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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
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This is not the fastest rocket to the moon, but the safest.Majority of the portfolio will be allocated to blue chip assets, and small exposure to small cap.

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Bona Fide Crypto
27 Aug, 2022

Lets be careful out here!

World finance seem to be starting to wake up to the coffee. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
20 Jul, 2022

We have started to rebalance into more $USDC as this pump might be short lived. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
6 Jul, 2022


We believe that the USD (DXY) is reaching a temporary top and might have a short correction. This could create a small wave of $BTC pump. 

We will rebalance 30% into BTC. 

If you do not want to participate into this strategy, please choose another to follow now. 

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Bona Fide Crypto
19 Jun, 2022


Wealth preservation strategy has worked ok, but starting be nervous about stablecoins depegging. in response to that we will start to investigate and risk manage analysis if we should diverse our stable coins or move into BTC and ETH as they are starting to close in on bottom. 

We are not rebalancing as of yet, the market is still not done correcting in our opinion. but lets see what our analysis later turns out to be.

Have a bonaficially weekend!! πŸ₯³πŸ˜ŽπŸ€©πŸ˜€

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Bona Fide Crypto
16 Jun, 2022

Hello again Bonafides,

Today, we got the answer everyone was asking: did the market price in 75 basis point? 

stock and crypto is red, more correction is happening and BTC is moving closer to our target of 15-18k. 

Hold on bonafides, this will be bumpy!! 

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Bona Fide Crypto
14 Jun, 2022

Dont forget FOMC meeting june 14-15, and rumored that Fed will scare market with 75 basis point. 

The meeting will dictate the overall sentiment of the market including crypto, so take that into considerarion you plan to rebalance 😎🀩

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No, we dont think the market has priced in 75 basis points. There are too many large investors that still clinge to hope that fed dont want to break the market, and will consider all the lay offs.

We are not saying the fed wants to break the market but that market has not priced in 75 due to hope still.

Few people know what the fed will announce, so lets be careful. πŸ˜€

good point - but don't you think the 75 points rate increase hasn't been already factored in the recent sell offs? Or at least since the announcement of the latest CPI record numbers last Friday?

Bona Fide Crypto
13 Jun, 2022

fellow Bonafides!!

3 days ago we warned about more market correction, as people start to realize slow growth combined with interest rate hikes. 😎

We have a theory that BTC can go to 18k or even lower, and we are therefore not keen on DCA in at this point. This theory might make us lose a bounce or two or buying at bottom, but we believe it is safer for all our bonafides πŸ₯°

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Bona Fide Crypto
10 Jun, 2022

hello fellow beings! 

last post we were cautious about the market, even though it was in the green. Today, we got more evidence that worst is not over for crypto, not even gold. 

The market is starting to wake up to the reality, and will soon market in pricing for heavy interest rate. 

Neither crypto or gold will enjoy this period, as we think we will start to see liquidity squeeze. 

How will this impact our strategy? 

Remaining in USDC, and continue to watch market. 

Stay safe out there my friends, and dont chase; have patience! 

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Bona Fide Crypto
30 May, 2022

there is green in the market, both crypto and stocks. 

However, we have not found any tangible fact that indicates this is bottom. 

We believe this is a bounce, and we need to see some resistant being broken into support before stating otherwise. 

Our strategy will remain in stablecoins for now and wait this out for stronger confirmations  

If you want to chase this bounce, be careful! 

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Bona Fide Crypto
26 May, 2022

in all humbleness we accept that our choice to dip into luna and UST to ride it up when it stabilizes, was not true. 

However, we do risk management with our portfolio and did not go in with large amount. 

So what now?

We do not think the market is done correcting, and will hit alt-coins more than the king BTC. 

Our portfolio, as of now, not changing. 

We are currently doing analysis on PaxG to see if adding some percentage would be wise to hedge with gold. 

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