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Actively managed strategy following fundamentally solid projects. Trading is done through research, technical analysis, market sentiment and long term vision.

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Good day all. What a week so far! 

Global markets recovered nicely after some more stability was provided by the Chinese People's Bank on Tuesday, they injected $18.6 billion into the banking system to halt the downward trend. Evergrande still is a developing issue and it remains to be seen what fall out it may have. If they do fail to make an interest payment they have 30 days to solve it before the debtor can start a bankruptcy procedure so it is not impending doom all at once.

On Wednesday Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced that the US will be keeping their interest rates at the current levels for at least the next 4-6 months which gives the market some stability for now but the huge amount of debt is going to be a problem sooner or later. 

All in all it looks like Q4 is set to be good, the major red flags are temporarily covered. We have entered the market and currently have 50% in LUNA which is getting ready for the Columbus-5 Protocol launch in 6 days. 

Strap in and get ready to ride that rocket! We have a stop-loss at ETH $2925 if the market moves against us and will move out with 70%. Let's finish this week in the greens! 

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The Evergrande debacle still seems far from over. The whole equity sector in China seems to be in a race to the bottom at the moment. We are still waiting to see what the People's Bank of China will do. This week Evergrande has to make a few payments to cover their debts. If they fail (default) this will be bad news for the stock market. So it is a tight spot we are currently in. We are 50% USDT, 20% PAXG and 30% in the market at the moment. PAXG is chosen since when the traditional markets tank, gold is still a safe heaven to move in to and we see this as more than just a crypto related situation. Triggers are set to re-enter if we sink deeper but for now we are waiting patiently along the sideline to see what moves come next. Better safe than sorry is a saying that can't be stressed enough. For now, good evening and all the best out there!

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Well, our move to 50% over the weekend wasn’t that bad after all. Unfortunately the rebuy triggered early and we sank further. Looks like almost all world markets are feeling the fallout of a major real-estate group called Evergrande not being able to pay its debts. They have about 300 billion in debt and many label this as a “Black Swan” event which could trigger the next big stock market crash. If the Chinese government doesn’t intervene this will get nasty. Expectation is that they will bail them out. We have a very tight SL to move 70% out if we sink further. Here are some charts to give you an idea what the ripple effect is so far.

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Good info thanks! Scary times indeed.

Good day all, today our stop-loss was triggered at $3,245 causing us to move to 50% USDT. The US markets were looking pretty bad before they closed this week so we are going to hold on to 50% USDT and wait for the markets to open tomorrow and see how they react. We have set a trigger to re-enter the market is ETH rises and also further stop-losses to move out of the market if all does go south. Better safe than sorry! Have a good night all! 

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Good evening all, I was away for business the last two days so now is time for another update. The market is looking strong at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some nice gains the coming days. Decreasing supply and accumulation of big holders is slowly changing into a price hike. Our main bet LUNA is showing some signs of strength. After reading into the new protocols coming online I would almost want to make the strategy 100% LUNA, however this is not a sensible risk management position to take. Let BTC and ETH pave the way for a nice altcoin bounce this week!

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2/2 Another thing to think about is profit taking. Various ways of doing it are around. We suggest taking 2% for every 10% price increase. This way you will keep your volume in tact but still have some funds to invest in dips or take out the market to invest elsewhere. A good option for safer investing in crypto is staking. If you stake your UST (Terra Stable Coin) at you can earn up to 20% ROI annually which is much better than any savings account at your local bank. So all in all, drops are to be expected, with a good plan in place you can use funds to buy these dips and work your way to new higher targets. Just stick to the plan, you will be rewarded. Have a good evening all!

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1/2 BTC dropped to the 100SMA taking the market with it. Looking at the available exchange supply the trend is still downward which is the same for ETH. This leads us to believe big players are using their tools to accumulate more BTC and ETH before we continue into new ATH territory. September has a negative track record over the previous 8 years, with only 2 ending in positive returns. This sentimental fear could easily be played with by smart players. Looking at the supply trend everything is gearing up nicely to make an impressive Q4 2021.

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Well, ETH pushed lower today and hit our $3300 rule which worked out pretty nicely. We have re-entered the market with some extra gains (ETH Buy Back at $3220). Meanwhile LUNA has just been a beast today. While were stagnating a little the last few days we made good on our decision to hold LUNA. It is looking a little overheated on the Short Time frames at the moment so a pullback can be expected before we continue upward. All in all we are happy with the performance and wish you all a great weekend!

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What an afternoon that was. Auch! We managed to catch the first dip with our automated trigger but unfortunately we re-entered the market too soon. Too eager to catch the bounce, but it turned out to be a big dead cat bounce. After that we maintained a 50% USDT position which has covered some losses. Lessons learnt: Wait for the dust to settle and confirm the trend!

We have now re-entered the market with a tight stoploss for futher downward action (passing $3300 we will move 70% out) and re-buy levels if we sink deeper or if we bounce back up after.

On the other hand the good news, BTC is now legal tender in El Salvador. What a key moment in BTC history. Great new! The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is eyeing their progress closely since this is a direct threat to the established firms.

Lastly I will refer to the reminder we have mentioned a few times. Take profit on the way up, moments like these are great for buying if you have done so!

For now, a good night and let's re-charge for a fresh spirit into the new day!

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A nice Sunday evening bounce on altcoins, good to see. We have added a 2% USDT position and will slowly increase it as we go up. As mentioned before the weekend ETH is still running a bit hot, especially on the daily RSI but the exchange supply is still drying up nicely so it remains to be seen if we will drop down before we continue up or just go straight for a new ATH. All in all good signs and we are looking forward to breaking our ATH soon. Have a good evening and a great start to the week all! 

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