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Bona Fide Crypto


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Bona Fide Crypto Strategy Performance

Bona Fide Crypto Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Actively managed strategy which focus on less volatility, but allocate small percentage to high risk assets for hedge


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-73.27 %
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Bona Fide Crypto
10 Mar, 2023

Good afternoon beautiful creature!

It has been a while since our last post, and there has been a reason to it. Nothing has changed in the market for us to inform about, it has all played out as we thought except for the time frame.

Since we had a wrong time frame, we missed out on a possible gain by recent pump action. Our decision was to not enter the pump, as we still believed in our thesis, and it would be too risky to enter.

We believe that nothing has changed in the market, except that more people are starting to wake up to the coffee.

It would not be a surprise if we get a bounce from this point on, but it is not yet a point to enter.

Our strategy has entered a trading plan in iconomi to automatically pick up BTC at low ranges incrementally. We are prepared!

@Diversitas have great news points and worth to follow, and we share most of their views on the market.

Stay sharp peeps, and summer 2023 will be an interesting one 🧐

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Bona Fide Crypto
27 Aug, 2022

Lets be careful out here!

World finance seem to be starting to wake up to the coffee. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
20 Jul, 2022

We have started to rebalance into more $USDC as this pump might be short lived. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
6 Jul, 2022


We believe that the USD (DXY) is reaching a temporary top and might have a short correction. This could create a small wave of $BTC pump. 

We will rebalance 30% into BTC. 

If you do not want to participate into this strategy, please choose another to follow now. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
19 Jun, 2022


Wealth preservation strategy has worked ok, but starting be nervous about stablecoins depegging. in response to that we will start to investigate and risk manage analysis if we should diverse our stable coins or move into BTC and ETH as they are starting to close in on bottom. 

We are not rebalancing as of yet, the market is still not done correcting in our opinion. but lets see what our analysis later turns out to be.

Have a bonaficially weekend!! 🥳😎🤩😀

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