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Mar 20, 2023
Mar 27, 2023
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Solid fundamentals based portfolio. Sensible well researched with great potential. Since 2017. Please join my telegram group

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Battle Scarred
19 Mar, 2023

A simple update today for followers. I intend to do these at least once or twice a fortnight. That said, today's post is uneventful. I am continuing to hold what we have. No sells, coin additions or coin swap outs at the time of this post. Thanks.

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Battle Scarred
13 Mar, 2023

Extraordinary 2 day rise in BTC price. A couple of things I’m considering. I went to great lengths to hit up on buy in and sell signals according to set time frame. I can tell you it has been successful for the last 27 trades when backtested. Last non profit trade was in June 2020 where it sold and bought in about 1% higher. Apart from that massive profits and accumulation on all other trades. That tells me to stick with the plan.

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Battle Scarred
9 Mar, 2023

G'day all. As you may have noticed we are all in stables now. I know I keep banging on about using higher time frames to buy and sell. Here is the deal. We are just now entering our first full cycle having sold before the dip yesterday. The only reason profit capture wasn't greater for JAN-FEB is because of the implementation of indicators half way through and a late buy in as a result. However going forward I have full confidence because indicators are back tested for 5 years. So buy-profit, sell- accumulate more of tokens at bottom. Any questions hit me up in comments. Thanks.

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Battle Scarred
26 Feb, 2023

Looking at both 1 day and 3 day chart BTC looks like it’s doing just another corrective wave like between 9th and 13th FEB. No need to panic unless higher low pattern is broken. Next week marks obviously end of week but also the end of the month the next day. Expect volatility not for the faint hearted. For now I’m opting for a rebalancing strategy. There is a CME gap between 20400-19995 and it isn’t out of the question for a raid to close that before continuation. Stochastic on month is something to use as an anchor rn. It’s showing positive signs for last two months of a trend upward. Nevertheless the month price is hovering around the open price on 1st FEB at the time of this post so we wait to see if there is a continuation with strength after Tuesday. Everything follows BTC so I don’t comment on other assets

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✅It’s the weekend. Now CME gap is closed we wait and see market direction, again, on HTFs.

There is so little to add to this a comment, rather than a new post will suffice. The possibility of a dip to close CME gap remains valid. Price action is flat but I’m opting to hold. HTFs on our main current asset remain in tact.

Battle Scarred
20 Feb, 2023

A quick thanks to my new followers. I appreciate the difficulty trusting an anon from another platform but I intend to prove myself over time. As more time passes it builds a stronger case that the the 2 month period between early Nov and early Jan was the bottom. Since that 2 month period of 15.4-16.2 Bitcoin is up 50%. Some famous bears on twitter still on the sidelines. That’s their prerogative. If 25k is the top then 50% in BTC and much more in some other alts was missed through whatever hesitancy drives them. If 25k isn’t the top I can tell you there is little resistance between 25-26k and virtually nothing till 30k. Stay tuned and thanks again. Will go for verification asap but I imagine it’s not an easy process.

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Thanks for explaining. Keep it up!

Hi Claude. My previous post explains this. I follow HTFs ( higher time frames) which track trend rather than fuss on what happens hour to hour for instance. From BTC at 16.2 it’s been up despite anything in between. I use tools to track trend changes from 1 day and up and have crossover and price alerts. A selection of ALTS to swap in and out and stables if necessary.

When it goes down again, like what seems to be happening will you be changing the strategy to capture the profits?

Battle Scarred
17 Feb, 2023

As per last post, I’d just like to remind all that I follow trends on higher time frames in general. Buy in price for two of my main current picks was early Jan and no sell signals yet. I use trading view price alerts for HTF trend changes 24/7. Trades are usually % allocation changes of current assets.

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Battle Scarred
7 Feb, 2023

No sell signal yet on my HTF indicators. Up only mode for now. I would have sold on lesser time frames the other night only to buy in higher so long term this will work fine. I'm continuing to focus on 1-5 assets at a time for easy management as i did in the last bull run. Will stick to my thesis of coin choices that gave me 100x in last bull run without stress of dumps because of trend or fad changes or rug pulls. We will have a public strategy in about a week. Biggest advantages i bring to you is lessons learned in two full bear markets not the 100x of the previous bull or the ridiculous gains of one before that. We will sell at near top. Hodl through draw down is not a strategy of a good asset manager. This is partly why I took the name "Battle Scarred". Let's go. Thank you for following me from that "other" platform.

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Thanks Stevo, onwards and upwards! 🤙

Everyone can see your comment 👍

Battle Scarred
5 Feb, 2023

Greetings all. You may have noticed less trades lately. After some experimentation with Iconomi which is slightly different from the other platform we were on Iv'e settled on trading with higher time frames ie 1 day and up. So less fees, we won't get pico tops or bottoms but with my indicators and 24/7 alerts we are protected enough from usual day to day sells and buys.

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Battle Scarred
16 Dec, 2022

Continue to be patient please. We will renter a portfolio at an appropriate time. I won't chase random pumps. Just wait and we will enter with many more tokens than before. Thanks Guys. 

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Battle Scarred
9 Nov, 2022

Don't stress about being mostly in stables rn. Better to ride this out and buy more assets. Still of the opinion despite possible bounce coming we will go significantly lower.

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