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Sep 16, 2023
Sep 23, 2023

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Actively managed strategy following fundamentally solid projects. Trading is done through research, technical analysis, market sentiment and long term vision.


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Dear followers,

Happy 2023, may your wishes come true and stay in good health. Personally 2022 has been one of the worst years so I am looking to 2023 and onwards with a lot of positivity, patience and confidence. 

The market is in a pretty bad place at the moment and globally a lot of things are starting to turn sour. For now we will remain in a defensive setup till signs of a reversal start coming in. 

2023 can go in pretty much any direction from here. It is better to cover the base and play  it safe than gamble all at this point. The game plan is set so all we have to do it wait for the pieces to align at this point. Good things come to those who wait 😉.

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Dear strategy followers and readers,

After a few months of being partially or fully out of the market with our position we have now fully re-entered. In doing so a new phase for the strategy will begin!

From now on life as an investor in is going to be made easier!  We will apply our profit taking strategy for you! So next time around, there will be funds to buy the dip or funds available to re-invest or use elsewhere instead of being lost in the market.

This means that as we start to make profit a small % will be added to a stable-coin position at certain moments. After a while this stable-coin position will grow giving you a choice as what to do with these hard earned profits.

Q: Does this mean I will not make any more loss on my investment?

A: Unfortunately, no, being in the market means we will still be susceptible to the volatility. In doing so the invested value will vary, but overall we are positive that the market will recover and a profit will be make in the medium term (3-6 months).

Especially with the current development in large investment funds opening up to BTC and other crypto and the general consensus that the large central banks are expected to start quantitive easing (printing money) again towards the 3rd quarter of the year combined with a decreasing BTC exchange supply gives us good signals to enter the market now.

Q: Won't a growing stable-coin position leave less volume and therefore a reduced earning potential to my investment?

A: Looking at the fund invested as a single unit, yes, however when taking into account how the market moves and how timing bottom and top entries results in actual profit it is much better to take a small amount of profit each time on the way up than to wait for the perfect timed top or bottom trades. Consolidating your profit over time will earn you more in the long run.

Q: Can I make any adjustments to the strategy composition if want to?

The strategy is actively managed by us, however if you want to make any suggestions or input you can leave a comment beneath our posts or contact us via the website where you will find our social media links as well.

For now, have a good Friday all and enjoy the coming weekend! 

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Good day all, not going to lie here. These are very trying times. Good and bad news for crypto are being flung around each day. While people are panicking the fundament of our largest position LUNA is just getting better and better. This dip has hit hard, admittedly a lot harder than expected. 

Unfortunately being in altcoins will cause severe pain in these situations. So why not stick to BTC or USDT. Getting chopped up last week (market moves up and down at fast pace) is going to take the strategy down even faster. 

We are positioned in projects which are working and delivering upon their promise. This value will be recognised once the fear emotion passes. It is tough but there will be amazing gains if you have patience. We will remain in this position until a positive trend establishes. 

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Good day all,

We have see a shallow recovery after friday's drop. Since Monday the stock markets open up again we have activated a 5% TSL and a rebuy at higher and lower levels. This way a bad opening on Monday will be dampened our somewhat.

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Good day all.  
What a carnage throughout the crypto and regular market. We are taking a big hit at the moment. Most of the dumping now is fear driven. People are panicking to secure their funds. Don't do it, at this stage it is better to weather the storm.  

Looking at the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), which indicates large market fluctuations, you can see it is almost at 30. Over the last year this has been a turning point from which the market recovered. Of course market dynamics regarding inflation and interest rates have changed a lot since then so the chance that we sink lower is always a possibility.  

During this dip UST is maintaining its $1 dollar peg extremely well showing how well the system works. LUNA keeps being burned. People selling = more UST demand = more LUNA burn. Prism launch is just around the corner, we would be crazy to sell now. 

Lastly, BTC Exchange supply keeps dropping, large wallets are still accumulating. To us this is a temporary setback in a market which will give great returns this year.

Remember that fear and greed are bad emotions to base decisions on. If you catch yourself becoming increasingly focussed on the amount of profit/loss. Take a moment to step back and rationally analyse what your emotion are based upon. Do you have a plan. Stick to it in volatile times. If you become frustrated let it sit and comeback at a different time. 

As time continues the market will recover, as longs as it has existed (for regular markets and crypto) it always has. So time is your friend and patience is key. Hang in there, it will be worth it! 
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