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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022
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I still think that the crypto world is something necessary. All of us here are looking for a way to disassociate ourselves from that financial structure that we believe is outdated and highly manipulated by external agents.

But let's be clear, today we can NOT say that cryptos can escape this manipulation. Until a month ago, we were hitting the highs in several of our investments, and magically, we are experiencing one of the worst drops.

There are many economic factors that do not look favorably on cryptos, and that is why they fight to see it fall.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: In July 2021, $BTC reached the same levels we are seeing now... and months later we are seeing increases that not everyone imagined, myself included.

In July 2021, $LUNA was valued at €5. But in April 2022, It reached €106.

So what I want to say is to be on the lookout for when it turns into an uptrend and the interesting days start.

Just remember that we left our position in $LUNA at a value of €84.

So we have how to face the near future.

Thanks for the support!!!

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Thanks @Anonymous_RcM for protecting our gains resp. keeping our losses under control so far. What are your thoughts on how / when to enter the market again? Obviously the current market situation is the opposite of encouraging. What are your thoughts how markets will develop in the short- and mid-term? Many thanks for an update :)

Our strategy is in the TOP 6 in the year!!! 

Great moment for cryptos and hopefully we continue to grow.

$LUNA $BTC $ETH $SOL $RUNE $WAVES $VET $CAKE were part of the growth during this year.

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DONE. We have to support the whole ecosystem

well said SkyHigh... Terra Luna to the moon 🚀

$LUNA touching new highs!!! 🚀

$RUNE with a good bounce continues in bullish mode 📈

here we go for new highs!!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

$BTC remains stable… waiting for it to rise!!

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Great support for our strategy, Thanks!!! We will continue to stay strong  and for the next highs.

We keep $LUNA as our biggest holding and more when it has reached its maximum of $111. 

$RUNE and $WAVES , they gave us a great day yesterday. I will be alert to any changes. 

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and $BTC and $ETH increasing 

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Damn, congrats man that is just insane! 👏😎





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Great start to the week. $WAVES and $LUNA broke their resistances and reached new highs. 

$RUNE contributes 10% in the last 24 hours.

$BTC over 12% in the last 7d

I'll take profits for when they fall 

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HERE WE GO!!!  $WAVES broke resistance and $LUNA is rising. ....

$BTC over 47k

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We continue 100% with our strategy.

$WAVES  is testing its resistance point of $36.5 since October and comes up 150% in the last month. 

$RUNE is strong with over 180% gains this month and has a long way to go.

$LUNA Luna remains at the same levels, without much change, but its fundamentals are still strong and continue to burn over 1 million daily. It is a matter of time before we see it take off.

New players think in $BTC , so the adaptation is taking place. We wait for a new rally.

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Great performance during this month, Our strategy is still on fire$RUNE $WAVES $LUNA within the Top5 of the month!!! ...waiting for $BTC to take off 🚀🚀🚀  

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