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Oct 12, 2021
Oct 19, 2021
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CGM UK strategy is to hold a basket that consists of 70% core crypto for the portfolio with cryptos that have a track record and are well-established.

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We aim to utilise our expertise to review projects which have sustainable outcome. We understand some projects have had/are having insane gains but are they here for the long run? Only time will tell, but we are comfortable in the projects we choose $ETH $BTC $AVAX$LINK



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Can we breach 59-60k BTC? If so then that could be the new support.

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Could we see $BTC out perform alts and get close to ATH?? If we break 53k/54k than anything is possible. 60k here we come

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Morning All,

The markets looking good we hoped for a dip for a clean break from the 60 day cycle. This is great news for the crypto market as we should see a nice bull in the next 60 day cycle. I know people are thinking what, but be sure this is a good correction and healthy $BTC


One BIG issue is a potential black Swan event happening in china Evergrande default. This is a huge problem for all markets including crypto so let's hope the china government shore up the economy and ensure they don't let it fail. If it fails then risky investments are reduced and investors move to USD and gold as a safe haven.

Good luck stay strong

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No need to panic in the markets our best bet is that we actually want btc to drop to 42.5k (yes we want it to go down) this will mean a clean break for 60 day cycle than a strong bull market. Next 3 days Important, if we don't see a large drop which is my favoured option, then we still in the bull market. Please remember that we feel the 4 year cycle is now a window from now until 2022 q2.

Gary Gensler (SEC) is a potential obstacle for crypto so anything is possible we hopefully that he won't put some crazy regulations for crypto but he is anti crypto so we need to watch his moves careful as this could cause an unexpected crash. 

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$AVAX $ATOM added. A big question is when $ETH moves to POS where will the hash value go to? Eth classic ergo ? $RVN $ETH

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Some additional changes made. Added more to $LUNA reduced a little bit of $DOT and $SOL

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$LTC could break out cup qnd handle moment.... Added to strategy to capture gains

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Took profits from $LUNA $DOT and increased allocation to Solana. It is currently at the 10 day MA so looks ripe for tht buy.

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Think there another flush out so we could see $BTC sub 40k . As we aim to be in the market we increased btc allocation from some of the alts.

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