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Nov 25, 2021
Dec 2, 2021
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Crypto Fondsen NL is having an strategy to keep an maximum of ten tokens in the portfolio. We are looking to the top 200 tokens and pick 10 of them! Good luck!

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Nov 23, 2021, 8:03:27 PM
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Crypto Fondsen NL
28 Nov, 2021

We expect some new hights in the coming weeks. We see for the third time the same angle. Let's go!

$BTC #iconomi $SOL

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Crypto Fondsen NL
23 Nov, 2021

Changed the structure a little bit. More Solano, and no more Terra anymore. Lets go!


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Crypto Fondsen NL
22 Nov, 2021

After last week, we are back on track again! We're looking forward to the coming 6 weeks. Bitcoin can make a move to newer hights! 

$CRO #crypto #bitcoin $BTC #followcrypto #airdrop #cryptoairdrop

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Crypto Fondsen NL
14 Nov, 2021

We thought about to sell in the last few days, but you can sell now and buy back, a few % lower, but if you miss it, you are missing the way up! So , hodl would be the best strategy now, until the BTC 100k.


#bitcoin #crypto !

Crypto Fondsen NL
10 Nov, 2021

And there is the Chainlink pump. We wait untill it reach $ 45+ before we lower the percentage of $LINK . Looking forward to the next few days of $LINK & $BTC . Vamos! 

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We changed the structure a little bit, from Solano and Terra to Chainlink. Chainlink now at 20%. We see some big movement coming from $LINK #vamos #chainlink $BTC

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Hi allemaal,

Onze verwachting 9 dagen geleden was voor consolidatie onder all-time-highs met sterke ondersteuning van $ 55k. ETH-fundamentals waren sterker dan BTC en beloofden een sterke rally. Sindsdien is de prijs in een zijwaartse consolidatieband tussen $ 57,8k - $ 64,2k gebleven, terwijl ETH all-time highs heeft gebroken en nu in een rally van meer dan $ 4,6k zit.

Verwachte prijsactie van BTC: Bullish. De prijs is klaar om de komende twee weken omhoog te gaan. Vaak zien we dips vóór sterke rally's, dus kortetermijn handelaren moeten met deze mogelijkheid rekening houden.

Wij hodlen de huidige tokens.

#crypto $ETH $BTC

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Crypto Fondsen NL
31 Oct, 2021

We changed the structure a little, we expect a lot of Ethereum in de coming week. It is ready to skyrocket in the chart. So we changed Solano and Binance Coin with a few %. And added that to Ethereum.

Have a good crypto week!

Chart of Ethereum Performance. 

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Crypto Fondsen NL
28 Oct, 2021

We are still following the plan:

Aug>47K, Sep>43K, Oct>63K, Nov>98K, Dec>135K

Next month is 98K, after that a small pullback to 90k, after that in December we will see 135k maybe....

100k is coming soon with christmas!

$BTC #planb $planb $ETH $SHIB

Crypto Fondsen NL
24 Oct, 2021

If we look back to the last months. Our strategy is outperforming Bitcoin! 

We almost reached the 100% profit. Looking forward to the last two months of this year in this crazy bullmarket! 

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