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Jan 13, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
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Active strategy management, 6 years of crypto experience, using stablecoins to reduce drawdowns, always diversified, no gambling

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Best of Crypto
10 Nov, 2020

This strategy invests into crypto assets that potentially outperform Bitcoin. The strategy will stay diversified and won't invest more than 15% into one single asset except for Bitcoin, cash-like Tether, USDC or Pax Gold. Usually it's even more diversified. The strategy moves to cash-like coins after strong market runs or if indicators point to more difficult times. Thus drawdowns should be reduced.

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Best of Crypto
12 Jan, 2022

Bitcoin had the worst start to a year in its history and most altcoins too. I think institutionals still had to offload exposure in listed crypto vehicles. I conclude that from looking at the discount to NAV of the Bitcoin Trust in the US. It was almost 25% below NAV a few days ago and is now at -18%. Yearend is also the time when people think about paying taxes for their trades in the past year and often have to sell crypto assets to cover the amount. Apart from that, I think that as the crypto market didn't go into exuberance in 2021, there is lots of upside left for 2022.

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Best of Crypto
3 Jan, 2022

2022 has started with a nice altcoin outperformance. Since last night Bitcon and Ethereum Futures are trading again and created price gaps in the chart. So Bitcoin needs to fill the gap at 46275 USD and ETH should trade as low as 3650 USD to close it. For ETH there is even one older gap at 3550 still open. I hope we do that in one go to have a clearer picture then. I think closing the gaps is important because there are many traders and products positioned in these futures, just think of the US Futures ETF with 1 bn in AuM.

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Best of Crypto
30 Dec, 2021

Lesson of the past 72 hours? Even if things look good, be prepared to change your mind and positioning based on what you see... I maybe found the reason for the selling pressure during asian hours:

Exchanges need to close accounts of chinese users by December 31st. So I suspect many just sell and pull out the cash. This also means that in a few hours the forced selling could be over...

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Best of Crypto
27 Dec, 2021

Our strategy has now moved very closely back to Alltimehigh while we were always diversified. Some of our altcoins have bounced nicely and are still far below their previous highs. So there is plenty of upside to look forward to for January. I have nevertheless added Bitcoin again because I think institutional profit taking should fade as we get closer to yearend and a strong move of Bitcoin is imminent.

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Best of Crypto
24 Dec, 2021

Perfect timing of this market rebound for Christmas! I'm taking some profits here after this massive bounce. The Strategy is back to less than 10% below ATH which is acceptable considering that Bitcoin needs a 30% move to get back to ATH and many altcoins are still more than 50% below their highs

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Best of Crypto
22 Dec, 2021

I haven't posted in the past 5 days, because there wasn't much to talk about when the market was oscillating. I kept the strategy exposure at 100% as I think Bitcoin and most altcoins are now undervalued compared to historic levels. I base that upon:

Stock-to-Flow model for Bitcoin indicating 80k-90k as fair value

Miners are not selling, but hodling their coins

Observable flows to and from exchanges showing positive picture

Many altcoins are in a bear market since May having lost 70-80% from the highs

System leverage significantly reduced as seen from open interest and funding rates

So I think it is right to have a bullish positioning and be optimistic for the remainder of 2021 and into January 2022

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Best of Crypto
16 Dec, 2021

Central Bank policy decisions are over. We had FED, ECB, SNB, BOE, and others. Most decisions were about tightening and the market anticipated that. The most important point now is, that these negative events lay behind us and we can focus on the holidays ahead when people have lots of time to trade. As altcoins have already corrected a lot and also Bitcoin is far below its highs, I would expect a continuation of the bull market rather than more selling. Retail sentiment is already negative, Whales have bought their coins, so let's hope we finally get that Christmas rally in cryptos. ;-)

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Best of Crypto
15 Dec, 2021

The Market is very nervous ahead of todays FED meeting. They will announce a further reduction of their monthly bond buying volume which is bad news, so most risky assets trade weaker ahead of the meeting. But this step is also mostly expected by professional traders so after the meeting I would expect a recovery. We moved the strategy largely into cash this morning and plan to buy back later today.

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Best of Crypto
14 Dec, 2021

Very tough start to the week so far. The selling pressure seems to come from institutional clients in the US and probably a lot of profit taking in altcoins or pure panic among retail investors. Also Bitcoin seems to be strongly correlated to USD and equity markets at the moment. We have a few important dates ahead of us. FED, ECB and the big futures expiry which are probably partly responsible for the volatility. The picture in the derivatives market looks healthier than at any point in the past months, just the prices need to follow and go up. I used our remaining cash postition to buy the blood yesterday. I try to avoid tokens that are up many hundred percent year over year, as I think that people will take more profits here. I like stories like Nexus Mutual where people can buy insurance for their DeFi investments.

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