Venture Capital Fund Focused on Bolstering Blockchain, Web3 Adoption

3) Coinbase acquires Futures Exchange amid plans to offer crypto derivatives to US customers

4) Block, formerly Square, announces it’s building a bitcoin mining system

5) San Diego State University accepting Bitcoin donations

6) OCC Chief: Bank Regulation can put 'Stable' in Stablecoins

7) Elon Musk announces Dogecoin adoption at Tesla

That's all folks! The crypto revolution is not coming, it's here! You just need to know where to look!

I'll now stop this daily series of fundamental developments and focus more on TA.

Happy Friday!

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Why I am bullish this Thursday:

1) VISA teams up with ConsenSys to connect CBDC networks with existing payment rails

2) Bank of America says that Solana could become the "Visa Of Crypto"

3) Hong Kong released their Crypto-Asset Regulatory plan

4) China plans to have an NFT industry, it just won’t be connected in any way to cryptocurrencies. This will be built on China’s state-backed Blockchain Services Network.

5) Bitcoin Mining Firm Luxor Launches ASIC Trading Desk

Yes, all the more reasons to be bullish since FUNDAMENTALS are ROCK SOLID and PRICE WILL FOLLOW! 

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Don't really agree with ALL that is said here (see pic), but a large amount of US political heavyweights want to promote US as a leader in the crypto space.

I'm certain the US has the capability and capacity to be a major player (or the player) in this space, especially since China decided to step down altogether.

Grab the popcorn since things are about to become very interesting... I'm beginning to see the floodgates cracking and mass adoption coming closer and closer...


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Today was a good day in CryptoLand. Let's enjoy these days in green! 
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Why I am bullish this Wednesday:

1) IMF (International Monetary Fund) admits Bitcoin has evolved into an integral part of the digital asset revolution. The IMF thinks Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have come to the fore of financial markets... Wow, that a "slight" change in opinion 

2) NFT market "Looksrare" surpasses "Opensea’s" 24-hour sales with $385 million in volume 

3) SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, explains how the agency applies securities law on Crypto. Clearly the US (or the main liquidity provider these days, is taking this very seriously. It's a glimpse of things to come! 

4) Owner of Russian bank Tinkoff acquires Swiss digital asset firm 

5) Stock Exchange of Thailand set to launch digital asset exchange later this year 

In short: with fundamentals this strong, why wouldn't anyone buy the dip and join the crypto rocket ship? 

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Why I am bullish this Tuesday:

1) Jack Dorsey's (Ex-CEO of Twitter) has its mobile payment service "Cash App" to both integrate BTC and also obtained UK Regulator's approval. WOW! 

2) Cardano is arguably the most sustainable green blockchain project as it achieves 1 Million trees milestone. Plus their Samsung partnership adds to their good narrative! 

3) "Associated Press" (or AP) is poised to launch its NFT Marketplace on ETH. That's why I have Matic in my portfolio since ETH absolutely needs Matic to work at such scales. 

4) Belo (Argentina based mobile wallet app) adds BTC to their wallet. 

5) Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala from the Golden State Warriors’ (i.e. NBA) will receive their salaries in BTC 

Don't worry INVESTORS, price will follow! 

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Why I am bullish this Monday:

1) Disney patents technology for a theme park Metaverse.

2) Bitcoin’s Power is being reimagined as an Inflation Hedge (i.e. the U.S. / World's inflation data may determine the next big move in BTC)

3) Spanish deputy suggests Spain needs to attract Kazakhstan miners (2nd largest BTC mining country after US) as a reliable alternative.

4) Hedera Hashgraph Partnered With UK Air Traffic Company to Track Drones.

5) Indian crypto industry writes to the finance minister regarding crypto taxation.

This is what adoption continuation looks like. We are in a type of scenario (I've wrote about this near Christmas) and we need to bet on the future Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook (pardon me Meta), etc. (rather than on the other 99% which will fail).

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As long as #Bitcoin sustains above $38-40K, it's fine.

The best financial decisions are made on the moments that you feel the least confident about them.