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Actively managed strategy following fundamentally solid projects. Trading is done through research, technical analysis, market sentiment and long term vision.

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Good day all, not going to lie here. These are very trying times. Good and bad news for crypto are being flung around each day. While people are panicking the fundament of our largest position LUNA is just getting better and better. This dip has hit hard, admittedly a lot harder than expected. 

Unfortunately being in altcoins will cause severe pain in these situations. So why not stick to BTC or USDT. Getting chopped up last week (market moves up and down at fast pace) is going to take the strategy down even faster. 

We are positioned in projects which are working and delivering upon their promise. This value will be recognised once the fear emotion passes. It is tough but there will be amazing gains if you have patience. We will remain in this position until a positive trend establishes. 

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Good day all,

We have see a shallow recovery after friday's drop. Since Monday the stock markets open up again we have activated a 5% TSL and a rebuy at higher and lower levels. This way a bad opening on Monday will be dampened our somewhat.

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Good day all.  
What a carnage throughout the crypto and regular market. We are taking a big hit at the moment. Most of the dumping now is fear driven. People are panicking to secure their funds. Don't do it, at this stage it is better to weather the storm.  

Looking at the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), which indicates large market fluctuations, you can see it is almost at 30. Over the last year this has been a turning point from which the market recovered. Of course market dynamics regarding inflation and interest rates have changed a lot since then so the chance that we sink lower is always a possibility.  

During this dip UST is maintaining its $1 dollar peg extremely well showing how well the system works. LUNA keeps being burned. People selling = more UST demand = more LUNA burn. Prism launch is just around the corner, we would be crazy to sell now. 

Lastly, BTC Exchange supply keeps dropping, large wallets are still accumulating. To us this is a temporary setback in a market which will give great returns this year.

Remember that fear and greed are bad emotions to base decisions on. If you catch yourself becoming increasingly focussed on the amount of profit/loss. Take a moment to step back and rationally analyse what your emotion are based upon. Do you have a plan. Stick to it in volatile times. If you become frustrated let it sit and comeback at a different time. 

As time continues the market will recover, as longs as it has existed (for regular markets and crypto) it always has. So time is your friend and patience is key. Hang in there, it will be worth it! 
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Good day all, looks like the news about a proposal to ban alle crypto and crypto mining in Russia is dragging the market down. We were waiting for BTC to break out of its range, looks like the bears are in luck for now. We are still confident in our position, on chain things have been looking too bullish and this is just a speed bump we have to take to get to further profit. Here's a link with regards to the Russian news.

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Good day all,

A great day after the market came together after inflation numbers in the US came out as expected. LUNA is still burning well and all is looking good. We will rebalance LUNA to it's 60% weight and keep the current structure. As we go up, remember to keep taking your profits if this is your chosen way of managing your investment. 

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Hello @Arjuss. I pinned a message to the top that we posted a while back with some tips on how to take profit. I will leave it there for today and tomorrow so you can have a look at what works for you.

hi, when you say take some profit do you mean actually sell some % and cash it in?

Good day all,

1) BTC continues to linger around the $41-42k range. Yesterday we saw a drop to below $40k which was bought up quickly. This is a very good sign. It looks like this level is going to be well defended and looking at 1000BTC+ accounts they are accumulating at a high rate.

2) LUNA made a run towards $75 but that did not last long. The $70 level is doing a great job at being a support and with the continuous burn and with PRISM protocol's first phase launching on January 25th the price will under pressure once LUNA starts being taken out of circulation!

3) There is a chance that BTC will dip below $40k once more, there are a lot of leveraged short positions opened that are just begging to be liquidated. Might be that the whales want to tempt a few more traders into opening these trades before they move the price up (a short squeeze).

We are sticking to our positions and remain confident that there will be some nice gains toward the second half of the month. 

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Good day all. Another round of losses. As we referred to in our previous posts a dip to $42k was in play and unfortunately it happened. This time most altcoins got hit pretty bad in our holding. So what now?

Below is a BTC chart which says enough. BTC is being bought and stored like crazy. Fundamentally there is only one way this will go . We have to have patience and stick to the fundamentals. Trading this will just bleed our profit.

Looking at LUNA the burn continues. The exchange supply is nearing 100 million which has been a trigger for good rallies in the past. Let's see what happens this time (hint: ).

So even though this is pretty ugly at the moment and there could still be more loss from here we do believe that the bottom is near and being patient will reward us handsomely.

If you did use a profit taking strategy or have stable-coin or fiat waiting to enter the market this is a great opportunity.

As always we are keeping a watchful eye in case things turn out different than expected. Good night for now and onward to greener candles! 

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One element causing extra BTC downward pressure is the drop in hash-rate (about 12%) due to internet being turned off in Kazakhstan (a lot of miners moved there after being banned from China) at the moment amidst unrest amongst the population after the government resigned. BTC had a very strong support at the $45k level but extra pressure has broken us through unfortunately. This just shows how news from around the world impacts our market these days.

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First update of the year!  Would have been great to be in better circumstances but nevertheless good to share our view on the current situation.

$BTC is giving us some pain dropping to $44k. We are looking at the $42k level as a support but a bounce from here wouldn't be strange either. BTC exchange supply is still continuing its downtrend so once again, it looks like the greedy whales are shaking our the small retailers.

$LUNA is dipping along with BTC, but holding pretty well in the LUNA/BTC trading pair. The LUNA burn continues (another ~1 million today) so it will be a matter of time till we bounce higher. And if people start panic selling BTC or altcoins for UST the burn will only increase . With this in mind we have added 2.5% to our position.

Even though it is never good to watch profit decrease, that is still exactly what it is. We are in profit and the dips keep bottoming our higher. This is part of the crypto game. If you did take profit over the last weeks, these are good moments to re-buy.

So for now, don't worry. Making emotional decisions will only work against you. Trust the fundamentals and stick to the plan. That is what we do and for this reason we will not be moving in and out of the market for now. 

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Good day all,

Firstly we want to wish everyone a good new years eve and all the best for 2022. May your targets be met and the bulls run free .

For the last update of the year this is what we are looking at:

1) BTC options expiry is looking to have a positive effect on the price. BTC jumped about $1500 in price right after, but it is still holiday season so we'll have to wait for next week to see if this is going to continue.

2) On the 28th of December Evergrande failed to make the payment required on two loans. They are now in a 30 day "grace" period to sort it out. They are scrambling to deliver housing units at the moment to raise funds but it is not looking good to be honest. This could be a party killer at the end of January.

3) LUNA had a few new items as well. Risk Harbor launched Ozone (insurance protocol) and the first physical card to allow spending of UST is being shipped out as we speak. The more access to UST and the more use cases it has will allow the demand to increase. And we know by now that UST demand increase will increase the LUNA burn. Good times.

That's it for now. We added to our LUNA position yesterday and have picked up a nice profit on it already. The weekend should be fairly quite as people will be celebrating the new year. So far January has been a good month for BTC, let's see if the trends continues (we have no reason at the moment to prove otherwise).

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