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Nov 23, 2023
Nov 30, 2023

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Actively managed strategy with the long term goal to maximize the amount of bitcoin within this strategy as this is considered the "save haven".


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Nov 13, 2023, 7:44:52 AM
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Value Token
6 Nov, 2023

Value Token performed really well in the last year. It grew by +57% in value which outperforms $BTC by almost 10%. This is also recognized by Iconomi and rewarded with two tags: good risk/reward ratio and worth a look (performed better than $BTC in the last 6 month). The mentioned growth also compares quite well versus the other strategies as VT holds a top10 place in the 1year timeframe. All this for the lowest fees possible: 1% base fee plus 0% performance fee. The basic idea to accumulate more $BTC via rebalancing versus altcoins pays off in the long run...

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Value Token
24 Mar, 2023

A brief comment on why Value Token is 100% in $BTC at the moment. After the Terra/Luna Crash in May the strategy was mostly in (centralized) stable coins. With the default of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and now Credit Suisse and the shut down of Silverbank I believe that it does not make sense to take the counter party risk of centralized stable coins. Hence, the best option at the moment is the one actually decentralized cryptocurrency there is: $BTC . If we see a decoupling from traditional markets, the strategy will add other tokens of course, for now we stay in $BTC and wait and see.

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Value Token
30 Mar, 2022

Value Token exists for exactly 2 yrs and 9 months now. The kick off was end of June - on the 30th in 2019 to be precise. Since then it's valuation grew by a factor of 15. This has been a great rally for itself but also compares well to BTC (factor 4.1) and ETH (factor 11.6). At the moment our biggest bet is BTC and Luna, but I plan to diversify more in case the Luna bull run continues.

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Value Token
12 Mar, 2022

Value Token did really well in the last 6 month (+120% at time of writing). This is a Top 15 (13) result compared to all other public strategies on Iconomi. In this group, Value Token is for sure the cheapest with respect to fees. Part of this success was the slow building up of a stable coin position on the way up, we could use then to profit from the recent correction. Thus, I will start again to sell every 10% up about 3% (rebalance the strategy accordingly). Reference Value is today's price. Let's goooo!

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Great job, keep it up! 

Value Token
22 Jan, 2022
And another 10% of stablecoins go into btc and luna as we are approaching the reference value from nov high. All in all we have now more luna and btc than back in november with an additional nice "premium" of ~5% stablecoins.
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