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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023
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Week 4 Recap:

LDO +16,5% (sold at $2,70)

LDO - 0,5 % (bought back at $2,28)

Overal result + 16%

Like I said last week, this market feels horribly manipulated and extended. Not an environment where I’m comfortable with at the moment.

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Week 3 Recap

LDO + 3,5%

Overal result + 3,5%

Everyone is crazily bullish but I honestly think that the market is heavily manipulated. If you look at what happens on chain it is dazzling and raises a lot of questions. Retail is still not buying and most of the volume is coming from exchanges and market makers.  Nevertheless, it's better not to predict anything right now and I will refrain myself from doing so. Will first wait for some stabilization. Will play the LDO narrative until we get the long awaited retrace.

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Week 2 Recap

LDO -2% 

LDO +12,5%

Overal result: +10%

With the first trade my invalidation was set up too tight. The second entry immediately did better. Will let it run until Bitcoin reaches $22.222. This liquidity area is the last confluence for me to see bitcoin do one more push up. From that point, I expect a large retracement.

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So the last six weeks my LTF, HTF views and 3 trades all dissapointed myself and for sure my copiers as well. As you see on Crypto Twitter influencers changing their biases even faster than they change underwear, some parts of me wished that that would also be the case for me. Unfortunately, I still have the conviction that the market is heading down before it can go up in an constructive way. 

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Week 1 Recap:

No trades this week. Plenty of opportunities but the risk reward is not worth it, especially after my last two failed trades. My HTF bias is still in play but as long as the market doesn't want to take a direction I will play it on the safe side, although I'm tempted by coins like SOL and LDO as it looks that they have some more room left.

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Week 52 recap:

Every Sunday I share my trades and results in order to be as transparent as possible. There are currently no open positions. 

No trades this week. I expect more action to happen in the coming weeks. Will update more frequently about the market starting tomorrow.  

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Week 51 recap:

Every Sunday I post my trades and results in order to be as transparant as possible. There are currently no open trades.

MANA -3,2%

FTM     -1,4% 

Overall result -2,3% 

Unfortunately no reversal for the market and no chance to save the trades. Wish that I had cut them the moment they lost their strength. Against better judgement I decided to hold on to my idea that a (small) market reversal would happen while I knew that the onchain data did not gave much reason to support that feeling. So my apologies to my copiers for the significant unnecessary loss over the last three weeks. 

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Week 50 recap:

Every Sunday I post my trades and results in order to be as transparant as possible. At the moment there are two positions open:

MANA -16%

FTM     -12,5% 

Overall result: -14,25% 

As last week was annoying, this week a lot of irritation. The last 6 months, I avoided many tricky situations and ended up with a positive balance and had the feeling that I was fully in control of the market. On Wednesday just before the FOMC meeting my FTM position was at a 2% profit, and MANA at a loss of -3% and thought that after the news, the market would consolidate a bit until Christmas (the market is quite solid normally around this time of the year) and expected a decent bounce for most of the alts. Couldn't be more wrong as after Powell's speech they crashed badly for the next three days. Should have derisked 50% and playing it a bit more safe. It makes no sense to sell at support now as the market looks heavily oversold but I'm far from happy with the situation. 

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The current upside momentum made me a bit more bearish than before. At first I expected a (healthy) drop towards $15.500-$15.900 and from there a solid rebound back to the $22.000-$23.500 range. Of course this scenario can still happen and I really hope it does as it will be the most positive scenario for everyone. However, if Bitcoin keeps expanding like this, my bias will change as I think 13.800 in January will come in play. If you look at the data, there is not much volume and you can see that the current movement is perps driven and not spot, which is normally not a good sign so I still expect a drawback. Talked before about expecting some exchange fud and right now Binance looks a bit shaky. After the FOMC, I still think this fud will become a big narrative and affect the market. 

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Week 49 recap:

Every Sunday I post my trades and results in order to be as transparent as possible. At the moment there are two open positions:

MANA               -4,6%

FTM                   -4,7%

Overall result:    -4,65%

To be honest, this was an annoying week. On Monday the market looked good (on ltf!) and most of the alts showed solid strength so bought two of the best looking coins. It turned out to be a bad decision as I have been playing catch up the rest of the week with at most a 10% loss on Wednesday. Looking at the risk ratio, it would be the safest choice to close it today or tomorrow with a loss of probably 4% as the possibility for more downside is getting larger by the day. For now minimizing the loss is the focus as I don't see it fully recover soon. 

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