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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
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Week 48 Recap

Every Sunday I post my trades and results in order to be as transparant as possible. At the moment there are no open positions.

There was no trading this week so my result is 0,0%.

This was the second week that I played it a bit too safe while in retrospect there were enough good trades to be made. Talked about Ethereum and Link before and they both performed well, so missed some good opportunities. If coming week will be a copy of the last two weeks (although I doubt it), I will swing trade and scalping a bit more on the lower timeframes. 

My bias at the moment is that Bitcoin will go down to $15.600-15.900 soon (HTF). I expect some exchange fud to be manufactured to shake up the market and killing the bullish momentum. 

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@CryptoBroke Fair question. No, as long as there is no profit made in that week, the performance fee is 0%.

if there was no trading last week, is there still a 4% weekly fee?

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day indeed. Powell's hawkish speech didn't make any impression on the markets as they decided to pump anyway, with or without him. Some alts had nice pumps but nevertheless everything looks overbought to me. No bullish confirmation either as the volume is dying out. I can see Bitcoin going to $17.600 but that's the upper limit for this range. Seeing on crypto Twitter more and more people becoming bullish but it proved the last 6 months that every time that this happened, the market got a huge drawback. Don't get me wrong, a new bull market would make me incredibly happy but looking at the facts, there is still so much unclear. 

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The current spike really feels like an exit pump pre Powell speech. A lot of shorts are rekt and people started to long explosively. The ideal circumstances for max pain. Will stay sidelined as I think Bitcoin will come down to $15.600-$15.900 sooner than later. For now the $17.000 is the top of this range and don't see it going much higher. Today will be an interesting day. 

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Market is very choppy at the moment with a lot of (late) longs and shorts being trapped. Still waiting for a good entry down below but when it comes, I will try to buy Link as well with a target of $6,20-$6,42. It shows a lot of strength and with the introduction of staking on December 6th, it has a good narrative to play out. 

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Week 47 Recap

Every Sunday I post my trades and results in order to be as transparant as possible. At the moment there are no open positions. 

ETH $1174-$1202    +2,2%  

Overal result               +2,2% 

Little trading this week as I was risk averse and played it a bit too safe. At the moment I anticipate a retrace in the coming days and wait for a good entry. See my previous posts about the exact levels. 

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The plan of yesterday is still in play. Waiting for more bleeding to come and buy back Ethereum between $1100-$1140. From that entry I see a potential target of $1300 next week. The market in general doesn't look too bad as it stabilizes a bit although it's far from exciting either.

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Closed the Ethereum trade at $1202 for a profit of 2,2%. The market is losing steam and will probably test the $15.900 area before it goes up again. For now I don't see a big correction happening and this will be a temporary bottom. Will try to buy Ethereum around $1100-$1140. As it's Thanksgiving weekend, expecting a boring market that will slowly bleed down. 

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 $16.600 proved to be a good area for liquidity. For the rest of today I'm leaning towards two scenarios: 1. A bit of a retracement to $15.900-$16.200 which will be good for a bullish market structure.  2. Bitcoin going to expand to $17.000-$17.500 and gets rejected hard at the resistance zone here.  

The first option would have my preference as it makes the probability of a (modest) rally coming week more likely. The second one means that the market can go further down to $13.900, in that case I will close my Ethereum trade and wait for confirmation.  

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Bitcoin took out two important liquidity zones of $15.875 and $15.580 today. The first was in line with my expectations, the second didn't but that might turn out positively as there will be more fuel to bounce back. Below here, $13.800 is the next big area and if you look up, $16.600. I favor the latter at the moment. I'm not particularly bullish or bearish but neutral, try to look per level and trade accordingly.  

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The market is full of fear as there's bad news everywhere. However despite all this doom and gloom, I do think this is a fake out and a liquidity grab. $15.800 is the bottom and $17.600 being the top of this range, so this is for me the current playing field.

My ETH trade (entry 1174) is now at a loss of 4% and will cut if there is a clean break (not just a wick) below 15.800 but for now I'm not too worried. 

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