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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022


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9 Nov, 2021

Took profits on $BAT $AST and $INJ . Added $FRONT and $OGN to the mix. Both coins still far from their previous ATH and looking to score big once $BTC has settled and altcoins rally again.

22 Mar, 2021

Is $BNB ready for a big move this week 🚀 the chart looks 🔥

We added some $CAKE and $AST 🤑 and got the fifth follower 🤟

17 Mar, 2021

A complicated few days in the market and it has been felt here.

I now believe we are well set for the next leg up and will make minimal changes.

$FET $COTI and $OCEAN look primed to go.

$AST is being closely monitored.

We will continue to strive for the moon and trust in the process.

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7 Feb, 2021

Removed $AST and $SNX to make $ANKR 3x the size 9% now. Extremely good project and I hope Coinbase will list it.

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5 Feb, 2021

Added another project AirSwap $AST. Staying 23% USD for now.

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Additional changes made based on #DEFI locked assets @LENDal also added $AST

Hopeful Futures
14 Aug, 2020

Dear investors, I decided to diversify the strategy by including minorities of just newly introduced coin on Iconomi. I added $AKRO, $HBAR, $BLZ, $BAL. I reduced $ATOM, $TOMO, $ALGO, $AST and more, to get some accumultaed gain. I also enhanced the $BTC and $ETH after last recent drop in price. Hope you can enjoy the ride!!! 🤟😎

12 Aug, 2020

Removed $AST lowering $XTZ a little, making our favourite project $ATOM our largest holding at 15%.

12 Aug, 2020

Lowering $AST 🤑 1% added it to our new $TUSD position.

Taking profits again now...

12 Aug, 2020

Removed $BTC to add $AST.
4% position in CARUS-AR now.

Will add back to Bitcoin once we think it will perform or hold vs ALTS. Not currently.