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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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Crypro alert...Now is the time to invest in my strategy, we are a long-term strategy of at least 10 years. Now is the time to do DCA in my strategy.Thank you!

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Crypro Alert...Now is the time to invest in my strategy, we are a long-term strategy of at least 10 years. Now is the time to do DCA in the strategy for the next weeks, don't be afraid, I will only buy Bitcoin until we reach The bottom line and we won't lose money in the long term... With respect Bitcoin trading strategy

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I'd rather be boring with Bitcoin than ruining people, if you're a long term investor join my strategy..Ty.For the moment i buy just Bitcoin 

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Like I said: I will buy first Bitcoin at 17,000...I ended up with 17,000 and bought the first Bitcoin in our long-term strategy...Even if the strategy shows -30%, not a single dollar was lost in the strategy. ..The strategy started with a few dollars just to test the structure of the Iconomi platform...From today we started to trade only Bitcoin for these uncertain times, I guarantee you that you will not lose a single dollar within 3-5 years in the strategy...Follow us for more information, just added 10 Euro...Ty

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Would you like your work to be paid in crypto up to 30%? just invest in my strategy and you won't lose a single dollar in the long term...My wallet will contain 20%Btc,30% Eth...4x10% Altcoins und 5×2 can invest from the minimum amount of 10 Euros and you can do DCA in the long term... Thank you

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The trend line you pay attention to... Bitcoin vs S&P500

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I gave up on Link because it lost Ma 200 on a daily basis... I hope that the long-awaited correction will come and we will see if Bitcoin keeps the support from 19,500... The stock market does not look very good, we hope for the correction on the end of the month and we will have a clear direction

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I bought Link 10% of the portfolio due to the fact that Link climbed above MA 200 on daily, if we go below 6.7 per coin... I will close the position

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I just bought 10% Link...Have a nice Day 

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I think 🤔 we are here...Have a nice Sunday 

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Someone buy more UsdC!

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