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Best of Crypto


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Best of Crypto Strategy Performance

Best of Crypto Strategy Performance

Feb 26, 2024
Mar 4, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Active strategy management, 6 years of crypto experience, using stablecoins to reduce drawdowns, always diversified, no gambling

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
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-76.07 %
+20.09 %
+2.60 %



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Best of Crypto
15 Feb, 2024

Bitcoin above 50k and Altcoins are slowly starting to catch up. The inflow to BTC ETFs is amazing and many investors are still sidelined or not invested. Returning Retail investors will probably buy cheap altcoins instead of Bitcoin.

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Best of Crypto
10 Jan, 2024

Bitcoin ETFs approved. Trading starting tomorrow. People will now rotate back into altcoins that they sold in the past days to hold Bitcoin into todays announcement.

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Best of Crypto
8 Dec, 2023

Since 2019 this strategy is only invested in quality altcoins. This gives investors the opportunity to diversify from Bitcoin into altcoins without the need to do all the research themselves! Enjoy the altcoin season!

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Best of Crypto
6 Dec, 2023

What an insane show of strength from Bitcoin! The ETF in the US will become true at some point in the future and people position for it. I looked at the first physical SPDR Gold ETF that was approved in Nov 2004 in the US. Gold did well in advance and consolidated after the ETF was launched. Later, Gold went through the roof in the years after. Not sure how much was due to the ETF, but the ETF AuMs increased to more than 50bn in the following years.

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Best of Crypto
9 Nov, 2023

Altcoin season has started but still has a lot of room to run. People think that they need to own Bitcoin because of the imminent ETF approval in the US, but I tell you that in a bull market the altcoins will do many times better than BTC. They are completely bombed out at valuations lower than in the previous bear market

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