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Best of Crypto


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Best of Crypto Strategy Performance

Best of Crypto Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Active strategy management, 6 years of crypto experience, using stablecoins to reduce drawdowns, always diversified, no gambling


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Best of Crypto
16 May, 2024

Pretty dull price action over the past weeks. Altcoins underperformed Bitcoin but due to the meme stock hype in the US, I can imagine we might also get more positive moves in the altcoin space. I still hold many Bitcoin "peers" like Litecoin because the ETF discussion will in my view shift from Ethereum to Litecoin at some point. Litecoin is a commodity like Bitcoin and already has a futures market so I that an ETF can easily be granted.

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Best of Crypto
18 Apr, 2024

Only a bit more than 1 day until BTC halving. I wouldnt have expected anyone would sell before the event, but in reality we got a small BTC correction and quite a big one for many altcoins. In the past, the best time for altcoin came after the halving, so lets see if history repeats

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Best of Crypto
11 Apr, 2024

So in the last days we had some volatility due to FED and ECB decisions. In the end not much changed.

The SEC yesterday said that they are investigating Uniswap Labs, the company behind Uniswap, the biggest decentralised exchange. No details out, but in the end they can do nothing to a decentralised project, only to the US company that set it up. The price of UNI-Token has come down a lot and I increased our stake to 5 % today and reinvested our cash also in Bitcoin. We will have Bitcoin halving within a few days and price is still moving sideways. Lets see if we can break out now.

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Best of Crypto
5 Apr, 2024

I moved to a sizeable cash position yesterday. The FED speech clearly killed hopes for early rate cuts and the price action for Eth and Bitcoin looks weak. Maybe we'll get a deeper correction before the Halving? Bitcoin still has an open price gap at 63k and I would like to see this filled.

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Best of Crypto
1 Apr, 2024

Taking profits on our Digibyte position today, which has gone above my maximum weight of 15% due to strong performance over the past few days. Maybe I am a bit oldschool due to being around in crypto for 8 years now, but diversification is important.

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