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BlockRock Strategy Performance

BlockRock Strategy Performance

Apr 11, 2024
Apr 18, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

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Performance & Risk
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-49.47 %
-29.79 %
+7.25 %



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22 Mar, 2024

Before the halving, which is a month away, we may see another leg down, but then we anticipate a significant rebound and, on selected coins, much greater than what BTC and ETH will experience. In the last year, employing this method, we have achieved a growth five times greater than that of BTC.

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Thank you for sharing your insights. You have impressie results. 🎇

Congratulations, crypto alt degens (as someone on this forum called us on "the big day") are slightly ahead. Go ahead!

Keep up doing the good work, amazing picks and timing. We are with you , let's outperform BTC by 5 times again this year !

17 Apr, 2023

Block Rock is a focused investment strategy that seeks to maximize profit potential through strategic allocation of assets into high-growth coins. Although this approach carries a higher degree of risk than more diversified investment strategies, it is buoyed by an emphasis on coins with strong, long-term potential for growth. During times of market downturn, the approach prioritizes stability by investing in the most established cryptocurrencies, namely BTC and ETH. While this product is not necessarily appropriate for all investors, those with a risk appetite and willingness to monitor their investments closely may find it to be a valuable addition to their portfolio.

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Would it be possible to give an update from time to time on your thoughts and insights? Your fund is creating good results. In the mean time we have no idea if it is actively managed or not. I would like to locate more of my assets but only when I have a bit more of an idea about the fund manager behind all of this. And I think that goes for a lot of other investors who might be willing to jump in when they have confidence in the fund and it’s manager.

So could you give us more of an insight please?

I would like to swe some updates frome you befor i invest. Im looking to gain sone good profits, im not so intrested to invest in to mutch long term, i dont need the money when im 90☺️